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iBook-User "Community eMail Bag" 
Welcome to our New Column the "iBook-User eMail Bag" every other Friday we will include any email's we get during the week and share our readers experiences with their Blueberry and Tangerine iBook's for the iBook-User Community. If you have some info you'd like to share with others, Drop us a line at staff@ibook-user.com.

Looking for an iBook Deal...

I think your website is great, i especially liked when i could go up and find the best deals on the ibook with the ibook Price Tracker. But lately the past few times i have been trying to get on that site, it says that it is: Not Found

"The requested URL /ibooktracker.shtml was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. Apache/1.3.4 Server at ibookcentral.com Port 80"

This has happened to me a few times over about 2 months and now that I am going back to school this fall and i really need an ibook. I will come back as often as I can, because i really need that ibook, and it really did make it easy.

Thank You,


*Hi Erica,

I checked it out and this is the new correct URL: http://www.powerbookcentral.com/mactracker/ibooktracker.shtml

BTW you may want to check stores to see if there are any iBook's that have been returned I got mine from Sears it was returned so I got 10% off and I got their credit card and got another 10% off $1250, not bad eh?

You could also get a used or refurbished one. There are some rumors that there may be a new DVD iBook coming out in Sept. but nobody knows 100% for sure. Thanks. 

Can I use Windows on an iBook ?

If I buy an iBook can I still put Microsoft Office on it because that is the program I learned how to use, and can I put Microsoft Windows on it? Or am I limited to Apple software?


* Hi Amanda,

Yes to both of your questions, but first, your not too limited there are currently over 18,000 programs for the Mac check out the Macintosh Products Guide. Secondly, Microsoft makes "Microsoft Office 98" for the Mac and they just announced at MacWorld Expo in New York, "Mac Office 2001" which I beleive will be shipping this fall.

Microsoft also makes Word Special Edition for the iMac & iBook for $99.

There is also a way to use Windows on your Mac too. A company called Connectix makes a program called Virtual PC, you can get it with or without Windows. Virtual PC also allows you to run many ather operating systems too, you can get it with DOS, 95, 98, 2000 and if your interested Red Hat Linux.


BTW Amanda, some of Microsoft's Macintosh programs like Internet Explorer and Office have some great features NOT found on the Windows side.
Try it you'll like it !


Surrounded by PC's, I want my iBook at work...


My new job as admin. asst is for an all PC (IBM)/Windows 95/98?/Netscape/Microsoft Explorer/Microsoft Exchange/Microsoft Schedule+ and i can't stand having my iBook at home while using the dreaded beige PC!!

The "computer people" are down the hall, what do i need to tell them i need in order to bring my iBook to the office, somehow secure it to my desk/etc./etc. and still be able to do everything i currently do on the huge clunck of a machine on my work station? i'd appreciate any help on this!


* Hi Michael,
One Product that may help is Virtual PC by
Connectix it lets you run Windows on your Mac. You also may want to check out MacWindows for articles on cross platform issues.

As far as security goes, Noble Security Systems is a manufacturer of computer locks and makes one for the iBook I saw it at MacWorld it looks very good.


Product: iBook/Powerbook CABLE LOCK -
Part No: NG-A31-R
COMPONENTS: Retail Package including: 1-Slot Cable Lock, 1-iBook Adaptor and 2 keys.
UPC CODE: 61910990035
Compatibility: Protects against theft on Notebooks, Apple Power Books,
iBooks and any other peripherals with the built in Security Slot. Weight: 1 lbs

Don't forget security cables can be looped thru the iBook's handle for protection !


Tom Trial

CoZo iBook sleeve fits like a glove ! ...


I had the fortune to be the first person to order the CoZo Sleeve for my Blueberry iBook (2000) and couldn't be happier. It slips on with a little effort and forms a snug form around the iBook. Its a great deal for the money. I use a Kensington Saddlebag which is a great product also. The Sleeve will give a little added protection to my iBook when its in the 'bag'. For those times I want to carry it by itself, I expect the Sleeve will give the protection needed from the bumps or scrapes that do happen.

All in all I'm very pleased with the product.


*Hi Hal,

That's great and the price at $25 is excellent too ! I use the iBookSaver (sleeve) all the time.!


Thanks to all for writing, Keep sending those email's in !



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