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 Month of October 1999

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SATURDAY Oct 30, 1999

First-Ever Mac OS 9 and iBook Educational Sessions to be Offered at MACWORLD EXPO Macs Only

Digital Edge: iBook File Transfer Solution MacCentral


FRIDAY Oct 29, 1999

iBook's appeal deeper than looks Cox News Service

Apple's Colorful Fashion Statement Mobile Computing Macs and iMac DV's slowly trickling into Canada ehMac

iBooks Begin To Arrive In United Kingdom iBook Planet

iBook con corbata Macuarium

Apple's Colorful Fashion Statement Mobile Computing

Week's Best PowerBook & iBook Deals PowerBook Central

Apple TIL: Wall Street, Lombard, and iBook for Voice Mail/Speakerphone O'Grady's PowerPage

iBook Keyboard Woes O'Grady's PowerPage

iBook Shipping Status O'Grady's PowerPage

AppleCare Tech Info Library :

MOD 16168 PowerBook and iBook : AC Adapter, Battery, and Recharger Identification

MOD 58416 iBook : Location and Funtion of Reset Button

MOD 14449 PowerBook and iBook : Restting Power Manager

The New AppleCare-Dan Knight Mac Musings (If you're getting a New iBook we reccomend reading this !)

Italy Taxes Airport iBook2Day


THURSDAY Oct 28, 1999

Sleep Problem Answers iBook Zone

iBook Modem/Speaker phone Til iBook Zone

Rev. B. iBook update MacOSRumors

My iBook Is Like A... O'Grady's PowerPage

iBook set for UK launch MacWorld UK

Toilet Seat, Purse Or Must-Have Notebook? ZDTV

iBook launches in Singapore this weekend iMac Newspage

The Pierce Perspective: Future iBook Wish List Mac Discussion

WEDNESDAY Oct 27, 1999

Custom iBooks Anyone? iBook Planet

I Need an iBook Pronto! O'Grady's PowerPage

iBook's Influence Evident At The Tokyo Motor Show 1999 Applelinks

Wireless Networking Q & A (from:MacResource/Macsurfer) Vicomsoft

AppleCare Tech Info Library :

NEW 25034 PowerBook G3 Series, iBook: Voice Mail/Speakerphone Compatibility

Revision B. iBook in the Works ! iBook-User

An Apple Ready for Hard Knocks BusinessWeek

Update: Hands on the iBook You can use the F1-F12 keys. Update explains how. The iBook Page

More From : AppleCare Tech Info Library :

MOD 30929 Mac OS: Extensions Troubleshooting/Extensions Manager Features

MOD 20881 Iomega Zip Drive: Troubleshooting FAQ

MOD 60620 AppleWorks 5.0.4: Read Me

MOD 60440 AirPort Base Station: Description

MOD 58414 AirPort Wireless Communications: FAQ - Part 1 of 3

MOD 58415 AirPort Wireless Communications: FAQ - Part 2 of 3

MOD 60422 AirPort Wireless Communications: FAQ - Part 3 of 3

Observer Call: Apple's PR Firm Seeking "Non-Typical" iBook User, Quick! The MacObserver

More iBook International Comments iBook Zone

iBook Sleep Cycling Problem iBook Zone

Fragile Keys on iBooks O'Grady's PowerPage

iBook Boots Linux Slashdot


TUESDAY Oct 26, 1999

Macworld Doesn't Get It Either AppleLinks

AirPort gears up for liftoff MacWEEK

Apple says Taiwan quake delayed components YaHoo Biz

Three distinct takes on the iBook AppleLinks

iBook's biggest flaw Mac Junkie

FireWire Lurking on iBook Motherboard O'Grady's PowerPage

iBook and iMac DV: need more RAM MacFixIt

iBook Boots Linux PC Linux Today (very technical)

iBook Begins Shipping Internationally iBook Zone

MONDAY Oct 25, 1999

AirPort gears up for liftoff MacWEEK

CompUSA's Computer Confirms November 10th AirPort System Arrival iBook Planet

Focus on Mac Hardware: The iMac and the iBook as Gifts for the Holidays About.com

iBook: Big, Heavy Portable Offers Lots Of Style But Limited Substance (Review) Macworld

