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Long Term Product Review: 


90+ Days with the iBook Saver


One of the first things I did when I bought my new blueberry iBook was to remove the clear sticker covering the solid colored Apple logo on the lid of the iBook.... carefully I pried it off... it wasn't easy and I wasn't even sure it was supposed to come off, it was stuck on so well. But after 5 minutes, off it went.

But as I soon discovered, as cool as the Apple logo on top of the iBook cover looked, the material that it's made of scratches fairly easily, (and btw the handle is of the same material too).

So when I first saw the iBook Saver I thought "This is something I should have had when my iBook was new" since the Apple logo on the top of my iBook was already scratched after just 2 months! The material the logo & handle is made of may be unbreakable but scratch resistant it's not!

There are quite a few iBook bags out there on the market now, but compared to most of them, the iBook Saver is quite a different animal, whereas most bags are designed to carry your laptop and every accessory known to man, the iBook Saver brings a minimalist approach to market.

About the iBook Saver:  Distributed by Madson Online the iBook Saver retails for $47+$4 shipping and handling. The German made iBook Saver is made of a stretchable neoprene sleeve about 5mm thick (similar to diving suit material) black on the outside and blue on the inside. It protects the iBook against scratches, minor dings and slight hits, and yet is small and thin enough so that your iBook will fit in any of your bags while taking up a minimum of space. You won't find any pockets or straps here, it has one function only and that's to cover your iBook.

Features: One of the nice features of the iBook Saver is that it's open on top so you can use the iBook's handle. The curved opening at the top on both sides lets you access the handle and also keeps the rear vent free and clear for heat dissipation. It also has a zipper on the right side where the CD tray is located to aid in inserting your iBook.

Michael Madson of Madsononline claims that because of this zipper you can also reach the electrical socket for charging the iBook while in transport without taking the iBook out of the iBook Saver, however I never had to do this, although it does work.

I was concerned about the possibility of the zipper rubbing against the side of the iBook, however the flat underside of the zipper which is smooth, failed to show any marks on the side of the iBook.

I recieved an early model, all new iBook Saver's now come with a Madson Online logo and oddly not an iBook Saver logo.


Using it: The first thing you'll do as you put on the iBook Saver is to unzip the side zipper which zips down 7 inches. Even with the zipper down you can't insert the iBook straight down, you'll need to insert it at an angle with the CD tray facing you and pull the stretchable neoprene up and over the iBook. Then zip it up and lift up the handle and your ready to go. Real quick & easy!

I have now been using the iBook Saver now for the past 4 months, and it has held up very well. Every day before I go to work I zip up the iBook Saver on my blueberry iBook and put it in my Gym bag filled with assorted hard and soft objects and toss it into my car and bring it to work. In the evening I reverse the process. And it's held up perfectly.

I find it's really handy and convenient if I want to take it to the library or Borders or go over a friend's house for a quick game of UT.


Conclusion: The iBook Saver is for you if you just want to grab your iBook & Go for a short trip and leave the accessories at home and if you don't mind the $50 bucks or don't need another bulky bag taking up space.

If you want to put your iBook into another bag the iBook Saver will protect it!


Pro's: With the iBook Saver you can turn any existing bag, backpack, attache case or suitcase into an "iBookBag". It's very convenient, protects against scratches, is very durable, light and compact. High quality.

Con's: Costly, ideally this should sell for about 1/2 the price and it would be nice if there was a flap to cover the handle.

Rating: We give the iBook Saver 4 1/2 iBooks out of 5

  iBookSaver Cover Protect Your iBook !

Madsonline is the US source for the iBook Saver. The iBook Saver can be ordered directly from Madsononline at http://www.madsonline.com/ibooksaver.html

Price: $47 in the US plus shipping and California sales tax if the address is in Califorinia. Shipping costs $4.

iBook Saver Warranty: 30 day money back and life time guarantee to fix or replace.



Tom Trial

About Madsononline : Located in the US

In addition to the iBook Saver. Madsononline also sells G3 Carrying Cases, AC adapters including and an AC micro-adapter, Auto & Airplane Adapters, Batteries and BookWares for PB1400's (PB Covers).

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Product Update:  Madsonline is US. Source for iBook Saver ! iBook-User

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