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Original iBooks - New Low Price! At the Apple Store !

Staff Report :


 3/10/99 Update: We now have confirmed that the 1,200 iBook's are in fact (factory new ) leftover stock.

After months of checking the Special Deals section of the Apple Store looking for discounted iBook's and finding none, they have finally shown up, in a big way !

The Apple Store now has over 1,200 ! of the Original iBook's in stock to sell. Apple is offering these units in Blueberry and Tangerine for a $100 dollar discount at $1,499 which matches the price of other third party sellers like MacWharehouse. I should note that MacConnection has 40 left and is offering 64MB extra for free for the same $1,499!

For those not familiar, the Special Deals section of the Apple Store is the spot where typically, Apple sells returned products or computers that get repaired and inspected and resold as refurbished at a discount to new selling products.

Part of Steve Jobs goal was to increase quality and profits by reducing shipping defective products and reducing returns. Apple has done such a good job of keeping returns and defective iBook's to a minimum that it's only now that they are showing up in any kind of quantity.

Although I don't have any confirmation, I suspect Apple may have been waiting for the newly revised iBook's and new SE model to be released before selling these at a discount to avoid taking sales away from the "original" full price units. Normally the Special Deals section only have at any one time a handful to sell.

To suddenly have over 1,200 at once shows that they are either simply selling off excess inventory or it possibly took a while to solve ..say a mysterious hard drive problem that some iBook owners have been having.

The "Original" iBook's still represent a decent value with lots of usability for most everything but high end work. If your interested in getting a deal check out the...

Apple Store - Special iBook Deals


Spec's :

iBook 300 12.1-in TFT/32MB/3.2G/CD/56K/Blueberry

iBook 300 12.1-in TFT/32MB/3.2G/CD/56K/Tangerine

( All refurbished iBook's are all backed by Apple. )


 "The notebook computer that redefines portability with the PowerPC processor, wireless communications and exceptional style. iBook is built around a 12.1 inch active matrix TFT display and a 300MHz PowerPC G3 processor. Standard is 32MB of SDRAM (expandable up to 160MB) and 4MB of video RAM. Also included is a 45 watt-hour lithium-ion battery, an AC adapter, a 3.2GB hard drive and a 24x CD-ROM. The system is equipped with a USB port, 16-bit CD-quality stereo output and a built in speaker. Built-in communications include 10/100Base-T Ethernet, 56K modem with v.90 support and antennas for the AirPort wireless card. Also a flip up keyboard provides easy access to the memory expansion slot and the AirPort wireless card slot. iBook comes with Mac OS as well as the following third party software: AppleWorks, MS Internet Explorer, MS Outlook Express, Netscape Communicator, Earthlink Total Access, America Online, FAXstf, Palm Desktop, WorldBook Encyclopedia, Edview Internet Safety Kit, Bugdom, Nanosaur. "


 Apple Store - Special Deals



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