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 iBook-User Poll: 

This Week's Poll :

What Factor Caused You to Not Get an iBook ?

Last week we heard from an amazing 775 people who voted for options they wish were included in the iBook. But we also heard from a lot of folks who said "Where's the video out port?" option in your poll. Like :

Kim Cary of Pepperdine Edu. & Psychology Grad School

So,we can't spec the ibook for our Profs or students because MANY class projects require a (e.g. PowerPoint) presentation... therefore, we don't buy ANY.Does this disqualify us from having a voice? Yes, there are many ways around the problem, but they all depend on a high level of user awareness of the location and transportation of fonts and graphics (or translation to HTML, which is ugly, or PDF, which is extra cost. Uh-uh. You buy an iBook to be simple, no? Having seen several thousand faculty and students, my guess is 97% don't want to manage those things at that level.

And from : Michael O'Neal - Digital Producer

I think the one feature (or lack thereof) you overlooked in your poll, and the MOST IMPORTANT feature for many home and small business owners is the VIDEO OUT PORT!
would have bought a few iBooks for our ad agency if we could have hooked it up to a decent sized monitor. Just thought I would throw my 2 cents in...

And Mark Reschke of Portland, OR

I would have voted for an iBook feature I wanted, but alas,... RAM, HD, etc... these are all things one could add on, and DVD, heck, I like watching my movies on a 35" TV, thank you very much.
No, none of this Tom-foolery for me, rather, what I would like to see on the iBook is a video out port for presentations. This way my wife could teach with her iBook virtually all day long, and I could then connect it to my 17" monitor, should I ever feel the need.
This feature is one I just can't simply snap in or add on...Oh, and a graphite model would be pretty sweet too!

Some of our readers said that they are waiting for the Revision B iBook, others stated that they moved up to a PowerBook and still other's are going with the competitively priced line of new iMac's.
I know how they feel, the DV Special Edition iMac is a great deal at the same price of an iBook... it has us reconsidering how badly we really need a portable.... and the thought of playing Quake Arena 3 :) has us drooling...

So this week were asking those of you who decided not to get an iBook.... Why ?

What Factor Caused You to Not Get an iBook ?


Thank You for Voting, This Poll is over look for our next poll on Mon Nov 15
For the
Results Of This Poll : Click Here

Results Of Last Weeks Poll #4 :

In our last poll we had over 775 people vote in our poll, our highest number so far. In that poll we asked: What would You like to see Improved/Upgraded on the iBook?

And the most requested upgrade/feature was more base RAM to the shipping iBook's. Many of our readers wrote and told us that 32 megs of ram was just not enough and while it could be easily added, most thought more should have been added. The only reason I can possibly see is if both slots were filled and you wanted to have more than 64 megs of RAM for some that 32 meg chip would be wasted and unused when you pull it out.
DVD came in at 28% and is an option Lot's of people and want it badly !


29% More RAM !

28% DVD !

14% A Firewire port !

11% A Larger Hard Drive !

10% A Larger Screen !

9% A Built in Microphone !




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