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 iBook-User Press Report: 

Apple's iBook Inspires Distinctive
Designs for Laptop Cases!


WaterField Designs, a young design firm based in San Francisco, has released new products for the Apple community. For the distinctive-looking Titanium G4 and the long-awaited iBook, WaterField created the SleeveCase and the RacerX.

For the minimalist look, the SleeveCase resembles a portfolio and is made of form-hugging neoprene encapsulated by abrasive-resistant Ballistic nylon. The thick neoprene provides shock absorption, while the Ballistic keeps the SleeveCase looking like new for many years. The SleeveCase hugs the iBook or G4, providing it with a protective shell. The SleeveCase can be inserted into existing briefcases, backpacks, or any other general purpose bag. However, for making heads turn, it can also be inserted into a WaterField Cargo bag which sports an airline seat belt buckle for one-hand easy access and multiple pockets for organizing practically everything.

For those wanting to take along power cords, cables, adapters, and other bulky items, WaterField designed the RacerX to carry all this paraphernalia while sticking to a streamlined look. The black Ballistic exterior adds a splash of color with the signature WaterField Indium highlight. The neoprene interior provides a snug fit for the G4 or the iBook, engulfing casing as it slides into the bag. The handle is a mountain bike grip so that it provides a sturdy, solid hold.

We try to design products that not only look great, but also feel great, said Gary Waterfield, founder and CEO. I came from the bike industry where feel was an important part of the riding experience. You'll notice that when you hold the RacerX, the mountain bike grip cushions the weight of the computer, rather than add to it. With our Cargo bags, when you only have one hand available, you'll feel how much easier and faster it is to undo an airline seat belt buckle than it is to undo an ordinary one.

The G4 and iBook SleeveCases $39 and the RacerX $139 are available today from WaterField Designs


About WaterField Designs

Founded by Gary Waterfield, a former bike messenger in Boston, the company's first product was the Cargo bag, a messenger-like bag for business users. Using personal experience to gauge market needs, the product line expanded to include the Vertigo, a light, yet sturdy travel bag; the Wallets which don't bulk up when placed in the back pocket; and Gear Pouches for toiletries and incidentals. The computer cases were added when the company issued laptops to its employees.

Because WaterField products are designed and produced using personal and customer experience as benchmarks, all the details and features exist for a purpose. To accommodate customer design suggestions, the bags are made in San Francisco where it is easier to control quality and faster to make adjustments. As a result, customers often have positive comments for the products and customer service. It is this kind of feedback that compels WaterField Designs to create products that customers will find useful for a very long time, not just to put another product on the market. 

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