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MONDAY August 9, 1999

RE: Business Week G3/iBook Article 

QUICK REPORT: In the August 16,1999 edition of Business week... In the Technology & You section entitled: "More Punch In Apple Portables" Stephen H. Wildstrom. He gives a brief overview of Apple's new consumer notebook the iBook and some coverage to the 400mhz PowerBook G3 .

A quick glance through the article and you could say it appears to be fairly "balanced", After all he throws in a positive statement with every negative one ! Then I got to thinking, since when does an article have to start with a positive comment and end with a negative ? or vice versa ? or have equal parts bad and good ?
And why is it that when it comes to Apple they Have to start by digging up dirt from the past.. "as has so often been the case in the company's tortured (*my emphasis) history ..." I guess that's why pundits (in general) are often so wrong they are too busy looking at the past compared to what's happening today.

Overall for positives he mentions the G3's battery life, the bright screen and PowerPC G3 chips and dramatic design... "that the rest of the industry ought to study.. " ( and to think some were complaining that it wasn't like the Sony Vaio!)

The two main issues that I wanted to add to, is that Stephen and many others seem to think that only students and folks with lite` computing needs will want to use an iBook. The truth is, only a few years ago desktops weren't this powerful. I plan on getting one. Right now I'm using a 6220/75mhz with 40megs of ram total !(running Photoshop no less!) The 160 max in an iBook running at 300mhz will be quite a step up and enough for web graphics. Any way lot's of other people will be upgrading, there is alot of pent up demand for a cheaper Apple notebook and people will be more than happy to snap them up - Fast.
And lastly he claims that the Mac operating system "has fallen behind to Windows, especially Windows NT.. " in regards to "running multiple programs, crash proofing and security.. "

Huh? 1. If you accidentally open a program twice in Windows it doesn't know it has already opened an App and opens a multiple copy of the program! 2. Can anybody say Blue Screen of Death? Is that why multitasking is so important in Windows, to save it from it's self? and 3. Security? Mac web servers are the most secure out there! NT ? How secure is Swiss cheese?

Talk about comparing apples and oranges, then again he notes, currently it's Apple's only offering till OS 9 and Mac OS X comes out.

Finally he ends his review with.. "Still.(I'm sure you won't forget all the negatives I threw in there!).. the important news is that Apple has followed up on it's iMac success.. "

BTW - on the back cover of Business Week is a picture of the Airport wireless Hub "Hovering" in air! with the web address above it of...


(Editor's Note added)
Which redirects to Apple's Airport site.


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