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 iBook-User "Community eMail Bag" 

Welcome to our New Column the "iBook-User eMail Bag" every Friday we will include any email's we get during the week and share our readers experiences with their Blueberry and Tangerine iBook's for the iBook-User Community. If you have some info you'd like to share with others, Drop us a line at staff@ibook-user.com.
* Just let us know if you don't want your email address or full name posted.


iBook's Mac OS ROM at 3.1.1 !

Just thought I'd drop you a note about the tangerine iBook I received on 11/24 from Outpost.com (I ordered in on 9/1). It works great and I'm completely in love! Best of all, it came installed with Mac OS 9.0, Mac ROM 3.1.1 ---- all is working great and I was pleasantly surprised to have OS9 pre-installed. Just thought this might be good news for those still waiting!


Keep up the good work.


* Thanks Jill

Do You Know iBook ?

Dear Sir,

Do you know Apple?

Do you know iBook?

Do you know Alphatop in Taiwan which builds iBook for Apple?

I have www.Alphatop.com http://www.Alphatop.com , Do you want to buy this domain name?

Maybe you will get letters from Apple as I were?

Give me a price if you want it?

Best regards,


* Jimmy,
#1 I Don't have a direct connection to Apple
#2 I Hope so, I run this web site and I own an iBook!
#3 No, But I do now .
#4 No, I'm sorry Jimmy But I don't believe in Extortion of any kind . The one thing that still surprises me about the internet when it first started is how no basic provisions were made to protect businesses trade names.
Jimmy I encourage you to do the right thing and give them the domain name. It's the right thing to do.

Fashionable Bag for Your iBook !

I A new company called Fashiontronics.com says that their goal is to create "fashion for your personal electronics". Their first offering is an iBook bag for $49.95 plus $9.95 shipping. They say that the bag has all the features that you come to expect from a well made computer bag but it's industrial grade PVC window allows the iBook to shine through. Featuring a smart looking and durable faux leather exterior, shoulder strap and standard handle, protective inside padding, and more, the bag provides a good value. Shipments will begin in January.

Other products in the works are more color co-ordinated PDA accessories and laptop bags for people on the go. They have been involved in the manufacture of sportswear and sports bags and say they are excited to bring some new and innovative designs to personal electronics accessories.


George Kabot

Report by MacSliders - All Dimensions Mac

* Oddly the web page only shows one product (the iBook Bag) We didn't find out too much about this company we'll look into this over the weekend !

My Favorite Feature on iBook!

I My fave feature of the iBook is its screen, very bright and easily adjusted.

I also like the long battery life.

My dislike is of the relativly small screen size,a 14" especially at its price point.

The hard drive is ok thanks to cheap USB add ons and I like the implementation of USB on the Mac in general, having had to use PC's along side Macs for years now I can tell the difference.

I would prefer to see DVD (slot load please!) as the CD drive lowers the tone of quality about the iBook, again considering its price point.

The hande is a great feature as is the sleep mode light pulsing (always raises a giggle) also the bright colours used and the ease of access to the software features such as the Palm desktop and the configurable "F" keys make this a must have for beginners, such as my father.

He is the one who purchased the iBook on my recommendation so that he can trade stocks over the internet. I told him in order to do so he will need to to pry the com puter from my cold dead fingers first. As you can tell, I like the iBook a lot. Can't wait for PISMO, then maybe I can let my dad have a go of his iBook.

Dominic Large

* Well I guess You'll just hafta learn to share ; ) !!


Thanks to all for writing, Keep sending those email's in !








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