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 iBook-User Poll: 

This Week's Poll :
Have You or Will You be Installing OS 9 on Your iBook ?

So now that Apple has addressed the confusion over the cost of upgrading to OS 9 ( For iBook-User's it's $20 no matter when you bought your iBook !)
And in the Good News Dept., latest reports say Tangerine iBook's are starting to ship with OS 9 installed.
The Big Upgrade Question is... will OS 9 fix some of the software problems that some iBook-User's are experiencing ? Reports say many user applications require updating in some cases it will consist of a free update posted on the various software makers web sites and some will require some $$ to move up to the compliant OS 9 version.

For some Excellent info and resources about OS 9 check out the links below, It will help you decide if you want to make the jump to OS 9 ! :

MacFixIt - Troubleshooting Mac OS 9 MacFixIt Report

Troubleshooting Mac OS 9 MacFixIt Forum

The iBook and Airport Reports


Macintouch - Mac OS 9 Compatibility , Mac OS 9 Updates and Mac OS 9 Security


Thanks for Voting,

Voting on this Poll is Complete:
To see the results of Poll 6
"Have You or Will You be Installing OS 9 on Your iBook ?" Click Here



Last week we asked What Factor Caused You to Not Get an iBook ? and we got over 350 people who decided the iBook wasn't for them and voted on why. 22% of the folks who wrote in wanted video out for presentations in schools.... how Apple left this out is a mystery to many.
(Would you spend $500 bucks more just to get it in a PowerBook ? Should you have to?)

23% of Mac users who have had some experience with previous PowerBooks felt that the iBook was simply too big, However for those of us getting their first laptop, like myself , found size to Not be that big of a deal.
Compared to a 1400, there's a big size and weight difference. But when I compared it to my friend's G3 233 PowerBook , well let's just say I won't be crying over milk that didn't spill !

The rest of the voters indicated that they were willing to either wait for the next revision to the iBook or simply decided that what they really needed was a G3 PowerBook and bought one of those instead.

The one factor that we did not have in our poll and later heard from a small number of reader's email's was the lack of availability which caused some to get a Wintel PC for school or those who couldn't wait. And lastly we heard from a few who said the iBook is not like today's Firewire, 13 gig,128 ram, dual USB shipping "iMac's to Go" as Steve Jobs like to say .

For the rest of Us who did go out and get the iBook the majority are very Happy with their purchase !  


24% Most of the Above !

23% Too big in Size and Weight !

22% No Video out Port!

14% No, DVD!

9% Screen too Small !

9% No Firewire !




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