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 iBook-User Product Update:


Madsonline is US. Source for iBook Saver !

One of our readers wrote in and asked :


I tried to order an iBook Saver from the site that you are linked to and I have some questions. Is this billed to me? They didn't ask for credit card information or anything like that. And also is this shipping from Europe? It really wasn't clear. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,

Ray Green

We contacted the site in Germany and they referred us to Madsononline

Michael Madson of Madsononline told us that,

"Madsonline is the US source for the iBook Saver. It is now on our web site at http://www.madsonline.com/iBook_Saver.html

The price is $47. US which covers a little freight and duties. We are stocking the product and will be shipping Monday Feb 7. The next production run will also have the Madsonline logo on it.

The $47 is the price in the US plus shipping and California sales tax if the address is in Califorinia. Overnight shipping is an option, all the customer has to do is specify how he wants it shipped. The default is mail which takes 3-5 days in the US and costs $4. The 30 day money back and life time guarentee to fix or replace applies to the iBook Saver. Ordering from the Madsonline site will ask for credit card info."

thank you,

Michael Madson


The Madsononline web site is set up to take your order for the iBook Saver.

About Madsononline :

In addition to the iBook Saver. Madsononline also sells G3 Carrying Cases, AC adapters including our new AC micro-adapter, Auto & Airplane Adapters, Batteries and BookWares for PB1400's (PB Covers)

The iBookSaver is a neoprene sleeve 5mm thick that protects your iBook against scratches and slight hits, yet is small and thin enough so that your iBook will fit in any of your favorite bags. The iBook Saver sells for US$47.

"With our iBook Saver you can change every bag (backpack, attaché case suitcase e.g.) into an "iBookBag". iBook Saver is opened on the top so you can use the iBooks hand grip as usual. It also has a zipper at the side for an easy insert. Because of this zipper you can also reach the electrical socket for power loading while transport without taking the iBook out of the iBook Saver."


iBookSaver Cover Protect Your iBook !




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