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 iBook-User Report:


Quarterly iBook Sales Tops 253,000 units !  

Yesterday, during Apple's 1st Quarter Financial Press Conference call it was revealed that iBook sales numbers for the first fiscal quarter of 2000 were 235,000 iBooks.

That equals 78,333 iBooks sold a Month, 2,554 a Day, 106 an Hour or 1 every 34 seconds !!!

It was also revealed that Apple has caught up in iBook deliveries and there is no longer a long wait for one of the best selling portable computers around the World.

Total Macintosh sales numbers for the first fiscal quarter of 2000 were 1.377 million. This included, in this number 700,000 iMacs. The company also shipped and sold 350,000 PowerMac G4s during the quarter. Which would leave about 92,000 sales to the PowerBook line. 

Overall Apple had a 37% rise in revenue with US$2.34 billion in sales! and profits of US$183 million or $1.03 per share. This is awesome and beats estimates of $0.86 a share by a good 0.17 cents a share.

Apple noted that although gross margins slipped to 25.9% from about 28% last year. Apple expects to maintain gross margins over 25% and expects to keep operating expenses to 19%. thru the year 2000.

 This is great News, and we expect it to continue thruout the year.. Stay tuned, Steve Jobs will be pulling a lot more Rabbits out of his hat!



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