Restoring Dead Pixels On The iBooks Screen iBook Planet

Poll What Factor Caused You to Not Get an iBook ? iBook-User

Results Of Last Weeks Poll #4 : iBook-User

Reader Says Good iBook Service iBook Zone

Real Life Shootout: iBook vs Lombard MacProvider


SATURDAY Oct 23, 1999

Weighing the iBook's pros, cons MacWEEK

Nanosaur 1.1.7 Updated Version Tracker

How Will the iBook Hold Up? Reader Gives Hands on Review iBook Zone

Apple's AirPort vs. Intel's AnyPoint Home Network Think Secret


FRIDAY Oct 22, 1999

AirPort finally ready to rock MacOSRumors

AirPort Is Done, Shipping Soon! iBook Zone

(iBook) Battery Problem/Power Manager Tip iBook Zone

iBook: SuperSize It! O'Grady's PowerPage

Hands On: The iBook The iBook Page (A review)

News of the world: Inside the iBook MacWEEK

Reader's Letters: iBook repair, loose keyboard, Booting from a USB Drive... iMacInTouch

iBooks Continue To Arrive At Third Party Dealers iBook Planet

Cooper G3 In iBook Helps The iBook Stay Cool & Run Longer iBook Planet

Poll: Have you received your iBook yet? iBook2Day


THURSDAY Oct 21, 1999

Troubleshooting Outlook Express 5.0 MacFixIt

Here Come the New iMacs, iBooks and OS 9 ZDNet AnchorDesk

Checking Out Apple's New iBook; Apple's new laptop is a pleasure to use but not made for travel San Francisco Chronicle

Editor's Note : Many of our readers who wrote in about our current poll, asking about Video out on the iBook, your concerns will be addressed in our Next Poll next Monday the 25th ! Thank you for reminding us !

iBook Does Use 10x CPUs iBook Zone

More AppleCare Tech Info Library updates :

MOD 20233 Macintosh Computers: 8x-Speed (or faster) CD-ROM Drive & Vibration

MOD 43015 Transferring Information Between Computers via Ethernet

iBook: A Review of Reviews Mac Opinion

Road Warrior Mailbag Mac Opinion (The iBook Hard Drive gets Tested)

iBooks and new iMacs: USB problem appears significant: a follow-up MacFixIt

PowerBooks and iBooks: Price and Bundle Tracker PowerBook Central


WEDNESDAY Oct 20, 1999

iBook Rev. B with Memory Stick? O'Grady's PowerPage

Tips/Discussion: Mac OS 9 issues noted MacInTouch

Retailers clear decks for iMacs, iBook MacWEEK Online

OS9 on iBook iBook Help

iBook, iMac To Be One The Hottest Halloween Customes Of The Year Mac OS Planet

OS 9 To Be Included With All iBooks Shipped After Oct. 23rd iBook Planet

iBook TuneUp- Mystic Room, has already had the new iBook's clock speed bumped to 400MHz.

PC Sales Ranking in Japan, Business Computer News(BCN) showed the latest PC sales rankings, Surprisingly Apple products occupied more than 50% of the sales share. Nine of the top ten desktops were the iMac series. Yes, the other one also Apple PowerMacG4! Japan Apple Watch

iBook Overclocking Instructions Posted iBook Zone

Outpost.com, Others Chip Away at iBook Backorders iBook Zone

iBook and USB Problems iBook Zone

Demo Days schedule Apple Hot News


TUESDAY Oct 19, 1999

iBook TuneUp- According to Mystic Room, Mr. Tak has already had his new iBook's clock speed bumped to 400MHz. He also introduced the resistors setting on the motherboard and a benchmark result on his page.

