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 Month of September 2000

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Friday Sep 29, 2000

Mac Web Servers: Mac OS X and Personal Apache MacCentral

Carracho X PR1 Version Tracker

Forward Migration: iBooks used at Teachers College MacCentral

The iBook For Dummies Reviewed Applelinks

Week's Best iBook Ram Prices RamSeeker

Week's Best PowerBook & iBook Deals PowerBook Central

Road to OS X: Things to fix MacCentral

I've seen the future, and it is Aqua Mac to the Future

software: IBM Via Voice Enhanced 2.0 for $115 shipped dealmac

AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) 4.2.1147 Version Tracker


Thursday Sep 28, 2000

iBook SE 466 vs PB G3/400 Excel Tests Accelerate Your Mac!

iBook Special Edition First Impressions The MacJunkie

Secret Office Guy: The tangerine iBook did not cheer me up Right On Mac!

Inside OS X: Unix commands MacWeek

storage: Alien-X8 8x/4x/32x CD-RW FireWire down to $281 dealmac

AppleCare Tech Info Library:

MOD: 60452 iBook: Secure By Running Cable Through Handle

MOD:58463 iBook and iBook (FireWire): Sound Capabilities

 iBook Beats PC Notebooks Dollar for Dollar Go2Mac

OSX Beta: Part 2 Go2Mac


Wednesday Sep 27, 2000

ATI's RAGE Mobility 128™ chip transforms Apple's iBook into a gamer's delight and a multimedia powerhouse ATI

The Ubiquitous Mouse Pad Go2Mac

ATI's All the 'Rage' with iBook Gamers Mac Directory

CNET Review: Apple iMovie 2.0.1 CNET

The Network Manager: A week with OS X MacWeek

Is There A Better, Optical Mouse Than Apple's New 'Wild Thing'? Bare Feats

upgrades: Kingston ValueRAM 128MB PC100 for $100 after rebate dealmac

software: Stuffit Deluxe 5.5 with MacTuner 2.1.5 for $50 dealmac

software: OneClick 2.0 down to $30 dealmac

The Demo Days MacNerds

UMAX VistaScan 3.7.3 Version Tracker

Review: Diablo II Mac OS Journal


Tuesday Sep 26, 2000

Mac OS X Quakes in its boot MacWorld.uk

ATI's RAGE Mobility 128(TM) chip transforms Apple's iBook into a gamer's delight and a multimedia powerhouse PR Newswire

 systems: Indigo iBook G3/366 plus 64MB RAM for $1,500 dealmac

Mac OS X on upgraded Macs? MacWeek

10 Times Is A Charm: Radical Revamp Puts Mac OS Back in the Running SFGate


Monday Sep 25,2000

The iBook as a Desktop Replacement Professional Mac

Tangerine Fusion's Fun Facts: FireWire iBooks Low End Mac

Secret Office Guy: Can a tangerine iBook cheer you up? Right On Mac!

Key Lime iBooks are a hoax MacMonkey

Via Voice Enhanced updated to version 2.0.2 Macintouch

Inside Mac OS X: The directories MacWeek

Outpost, Apple sponsor iMovie contest MacWeek

Bugdom Updater 1.1.4 MacGameFiles

IBM ViaVoice Enhanced Edition 2.0.2 Version Tracker

F/A-18 Korea GL 1.1.1 Version Tracker

Apple MRJ 2.2.3 Version Tracker

Game Sprockets 1.7.5 Apple


Friday Sep 22, 2000

Classrooms on a Roll Apple (a mobile cart full of iBooks and AirPort)

iBooks at the Olympics: Let the Product Sell Itself MacWorld

systems: iBook SE G3/466 plus 64MB RAM for $1,799 dealmac

Week's Best iBook Ram Prices RamSeeker

Week's Best PowerBook & iBook Deals PowerBook Central

8 iBook iBook's for New iBook Owners iBook-User

Coming Soon -14 Book's Covering Mac OS X iBook-User

It's Safari Time! Register to Receive Your Personal Pre-Release Copy of Internet Safari, Heartsoft's New Secure Internet Browser for Children BusinessWire

