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 Month of September 1999

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THURSDAY Sept. 30, 1999

Report: Apple Posts iBook Ads Online ! iBook-User

iBook reader experiences updated MacInTouch

iBook2Day notes changes in iBook Developer note Macintosh News Network

Apple Demo Days are Upon us: Where will you be? TheiMac.com


WEDNESDAY Sept. 29, 1999

Say hello to iBook O'Grady's Power Page

iBook Review iBookHelp

iBook keyboard and cursor issues MacFixIt

The iBook Begins to Arrive About.com

Apple's iBook Read Me file has odd tip MacInTouch

iBook: First Impressions MacInTouch

iBook at the Singapore Art Museum iMac NewsPage

iBook List member Brian Caslis received his iBook and posted pictures on his web site check it out at http://caslis.com/ibook/

iBook Reader Reviews-Round 2 iBook Planet

French army cool to AirPort MacWEEK

Box Picture iBook Zone (Pictures of the iBook in it's Box)

French iBook Users Need Permit TechWeb


TUESDAY Sept. 28, 1999

iBook & AirPort: Ship Together? NoBeige.com

Another iBook 'Issue' MacProvider

Readers Give First Impressions of the iBook iBook Zone

AirPort In France: The Real Story iBook Zone

First iBooks Arrive & First iBook Reader Reviews iBook Planet

Focus on Mac Hardware: The iBook Begins to Arrive About.com


MONDAY Sept. 27 1999

Readers report iBook arrivials Macintosh News Network

Readers report iBook arrivals, Apple reposts iBook developer note MacInTouch

Blueberry iBook Delivered O'Grady's PowerPage

iBook AirPort and the French Army O'Grady's PowerPage

Focus on Mac Hardware: iBook Targets Teens and Twenty-Somethings About.com

AirPort may interfere with French Army signals MacNN

iBook Defects MacProvider

First iBooks Arrive & First iBook Reader Reviews iBook Planet

iBooks ARE Shipping..But How Many? iBookZone

iBooks SLOWLY starting to Arrive The iMac.com

The Webmaster Speaks -The Case of the Missing iBook' MacMilitia

Special iBook Chat Session set for Tuesday at 7:00PM - CST Accelerate Your Macintosh

iWish iBook page shows the iBook would look like in the iMac colors

CompUSA (Hawaii) dealer will NOT have iBooks in time for ...big sale iBook Help

Apple has posted a new Tech Info Library article on the iBook's display Apple Tech Info Library


September 18 thru 27 1999

Editor's Note: Saturday I will be out of state in Florida. From Sat. 18th thru the Sat. the 25th,
Updates will continue on Mon 9/27
in the mean time I recommend visiting Macsurfer and I thank everyone for visiting iBook-User and I look forward to the iBook's debut where ever I am at the time!


THURSDAY September 16, 1999

News Flash: ascii24 Benchmarks the iBook ! iBook-User

WORLD PC EXPO 99 Report ASCII24 Benchmarks test on the iBook and PowerPC G4! Apple Japan Watch

Hot Deal Apple Computer (iBook Prebook Special) $1629 iBook Help

iBook Discussion Lounge is HERE! iBook Help

iBook Shows Up All Over iBook Zone

iBook Ships....Where Are They? iBook Zone


WEDNESDAY September 15, 1999

With iBooks Ready To Ship, 500 Member iBook Mailing List Ready For Action Mac Observer

iBook In-depth V: STYLE to go... TheiMac.com

iBook: How to Remove Main Battery Apple Tech Info Library

CDW offers RAM upgrade with iBook pre-orders dealmac

Focus on Mac Hardware: The iBook Ships to Resellers About.com

Long-awaited Apple iBook now shipping InfoWorld

The Old Farmer's Almanac Predicts Popularity For The iBook's Colors In Y2K Applelinks.com

Click Here for iBook Trackpad Support O'Grady's PowerPage

iBook Ships Today, Declares Steve Jobs O'Grady's PowerPage

The iBook: Fashion or Phenom? MacNow

iBooks start shipping MacWEEK

iBook (Consumer Portable) Talk List The Macintosh Guy

AirPort: The Era of Easy Networking, The iBook Page

Apple Expo 99 in Paris, France

Dell's AirPort iBook2Day

iBook Wins Best PC iBook2Day

iBook Pre-Orders Hit 160k-Shipping To Retailers Today! iBookPlanet

Apple Thinks Different...Dodge Does Too? iBook Zone


TUESDAY September 14, 1999

Editor's Note: Saturday I have to go down to Florida. and I need a laptop for a week. If anyone in New England or South Fla can help out (we can trade Ad space ect.) Drop Us a Line

Will Apple Get the iBook First? MacProvider

Apple Takes The iBook Ad Campaign To The Next Level iBook Planet

The O'Grady Files: iBook Sweeps World PC Expo The O'Grady Files

Apple offers 'Mobile Educator' sessions to pump iBook MacCentral

iBook pre-order offer for UK readers iBook2Day

iBook awarded the 'Best PC' at the 'Best of World PC Expo 99' award ceremony i@MacLand

Reader Note:Apple Iceland Now Taking iBook Orders ! iBook-User

Meet the iBook: It's Colorful. It's Wireless. It Fits In Your Backpack Macworld

AirPort on Sale The AirPort card is now available for ordering from The Apple Store iBook2Day