How To Keep Your iBooks Case Clean: Special Tips iBook Planet

More AppleCare Tech Info Library updates :

MOD 58416 iBook: Location and Function of Reset Button

MOD 60427 iBook: Upgrading Memory

MOD 58349 Extended Startup Time After Memory Upgrade

NEW 58482 iBook: Improper Wake From Sleep When Booted From CD

More Resellers Shipping, Low Quantities iBook Zone

Cool iBook Headphones iBook Zone

MONDAY Oct 18, 1999

Clock Your iMac's Or iBook's G3 Up A Notch Mac Observer

The Webmaster Speaks: I decided to cancel my iBook order, but... thanks Outpost! Mac Militia

AppleWorks: Font Smoothing Changes Font Spacing Apple Care Tech Info Library

What would You like to see
Improved/Upgraded on the iBook? iBook-User

Results Of Our Last Poll : iBook-User


FRIDAY Oct 15, 1999

Recording Sounds on iBook iBook Zone

iBook Ordering, Shipping Stats iBook Zone


THURSDAY Oct 14, 1999

NEW 58448 iBook: How to Record Sounds

Apple Explains iBook Delay O'Grady's PowerPage

iBook Availability (Quakes and Tremors) O'Grady's PowerPage

Apple Fiscal Year Earnings & iBook/iMac Orders MacOS Commerce

iREZ Video Product Overview MacSimple

Apple explains two sleep problems with iBooks MacFixIt

Schools Going Wireless O'Grady's PowerPage



WEDNESDAY Oct 13, 1999

iBook Reader Reviews Galore iBook Planet

MOD 24973 AppleWorks 5.x: Error Printing Fax Cover Sheet 3 Apple Tech Info Library

Sears 'Slashes' iBook Price In New Ad iBook Planet

According To CompUSA: AirPort To Be In Stores November 10 iBook Planet


TUESDAY Oct 12, 1999

Apple Japan announces iMac, iBook availability schedule MacNN

Apple Slumps, But Core Solid Wired

We Can Ship All of iMac, iBook on Oct. 16: Apple Executive AsiaBizTech

iBook Availability (Comes in Twos) O'Grady's PowerPage

Apple (quietly) Reposts iBook Dev Note O'Grady's PowerPage

Display scarcity spurs iBook shortage News.com

Want To See What Your iBook Looks Like Inside? Applelinks.com

iBook Purchase Feedback from Readers Applelinks.com

iBook: New Apple TILs O'Grady's PowerPage

Adesso iMouse Mac USB

iBook Review Washington Post

Tangerine Production Problems Confirmed by Apple Rep iBook Zone

iBook DVD Followup iBook Zone (An article on How CD-Rom's drives Don't play DVD's )


MONDAY Oct 11, 1999

iBook and Airport Networking MacNN

11 Mbit/Sec Wireless PC Card for PowerBooks Available! Power Book Zone

iBooks at CompUSA: A Botched Launch? iBook Zone

iMac, iBook and USB News iMacInTouch

iBook reader report MacInTouch

iBook DVD clarifications Mac OS Rumors

CompUSA's iBook Situation NoBeige.com

More Apple Tech Info Library updates :

NEW 58480 iBook: When to Use the Escape Key During Startup

iBook Fails In Every Category? I think not! MacProvider

LAWRENCE MAJID: The Apple iBook Los Angeles Syndicate

Close, But No PowerBook - New iBook's Price Right, But Design is Lacking ABCNews

New laptop is an Apple of their i San Francisco Examiner

Review of using an iBook with an AirPort wireless card Macintosh News Network


FRIDAY Oct 8, 1999

Poll: What's Your Favorite iBook Feature? iBook-User

iBook List subscriber Brian Caslis has posted very detailed instructions and large step-by-step photos that shows how to upgrde and replace the iBook's 3.2 gig Hard drive iBook Hard Drive Page

