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  Happy Birthday! iBook-User
Turns 1 Year old !

July 18, 2000

Well it's hard to believe that one year has just gone by since I debuted iBook-User a mere 3 days before MacWorld Expo NY 99 and the iBook's Grand debut by master of ceremonies, Steve Jobs.

In the Beginning

I have always had an interest in writing and reporting, so Back when the iMac came out I wanted to start an iMac site but I couldn't afford a new iMac at the time and I didn't think I could put in the time to meet my expectations. So I waited, and the next year, around the time I was looking at PowerBooks that I knew I could not afford, I learned that an affordable portable "iMac" style laptop was coming from Apple. I was starting to think I could retire my Perfoma 6200CD.

Of course before anyone knew what name the iBook was going to be called, the code name was said to be P1, so that's the name I started with. So for the first week my site was called P1 User and in a rush to get the site up and running fast, I chose Y**OO as my host, and soon learned my web first mistake and soon switched hosts. The lesson - FTP is a must, browser based uploading with propriety code is for well... not me !

That first week I made my second mistake, I registered www.ibookuser.com on a late sat. evening before work then took off not knowing a confirming email would be coming my way, which I HAD to reply to. The domain name ibookuser.com was put back out there and claimed before I knew what hit me, so I quickly added a dash and that's how I ended up with ibook-user.com.

I started out with about half a dozen pages and a few visitors and today we're up to around 75+ pages and thousands of weekly visitors. And over time we have added features like the popular iBook Book Store, the iBook Gear Store, The iBook Forum and added writer Ted Bade for reviews.

I want to point out, the quality, smarts and ability of Mac people out there is impressive. Charles Moore, Ryan Meader, David Every, Amy Hoy and Doug Landry and long gone Don Crabb (and more) these are the people I looked up to when I got my start on the web. I have since "met" and worked with many other great folks like Gene Steinberg, David Schulz, Adam Denker, Ted Bade, Mark NewHouse, Eric Prentice and many more. Thanks.

Along the way I learned alot (okay maybe a little)and it was exciting to occasionally scoop the big guys that I admired so much.

Along the way I've seen many iBook sites fall by the wayside for various reasons, I guess I'm still here due to my perseverance more than anything else. In most ways I think of this as any other small business that I've been in before, you have to wear many hats and there never seems enough time to do all you want. But it's worth it. It can be fun too!

 Links... life blood of the web......

I'd also like to thank the entire crew at Macsurfer, alot of readers may not know how important Macsurfer is to the community of Mac web sites, but if it wasn't for Macsurfer, this site would probably just be a personal site with little traffic. The service they provide is invaluable ! I'd also like to thank all the other sites that have linked to iBook-User, like MacinSites, the iBook list, the now defunct iBookHelp, Japan Apple Watch, MacLaunch, The iBook Ring, Keeper of the iBook, Mac Treasure Club, the now defunct iNet MacOS Daily, iBook Info News, About.com, Low End Mac, MacPicks, Po the iBook and all the many other sites too !

When I started iBook-User my goal was to make, some small contribution to the Mac community and to continue to improve. I think I've done that. I've had lots of inspiration, thanks to all of you.

Thanks to all of the loyal readers who have and continue to visit iBook-User!


Tom Trial


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