MONDAY September 13, 1999

iBook Outdoor Ad Campaign in LA O'Grady's PowerPage

iBook Gets Some Respect O'Grady's PowerPage

iBook makes first public appearance in Italy at MacProf Meeting MacProf

No Backup PRAM Battery in iBook Applelinks.com

Reader reports re: Apple iBook order confirmations Macintosh Resource Page

iBook Too Bulky To Suit Japanese? More iBook Colors Coming? Applelinks.com

iBook first time showed in Singapore, didn't catch much attention... i@MacLand

Farr Site: Waiting for iBook Applelinks.com

World PC Expo revelations MacWEEK

Special MacOS 9 Upgrade Deal For iBook Owners? iBookPlanet

Griffin Announces iBook Compatibility iBookZone

More Pre-Shipping iBook Exposure iBookZone


SATURDAY September 11, 1999

Decent iBook Article With An Odd Twist Applelinks.com

Get Ready to Upgrade That iBook! Applelinks.com

World PC Expo 99 News: iMac sits almost side-to-side to e-One, but iBook and G4 are hot spots i@MacLand

Adding AirPort to Pre-1999 Macs About.com

Retailers take to OS 9 MacWEEK

iBook In-depth IV: Upgrading the iBook TheiMac.com

Advantages to AirPort on the Desktop About.com

Apple Accepting Pre-orders On MacOS 9 Mac Observer

Mac OS 9 for pre-order everywhere i@MacLand

Apple's Consumer Assault Take Two Mac Discussion

Apple's new iBook offers much, but it serves two masters Wall Street Journal


FRIDAY September 10, 1999

Editors Note: Look for more updated post's and a story on Walt Mossberg's iBook review, tomorrow.(BTW Walt was on CNBC yesterday talking about his review of the iBook.)

iBook First In Long Line Of Wireless Macs & Accessories iBookPlanet

Wall Street Journal has posted Walt Mossberg's review of the iBook MacInTouch


THURSDAY September 9, 1999

iBook: Does Not Have a Backup Battery Apple Tech Info Library

Today Show iBook Sighting O'Grady's PowerPage

Reader Question:When will iBook be for sale in Europe ? iBook-User

Apple Japan Announces: iBook Pre-Ordering iBook-User

World PC Expo Shocases new Apple products (including the iBook & Airport) Apple Hot News!

Japan Apple Watch is Reporting on an "iBook Launch Party" during the World PC Expo 99 in Japan on September 11 Hosted by the The Japanese Macintosh User Group, iBook Japan and POWERBOOK ARMY Japan Apple Watch

Apple Demo Days Info iBook2Day

Apple Japan announces the iBook Japan Apple Watch

Apple Computer price target raised to $90 Reuters (In part due to expected iBook sales)


WEDNESDAY September 8, 1999

iBook In-depth III: Battery & Conservation TheiMac.com

Small Dog Electronics is offering a free iBook iBook2Day

Apple's popular Demo Days iBook2Day

Small Dog Electronics Announces iBook Giveaway iBookOnLine

Mac 2, iBook's ship date approaching,How high can Apple stock go? Mac Junkie (*Mostly about Apple's Great stock run up!)

Press Release: Register to WIN a: Brand New iBook! From Small Dog Electronics! iBook-User

Two Ways to Win an iBook! iBookZone


TUESDAY September 7, 1999

iBook Demo Days Coming ! and More... iBook-User

 Chance to Win an iBook Doing Demo Days iBook-User

PC Dominant Magazine Give iBook Thumbs Up iBook Planet

Guess?' How To Win An iBook iBook Planet

Weekly Poll: What are you going to be using your iBook for? iBookPlanet

iBook Review Indepth II - eyes, hand, and ports TheiMac.com

iBook Goes GM! iBook Zone

Apple Sends Emails to iBook Preorderers iBook Zone


FRIDAY September 3, 1999

Miscellaneous Ramblings #28: iBook Hands On Report MacOpinion

Kensington Saddle Bag for iBook? iBookZone

iBook Gold Master date and release date prediction... Mac-Mania


THURSDAY September 2, 1999

iBook In-depth - Performance numbers The iMac.com

iBook pre-orders over 140,000 mark... Mac Mania

G4 'Weapon' ads available from Apple Mac OS Rumors

G4 Weapon Ad and TV schedule Apple

Tanks, Apple's first commercial showcasing the Power Mac G4 systems, is available on Apple's Web site. Macintouch

RFI Report: Extending Apple's wireless reach MacWEEK

Apple Posts TV Schedule, Online Version for PowerMac Tank' Ad iBook Zone

The O'Grady Files: 'Look Ma, no wires!' MacWEEK Jason O'Grady talks about the Airport Revolution ! A Great article you won't want to miss!

G4 Expandibility Built Right In Apple the Power Mac G4 is ready when you are, with an antenna for Airport already built into its translucent top handle.

iBook and AirPort: New MacFixIt Report launched MacFixIt

Spire USA to Make iBook Edition Bag iBookZone


WEDNESDAY September 1, 1999

Report: Seybold - iBook and Airport News

iBook Orders Top 140,000 Apple has received advance orders for more than 140,000 iBook consumer and education portable computers. iBook, the "iMac to Go," is scheduled to ship to stores nationwide in mid-September.


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