Games developer United Developers needs testers - again MacWorld.UK

Mac Reality Check: Should you install the Mac OS X public beta? Arizona Central

Inside OS X: New menus MacWeek

Road to Mac OS X: Impressions in Aqua MacCentral

Road to Mac OS X: Installing the public beta MacCentral

Thursday Sep 21, 2000

Is MacOS X for you ? iBook-User

iBook SE vs PC Laptops Comparison MacMonkey

systems: Indigo iBook G3/366 next-day for $1,495 dealmac

Review: I-JAM IJ-101 - I-JAM Multimedia MP3 player MacReviewZone

OS X: A Merging of Various Decades-Old Technologies. Does it Work? X Appeal.org


Wednesday Sep 20, 2000

Problem with iBook ethernet Go2Mac

peripherals: Hoodman E2000 PowerBook / iBook Sunshade for $33 dealmac

iBook vs. PowerBook: Which is the best buy? The iBook.com

Apple's OS X Looks Like a 10 Businessweek

iMovie Lesson Two: Adventures in Editing: Take Some Off the End, or Out of the Middle Using These Tricks Macworld

iMovie Lesson One: Importing Video and Sound Macworld

Road Hog: Road Hog Blues: iGnoring iBooks, sussing SmartSound and facing the music Creative Mac

Coming up on the Mac Show: Dr Tim Hillman, Ted Landau, Paul Kent & "What's My Product?"! The Mac Show

Famous People: Bike coach uses an iBook MacCentral

networking: Linksys Cable / DSL Router 4-port for $140 after rebate dealmac

OS X Public Beta First Impressions Go2Mac

Mac OS X Beta Initial Impressions Mac OS Planet


Tuesday Sep 19, 2000

The Paris iBooks - iBook vs. PowerBook Value Equation Shifts Dramatically MacOpinion

iBook vs PC Laptops Comparison: Revised! MacMonkey

peripherals: Princeton EO90 monitor 19in for $199 dealmac

storage: VST Blueberry 6GB USB portable USB drive for $200 dealmac

The Road Warrior Mailbag 9/19/00 MacOpinion

Reviews: Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri: Alien Crossfire Inside Mac Games


Monday Sep 18, 2000

Mac OS X Beta: Interface Tour MacWorld

No Regrets Keeper of the iBook

iBook Icons With An OS X Feel Mac Observer

MacWorld Expo Paris 2000: Audio and video on the new iBooks MacProf

A Look Inside the New iBook AccelerateYourMac

Japanese web site Suyama.co.jp has posted interior photos of the new iBook: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3,

iBook Developer Note Posted Go2Mac

Philips USB Mic Delayed, Griffin iMac due Soon Go2Mac

Apple posts keynote speech MacWorld.UK

Video CD player launched MacWorld.UK

Steve Jobs To iBook, 'You're Fired!': MacSpeedZone's iBook Information Page MacSpeedZone

upgrades: PNY 64MB PC100 SDRAM DIMM for $50 after rebate dealmac

storage: Maxtor DiamondMax 30GB EIDE for $130 dealmac

software: Street Atlas 6.0 for $40 shipped dealmac

iBook 2000 Preview: faster, DVD, iMovie 2.. very cool The iBook.com

More on iBook's AV Output Go2Mac

MacVCD 1.0 VersionTracker

Friday Sep 15, 2000

Week's Best iBook Ram Prices RamSeeker

Week's Best PowerBook & iBook Deals PowerBook Central

Loud iBook Colors, Tangerine to Lime Macinstein

PowerBook & iBook Specifications and Reviews Page - Comparing All The PowerBooks & iBooks From The 2300c/100 To The New G3/466 iBook 'Special Edition' MacSpeedZone

iBooks: After a Year and Two Revisions, Still Far from Perfect ThemeStream

Ad agency threatens Mac media: Chiat/Day's message to publications: If you publish Apple rumors, you'll lose Apple's business ZDNet News

