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 iBook-User Press Report: 


Sumdex Releases The iBook Collection of bags


In the shape and colors reminiscent of the iBook, Sumdex, has just released their line of iBook bags in 3 varieties and two iBook colors of Blueberry and Tangerine, with what looks like lots of storage space for important acccessories and holders for Pens/Pencils, Business Cards, Floppy and Zip Disks, and CDs ect. For all you iBook SE owners, there's good news, According to Dave at Sumdex the Graphite version will be availible at the end of June.

Their entire line can be purchsed directly at Outpost.com. The iPack can be had for only $42.95 !, the iBrief for $32.95 and the iShuttle for $49.95 for some cool savings !


"Sumdex, Inc. a WORLD CLASS manufacturer of computer laptop, leather, backpack, hard-side, overnight, entertainment, digital camera, PDA cases and traveling accessories.

Manufacturing and private labeling for Leading Brands in the computer industry for the past ten years. Sumdex, Inc. has recently introduced its own stylish line to the United States featuring Superior Quality, Market Leading Design and Pricing that reflects the advantage of utilizing our own manufacturing plants in China, Thailand and Taiwan.

If you are looking for the absolute best quality product with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty and a broad offering with innovative designs, Sumdex, Inc. is your only choice."


New iCase Collection


iBrief - (NON-827) - Contemporary looks and hot colors combined with durable, water-resistant Nylon Jacquard and silver matte hardware make the new Sumdex iBrief the choice of discerning commuters everywhere. The top-loading design permits easy access to your computer and two detachable air blocks on the bottom offers double protection from hazardous drops. Comfort details include the comfortable, adjustable shoulder strap and easy access zip-down workstation compartment. These incredible features makes the Sumdex iBrief a fashion statement backed by a performance guarantee. (MSRP $99.95 Average Street Price $59.95-$69.95)



Blueberry, Graphite | Detailed View of iBrief

iPack - (NON-825) - Constructed of lightweight, wear resistant and water-repellent Nylon Jacquard, the iPack is ideal for students and commuters. The top-loading computer compartment has a padded, Velcro® attached, removable computer case that rests on two detachable air blocks for extra drop protection. The easy access external zippered pocket provides room for personal items or business tools. Adjustable, padded shoulder straps with non-slip grips make the unique iPack as comfortable as it is functional. (MSRP $109.95 Average Street Price $59.95-$69.95)

Blueberry, Tangerine, Graphite | Detailed View of iPack

iShuttle - (EVN-888) - The first thing you will notice about the Sumdex iShuttle is its enticing design and a stunning shape that is sure to attract attention. This water-resistant and durable EVA case comes in two delectable colors. But the outside of this case is only the beginning. Inside, the iShuttle is brimming with features, starting with a padded computer compartment with Velcro® securing straps. It also features a padded, removable divider to optimize space. The interior file pocket is large enough to hold all your important documents and files. A detachable, padded and adjustable shoulder strap compliments the comfort grip handles to make this the perfect case for a full day in class or on the road. (MSRP $129.95 Average Street Price $69.95-$79.95)

Blueberry, Tangerine, Graphite | Detailed View of iShuttle


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