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iBook-User "Community eMail Bag" 
Welcome to our New Column the "iBook-User eMail Bag" every other Friday we will include any email's we get during the week and share our readers experiences with their Blueberry and Tangerine iBook's for the iBook-User Community. If you have some info you'd like to share with others, Drop us a line at staff@ibook-user.com.


New iBook SE...

I bought the new ibook last week, before they had even managed to be put on a display at the only place that sells mac hardward/software within 60 miles of here (I live in a pretty remote area of missouri). Anyway, this is only my 2nd mac, the first being an OLD apple II from WAY back in the 80s. It's taking a little getting used to since I am rather accustomed to Windows 95/98. Thus far I am COMPLETELY satisfied by the speed and ease of use of the mac. I also love the graphite color...it's more mature looking than the fruity colors (no offense intended).

Anyway, Apple has another satisfied customer and diehard fan.


 * Hi S.R. , I'm glad you like your iBook, don't forget ,if there's a PC program you need to use you can get Virtual PC for your iBook and run PC programs.


Good Bye Windows Hello iBook SE !!! ....

What can I say.....At Last!

I have been working With Windoze, Windoze NT etc. for the past 7yrs as a support contractor. Over the years it's all been getting too slow, too unstable.... Became an early Win 2000 user had too many hardware and sw compatability problems, had enough, and within 3 weeks, picked up my iBook SE...

Looks great! Most poeple just stare at it on the train each day, Fast, way faster than my old Wintel 266Pentium, great screen, the initial setup was so simple...

Well done Apple! another converted Wintel user.


P.S. - Anyone want to buy an old Pentium Celeron 466 system? I Want to replace it with an iMac DV, the wife won't leave my iBook alone!!!!


* Hi Rob, Welcome to the Mac World of productivity and FUN !!! too.
Enjoy ! and good luck.


iBook's $100 Cheaper ...

I bought myself an original ibook for Christmas at the original price. Imagine my surprise now when I see it's $100. cheaper. In the spirit of excellent customer service, how about a $100 rebate or gift certificate?

I've been a loyal Mac man since 1992, now on my sixth Mac. Thank you for your kind consideration.

Brian Hoffman


* Hi Brian,
As you read in our article in
"Original iBooks - New Low Price! At the Apple Store !" in which we reported Apple selling the original iBook's for $100 off, cheaper computers while getting faster is just a fact of life. A gift certificate to say the Apple Store would be nice... but that's not likley .

Don't be surprised ! shop around when it comes time to buy anything and then rest assured that you did all you could to get the best price and product for your needs at that time.

I want a Free iBook !!! ...

Hey i clicked on the doggy poster and it said something about entering a contest to win a free digital camera but i wanted to win a free iBook. please email me back.

* Hi Bill,

In their last contest they gave away an iBook which is now over. Now in their latest contest they are giving away a digital camera.

If you win you can always sell it and use the cash for an iBook !!!



A Proud New Tangerine iBook Owner !!! ...

I Just got it today. I bought the new tangerine iBook. and I must say it is amazing. I actually bought it with out seeing it in person. 5 mins, and I configured it for my existing ISP service. quick and easy. and I must say, that I love typing on this. I have writing so many e-mails today, and I can't stop!

I do have a slight problem with the screen, there is this one pixel that is constantly red in color. I have looked at apple TIL articles and it's seems to be a problem sometimes. if you and any suggestions I will be happy to hear them.

Other than that. I am very satisfied!

a proud Tangerine iBook owner,

Erico Casciani


* Hi Eric , Some folks gently massage the area on the screen with a soft cloth or finger. You also may want to contact Apple Support.

Thou you usually need to have a number not working rght to return the unit.

A New iBook SE Owner...


I just got my new iBook SE Graphite this weekend and I'll be happy to share my experiences with it. This is actually my first apple and after playing with it last night, I am very happy with how it is built and how clear the screen is! I actually ordered 128MB extra RAM from a mail-order company, but I think they sent the wrong size, it seems to be too big to fit in my iBook, so that's the only problem I have so far!

Great website! :-)



* Hi Jason , make sure you ask for the low height So-Dimms and tell them it's for the iBook.

I also recommend you check out Ram Seeker for a comparison of the best RAM prices for your iBook.

ibook monitor problem ? ...

Not sure if y'all can help me, but last night when i turned on my ibook, the monitor was dimmed, and i couldnt get it to "come on". i could very faintly see the desktop, but i couldnt get the brightness on the function keys to work.

Have you heard of this before?

thank you,

natalie ammirato

* Hi Natalie , I haven't found any info about this yet , so you may want to call Apple's 1-800 number

A question from a prospecting ibook buyer...

I am interested in buying an ibook but there are a couple of things that I would like to get answered before taking the leap into Apple country. Is there any cheaper alternative to buying the external floppy drive offered by Apple at $90? Will I be able to save text files in a format that people using a PC could also read? Any advice that you maybe able to provide will be greatly appreciated.


* Hi Alex ,

As far as I know $90 is the cheapest, however I don't believe that it is a USB device, If you get a iBook it will have to be. ( I could be wrong, check first) imation makes asomething called the 'Superdisk" that lets you use floppies and 120mg disks it goes for about $120 to $150 at CompUSA.

It depends on what program you use to create the file. For more info check out <http://www.macwindows.com/> as I don't have a lot of experience with Windows.