Apple's strong-arm gambit: It's all about control ZDNet News


Thursday Sep 14, 2000

New iBooks Commentary Sampler Applelinks

iBook narrows consumer-pro gap: News analysis: With iBooks like these, who needs pro PowerBooks? ZDNet

[Comments] New iBooks: Cool Features, Ugly Color Applelinks

New iBook vs. PowerBook: The Real Deal The MacJunkie

New iBooks quietly sport enhanced IBM G3s Mac OS Rumors

In Depth: FireWire iBook MacNN

Why Buy a $2499 PowerBook 400 MHz Over a $1799 iBook 466 MHz? PowerBook Zone

New iBooks a Better Value? Low End Mac

Mac Reality Check: Finally! Apple unveils Mac OS X beta Arizona Central

Apple Expo 2000 - Waiting For New iBooks? The Wait Is Over (Updated) Mac Observer

Apple Expo 2000 - OS X Available For US$29.95 Via The Apple Store (Updated) Mac Observer


Wednesday Sep 13, 2000

Jobs Announces X Beta, iBooks, Radeon Option The MacJunkie

Apple Spruces Up IBooks Wired

Apple Computer Introduces Test Operating System and Two New iBook Laptops Bloomberg News

Apple introduces new iBooks dealmac

X Hits the Screen: Apple's Jobs Unveils New Mac OS X, Upgraded iBooks ABCNews

iBookList welcomes new iBook users! The Macintosh Guy

First Take On The Paris iBooks Applelinks

Straight from Apple: Complete iBook Press Release Applelinks

New iBook Models and Mac OS X Public Beta Applelinks

Apple Spruces Up IBooks Wired News

Jobs Announces X Beta, iBooks, Radeon Option The MacJunkie

Anticipation and Key Lime MacMonkey

New iBooks (w/256K On-Chip Cache), Radeon at BTO ($100), OS X on CD: AccelerateYourMac

New iBooks... Great Colors, Great Features Make for a Real Consumer Mac Laptop About

Apple Expo: iBooks get new colors, FireWire, and DVD MacCentral

Apple beefs up iBook with DVD, more storage CNET News

Jobs unveils upgraded iBook The Register U.K.

Apple announces three new iBooks Insanely-Great Mac!

Apple Unveils New iBook Line PR Newswire

Apple Releases Mac OS X Public Beta and Unveils New iBook Line Apple

Apple Releases Mac OS X Public Beta Apple

Apple Unveils New iBook Line Apple

Apple Expo Gallery Apple

Apple Expo 2000 Paris Apple

Jobs unveils new iBooks, OS X at Expo: The public beta of the next-generation OS will cost $29.99; the new consumer portables will top out at 466MHz and pack FireWire and DVD ZDNet News