To AirPort or Not to AirPort Mac-Tips

iBook Faster Then We Thought: New MacBench 5 Scores iBook Planet

It's About Time: Large Quantities Of iBook At CompUSA iBook Planet

Problems With Tangerine iBooks Shipping iBook Zone


THURSDAY Oct 7, 1999

Tips/Discussion: Apple TIL re: digital CD Audio ... MacInTouch

Where's My iBook? O'Grady's PowerPage

Apple World: iBook, G4, Mac OS 9 arrive in Brazil MacCentral

Special Reports: iMacInTouch looks at iMac/iBook reset mechanisms MacInTouch

iBook, G4 and Mac OS 9 Arrive in Brazil During the Apple World" PR Newswire

iBook laptop has Cupertino's faithful customers hot and bothered" San Francisco Chronicle

iBook Fails In Every Category MacProvider

Better Late Than Never: Apple Expo Paris Pics; iBook Draws Crowd at Web Conference iBook Zone

More Apple Tech Info Library updates :

MOD 31011 PowerBook, iBook: Using with Mobile Cellular Phones

MOD 58477 Using Startup Manager to Select Startup Device

MOD 14870 Memory Configurations: Portables & PowerBook

Apple Posts Two More Important TILs iBook Zone



WEDNESDAY Oct 6, 1999

Cool New iMac and iBook Commercials Online! TheiMac.com

Almost Up-to-Date? NoBeige.com

The CompUSA Backroom NoBeige.com

NetRouter and iBook MacFixIt

iBook: Embossed Image on Battery Cover Apple Tech Info Library

iBook: Where to Find Nanosaur Apple Tech Info Library

Apple's OS up-to-date page Apple (Upgrade to OS 9 (for 19.95!)

iBook Hard Drives: xlr8yourmac

The new iBook icon set ID's iBooks

Apple Takes Stand on Mac OS Up-To-Date for iBook, Others iBook Zone

Apple Sets Colorful Trend With Design of Portable, Peppy iBook L.A. Times


TUESDAY Oct 5, 1999

Wake from sleep and 'Multiprocessing files MacFixIt

iBook Reader Review: Falling in love... The iMac.com

iBook rush at Sears stores around the country The iMac.com

iBook at Sears, King of Prussia O'Grady's PowerPage

Setting Up An iBook Lab-Part 1 iBook Planet

Most recent collection of Apple Tech Info Library updates :

NEW 58438 iBook: Description of Charging Contacts on Underside

NEW 58335 iBook: Read Me

MOD 58416 iBook: Location and Function of Reset Button

NEW 58455 iBook: Description of Metal Tabs in Display Hinge Area

MOD 60432 iBook: How Programmable Function Keys work

MOD 58463 iBook: Information on Sound Capabilities


MONDAY Oct 4, 1999

iBooks at Sears MacFixIt

Sears iBook availability field reports TheiMac.com

iBook Battery Cover Bubbles: It's Just A Design iBook Planet

Apple Sets Colorful Trend With Design of Portable, Peppy iBook Los Angeles Times

Update: Memory is here! See how to install a memory module in your iBook! A pictoral, step-by-step guide iBookHelp

Win an iBook During Computer Learning Month iBookHelp

Full-length Reader iBook Review iBook Zone

iBook: Description of Metal Tabs in Display Hinge Area Apple Tech Info Library

Special Reports: The iBook experiences page has letters from several readers who bought the rare laptops at Sears stores...Macintouch

Update: iBooks at Sears - get 'em while you can! The iMac.com

Observer Reports Buying iBook At Sears (In Stock) And Receiving 10% Discount Mac Observer

iBooks Arrive at SEARS! (Immediate availability) The iMac.com


WEEKEND of Oct 2-3, 1999

iBook: Incorrect Version Number Printed on Restore and Install CD

Apple Tech Info Library

How Fast Is The iBook?-System Benchmarks Posted iBook Planet

iBook's Abundant @ Sears, Resellers NOT Happy... MacLedge

iBook: First Impressions of a Gamer MacLedge

MacProvider.com covers more early defects of the iBook including a top-heaviness that forces it to tip backwards and a weak screen joint that can cause the screen to collapse inadvertently.


FRIDAY Oct 1, 1999

Apple's iBook inspires rainbow of laptops Associated Press

Mac Webmaster Boycotts Mac Coverage In Protest Of Kihei Actions Mac Observer

iBook 'lurve' ads on the Web Macworld U.K.

Road Warrior: Will iBook's Value Soften Used PowerBook Prices? MacOpinion


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