If you use Microsoft product, you should be able to save it in a format readable for PC's. A friend of mine Gene Steinberg who is a writer is very knowledgable and may be able to help you more his email is gene@genesteinberg.com

good luck,


USB Microphone ...

My name is Gina and I am in college and own a blueberry IBook. I use AOL Instant Messanger all the time and there is a new feature where you can talk to people by using a microphone. Is there any way that I can hook one up to my IBook by either USB or the headphone jack? Please write back-

Thank You! Gina

*Hi, Gina , I have the Blueberry too ! It Rocks!

The iVoice USB Microphone is from Outpost here is the link:

iVoice USB Microphone

And More USB Mic .....

HI. When will the iVoice be available? ALso, are there any other USB microphone solutions for the iBook?

Thank you,
Jonathan Gates, MD

And Yet More USB Mic .....

I'm looking for a USB microphone/headset for my wife's iBook. She bought a language CD, and can't use it!

Do you know where to get that?

Dr. Edward M. Roche
Concours Group


Looking for USB Mic and an iBook Bag's...

First let me tell you that I like your web site, great site !
I'm looking for a microphone for my ibook, probably something for the USB port. Do you know something?
I'm also looking for a cool bag or back pack for my ibook. What i seen around looks very beige.

Thanks in advance
Marco Ciacci

* Marco ,
I've been working on the iBook Gear Page and I just found an USB mike at Outpost.com check oout this link:

iVoice USB Microphone

As for iBook Bags check out the following web sites :

GrabPac - GrabPac for iBook $40.00
Madsononline - iBook Saver $47.00
Dr. bott - iBook Bag $69.95
MacImports.com - Atsubi bag from BagBag $99.00


*Updated : Connecting HP 695cci to iBook...

Hi there ,

I have a iBook problem, I am not able to connect HP 695cci printer to my iBook. How ever the same works with my iMac and G3. All other iBooks are giving the same problem. I could not download any patch also. Pl give me a solution.

Another problem is that , even if the Techncal documents specify that the battery works for 6 Hrs . my iBook will not work more that 4 Hrs. I have not used this iBook during that 4 hrs period for any big application or Graphics. How to resolve these issues ?

Thanks in advance

* The first thing to do is contact HP, then Apple You didn't say if you were using OS 8.6 or OS 9 so you may also want to check out :

MacFixIt's Troubleshooting Mac OS 9 MacFixIt Report , Troubleshooting Mac OS 9 MacFixIt Forum , The iBook and Airport Reports and Macintouch's Mac OS 9 Compatibility .and Mac OS 9 Updates




 *This all I found so far. If any readers find any other solutions let Mohan.J know !

Update from Apple Asia

At present (as of the iBook), the PowerBook power management architecture provides for the following power saving measures:

*System Sleep - In this mode the PowerBook appears to be off with most of the components inside losing power. The only components that continue to get power are RAM, so that the computer can save the current contents of RAM along with the PRAM settings, and turn back on in the exact state it was left, without having to restart.

*Hibernation - This is only available on newer machines with the next generation power manager, such as iBook. These machines have an option in the Energy Saver control panel to "preserve memory contents on sleep." In this mode, the computer saves the entire contents of RAM to an invisible file on the hard drive before going to sleep. When the computer comes out of sleep, the file is read back into RAM. If for some reason the computer loses power and shuts off, it can still boot up to the exact state it was in before sleeping and not lose any data stored in RAM.

*Hard Disk Spindown - The hard drive is spun down and only a minimal amount of power is drawn. When hard disk data is accessed that isn't available from the disk cache, the drive spins back up.

*Display Dimming - The display is completely or partially dimmed, depending on the model of PowerBook and user setting.

*Processor Cycling - If this feature is enabled, the processor will move to a low-power mode by reducing speed by about 75% after a period of inactivity is detected by the system. The idle period is about three to five seconds.

Any application can completely disable this function by calling DisableIdle(). The Graphing Calculator, for example, disables this function before animating any graphs.

*Reduce Processor Speed - This isn't available on all models. When this feature is enabled, the processor speed is substantially reduced until it is disabled by the user.

Based on the settings in the Energy Saver control panel, the system keeps track of schedules for sleep, hard disk spindown, and display dimming via four internal timers:

*HD Activity - Updated any time the hard drive is accessed

*Net Activity - Updated any time there is AppleTalk network activity

*User Activity - Updated any time the user moves the mouse, pressed the mouse button, or presses a key

*Overall Activity - Updated when any of the above occurs, or when IdleUpdate() is called from code at any level.



NoDoze for iBook...

Dear Editor:

Do you have any idea on how I can disable the sleep mechanism on my iBook?
If not, any suggestions on where I can look?


CoVision, Inc.

* Hi Christian,

In the Upper left hand corner open the Apple Menu and scroll down to "Control panels" then select and open the "Energy Saver" control panel, click on the "Sleep Setup "button, Now where it says "Settings for...select "Power Adapter" now move all the sliders to the right where it says "Never"
Under "Settings for... Battery" I recommend you leave it on so you don't accidentally run your iBook's battery down.

I also recommend as Apple TIL article NEW 25130 iBook, PowerBook (FireWire): Issue With Preserve Memory Contents On Sleep states that you go to "Advanced settings' and under Sleep Options uncheck the "Preserve memory contents on sleep" option For Settings for Battery and Power.

Your done !


Thanks to all for writing, Keep sending those email's in !




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