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iBook-User "Community eMail Bag" 

Welcome to our New Column the "iBook-User eMail Bag" every other Friday we will include any email's we get during the week and share our readers experiences with their Blueberry and Tangerine iBook's for the iBook-User Community. If you have some info you'd like to share with others, Drop us a line at staff@ibook-user.com.

* Just let us know if you don't want your email address or full name posted

AOL Links problems...

No matter what link I click on, for the past week, I get the Smalldog registration page. I talked to Smalldog, they checked and said they aren't causing the problem.

When I place the cursor on any link, this is what I get at the bottom of the page -shortcut to register.lasso at fm.small.com - This comes up on every link and when I click, I get the registration page, repeatedly.

I emptied the cache on my PC just to make sure but still no luck. having been a Fan of the page for a few months, and having received an iBook a week ago, I'm a little frustrated at not being able to access the features and info on the page.

thank you

Bill Millerick

* Hi Bill ,

I emailed Gene Steinberg who wrote a book on using AOL his reply is below. I'll look for more info, I beleive that AOL has a Mac Help center check it out.

Gene a reader of iBook-User says can't acess links no matter what link he clicks on, for the past week, I get the Smalldog registration page.

He's using AOL and I'm not familiar with it. Any Ideas Gene ?

"AOL uses a bundled version of MSIE (it would be 4.0.1 for the version that ships with an iBook). This could have been some problem with AOL's proxy servers, but I managed to access your site just fine right now from AOL.

Perhaps you should ask the user if they used the empty cache feature with AOL's software or physically deleted the cache.waf file in the America Online preference folder."



If any one has heard of this be sure to let bill know, also Bill you may want to check out the MacFixIt forums.

SOS iBook Keyboard...


I think you have a great website and I make a point of checking it regularly. However I need some help from you. I'm not sure if it was this website or not, but I need to find out how to fix my iBook's "M" key. If you could email me a hyperlink to point me in the right direction on how to fix this I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank You

James Murray

*Hi, James thanks for letting me know. I went to the Apple iBook support page and found these links, I hope they help I not sure exactly what is wrong with your key.

iBook Troubleshooting



Try this Link: Specific keys do not respond when typing.

PowerBook and iBook: Troubleshooting Stuck or Non-responsive Keys

Follow Up: iBook Keyboard Fixed...


Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. The "m" key had popped off the keyboard and I was able to fix it thru Apple's Site.


Hey , I'm glad you got your "M" key back, you _ay have _issed _any _arvelous _oments without it !

Connecting HP 695cci to iBook...

I Hi there ,

I have a iBook problem, I am not able to connect HP 695cci printer to my iBook. How ever the same works with my iMac and G3. All other iBooks are giving the same problem. I could not download any patch also. Pl give me a solution.

Another problem is that , even if the Techncal documents specify that the battery works for 6 Hrs . my iBook will not work more that 4 Hrs. I have not used this iBook during that 4 hrs period for any big application or Graphics. How to resolve these issues ?

Thanks in advance


* The first thing to do is contact HP, then Apple You didn't say if you were using OS 8.6 or OS 9 so you may also want to check out :

MacFixIt's Troubleshooting Mac OS 9 MacFixIt Report , Troubleshooting Mac OS 9 MacFixIt Forum , The iBook and Airport Reports and Macintouch's Mac OS 9 Compatibility .and Mac OS 9 Updates




 *This all I found so far. If any readers find any other solutions let Mohan.J know !

Fear of Carelessness...

To whom this may concern:

Hi my name is Lori, I am the supervisor of the computer labs and the computers at our school. Just recently, our school purchased eighteen of the ibooks for the purpose of giving the students and the teachers the opportunity of using the "iBook". My concern is that once that they are checked out and out of my hands, my worry is that people are going to be careless and not care about these beauties. I need to come up with a reasonable agreement between teachers and students and the school.

Before handing them out. I will appreciate your help! Hope that you can help....Sooooon.

Lori T

* Lori, I think that getting iBook's into students hands is a great idea, but obviously the iBook's have to be Protected.

When they are going to be checked out there's a big difference between using them in the school and taking them home. If they are taking them home you need to follow any Guidlines regarding school property .

Some of the things the school may want to do is, have all students and their parents sign some type of liability form with a checking account number or credit card account # or tempory deposit , also check the schools insurance to be sure it's fully covered.

As for the students I recommend going thru a list in class, of do's and don'ts covering Use, Safety, transporting the iBook, charging ect. and giving the list to the students and a extra copy for the parents.

It also would be a good idea to give all the students an after hours emergency phone # for any operating problems, crashes ect.

iBook Saver...


I tried to order an iBook Saver from the site that you are linked to and I have some questions. Is this billed to me? They didn't ask for credit card information or anything like that. And also is this shipping from Europe? It really wasn't clear. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,
Ray Green

* Hi Ray,

We contacted the manufacturer and got more info, Go to

Product Update:  Madsonline is US. Source for iBook Saver !


for the latest info on the iBook Saver. Look for our Review on the iBook Saver Next week !

More from Ray !

Hi again,

Just wanted to say thanks for the great response!

Ray Green


iBook Bargain...

Just found your site via a link from www.macsurfer.com. Thought I would let your readers know about the great deal I got at Sears last week. Seems someone got an iBook for Christmas and decided they didn't want it. Sears took it back and promptly marked it down to $1359. That's what I paid for it!!!

It is in perfect shape and had never even been sofware 'personalized' by the original purchaser. Even the CD's were unopened.

Keep your eyes open out there when shopping at Sears

John Guttler

* Hi, Jon I didn't get around to doing a report on it, but that's what I did too !

When I got to Sears I asked if anyone had returned an iBook at first the sales person said no but he asked around and discovered that someone had. So they gave me 10% off. Sears was also running a 10% one Day Store wide sale when using their credit card.

I didn't have one so I appied and got approved, so I ended up getting 20% off. Before taxes it was $1250 !

I also had been searching the Apple Store for any returns in the specials page but I haven't seen any to date! The reason someone returned it was because they didn't like the flow lines which look defects but aren't there are at least 9 spots like that. Someone had gotten on to the net with it, but software was unopened. And it had crashed on them since the date was 1904.

Thanks for the info and visiting the site!


Thanks to all for writing, Keep sending those email's in !



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