Apple Paris Keynote Report: New iBooks and OS X Beta Mac OS Planet

MacWorld Expo Paris 2000: The new iBooks MacProf

New iBooks and OS X on CD Macinstein

New FireWire iBooks and OS X Beta at the Apple Store Go2Mac

Ted Landau, MacMedia Pro & John Martellaro on The Mac Show! Mac Show LIve


Tuesday Sep 12, 2000

OS X Icon collection for free download Spiffy Apps

Retailers confirm Apple Expo announcements Mac OS Rumors

Apple preps iBook revision at Apple Expo AppleInsider

Inside the public beta of Mac OS X ZD Net

Apple and Macworld will broadcast Expo Macworld.UK

Review: Mac OS in a Nutshell: My Turn:Low End Mac

The Road Warrior MailBag 9/12/00 MacOpinion

Report Magic 2.0 Version Tracker

Apple Expo Coverage Cube-Zone

storage: Iomega Zip 250 4pk for $40, 8pk for $80 dealmac

Guide to USB Gamepads Inside Mac Games


Monday Sep 11, 2000

storage: TDK 12x CD-R 100pk for $40 dealmac

upgrades: Lexar Universal USB Digital Film Reader hits $50 dealmac

Jobs' keynote will not be Webcast Macworld.UK

Major labels argue for Napster injunction Macworld.UK

systems: iBook G3/300 for $1,499, iBook SE G3/366 for $1,649 dealmac


Friday Sep 8, 2000

Famous People: From 'Boston Public' to 'Nightline' MacCentral

software: Unreal Tournament back in action for $25 dealmac

Week's Best iBook Ram Prices RamSeeker

Week's Best PowerBook & iBook Deals PowerBook Central

LaCie FireWire CD-RW drive: it's great! MacFixIt

GoLive Actions 5.0 Version Tracker

storage: Kingston 8x CD-R 50pk down to $14 next-day dealmac

storage: Yamaha 8x/8x/24x CD-RW EIDE falls to $167 dealmac

upgrades: 64MB EDO SIMMs down to $60 each dealmac

Mac OS 9.1 goes beta; Ordering Mac OS X beta MacFixIt


Thursday Sep 7, 2000

storage: Plextor PlexWriter 8x/4x/32x CD-RW EIDE for $185 dealmac

peripherals: iBag iBook carrying case falls to $29 dealmac

iBook and Airport Tops in Schools Go2Mac

GrabPac Pro for the iBook: new this September The iMac.com

Portable computers are part of everyday classes at more schools Star Tribune

IBM, Dell trail Apple in wireless laptop push CNET

$279 Airport Compatible Wireless Base Station with CATV/DSL Router Accelerate Your Mac

Kensington MouseWorks 5.50 Version Tracker

Iomega QuikSync 2.0.2 Version Tracker


Wednesday Sep 6, 2000

Home Automation, Photoshop 6 & Upgrading on The Mac Show! The Mac Show Live

storage: Yamaha 8x/8x/24x CD-RW EIDE for $175 dealmac

Eudora 5.0b22 Version Tracker

Virtual Game Station Macfever

Mac OS Tip of the Day: Try Some Advanced Sherlock Search Tips Emazing

Worker Bee is Apple Macinstein


Tuesday Sep 5, 2000

The ABCs of RGB: Choosing the right monitor technology for content creation Micro Publishing News

iMovie Lesson One: Importing Video and Sound Macworld

VCDGear 1.6b Version Tracker

Default Folder 3.0.7 Version Tracker

Bombs Away 1.0.0 Version Tracker

UTilities for Unreal Tournament 2.5.1 Version Tracker

The Road Warrior Mailbag 9/5/00 MacOpinion

storage: Generic CD-R media 50pk for $9 dealmac

storage: Iomega Zip 100 5pk down to $30 after rebate dealmac

upgrades: PNY 64MB PC100 SDRAM DIMM for $60 after rebate dealmac

Intel and 802.11 Go2Mac

Another Microsoft Security Breach Go2Mac


Friday Sep 1, 2000

Forward Migration: All girls school goes iBook MacCentral

Week's Best iBook Ram Prices RamSeeker

Week's Best PowerBook & iBook Deals PowerBook Central

Video Editing Basic: Part 3 of 5 - Editing Movie Mac

(Macinosh) MP3 server launched MacWorld.UK

Apple Confidential: Putting Lipstick On A Chicken - The Day Apple Lost World Domination! MacSpeedZone

peripherals: Monsoon MM1000 flat-panel speakers ship for $135 dealmac

How to Setup a LAN MacInstruct

Minimize the Toolbar Size Emazing

Macster 1.0pr5.5 Version Tracker

Symantec NAV virus def Sept Version Tracker


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