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Thursday Oct 26,2000

My iBook keyboard is broken ....When I first got my iBook just under a year ago I thought the keyboard seemed a little flimsy and at the time I wondered how long it would last... iBook-User

FastTrack Schedule 7.0 Version Tracker

Win a Palm m100 from dealnews! dealmac

software: BBEdit 6.0.1 Upgrade for $39 dealmac

Wednesday Oct 25,2000

The Apple of his iBook: For his first computer, comedian Phill Jupitus was seduced by a Mac iBook, which he uses to send pictures and keep in touch with his family while on tour... Independent News.uk

Radioactive Baby: KeyLime iBook Screenshots, iCandy!: OS X Screenshots , from an iBook-User reader!

Kevin Browne of Microsoft & Ted Landau of MacFixIt on The Mac Show! Mac Show Live

Apple posts IE Games Sprockets update Macworld.UK

Beginner's guide to online play of first-person shooters, published by our gaming site Macintosh News Network


Tuesday Oct 24,2000

Replacing the hard disk of an iBook

Apple Financing and "Support" May be Hazardous to Your Bank Account Applelinks

Why Is Apple Repair Giving Our Friend a Hard Time? Applelinks

More Reviews Of Paris iBook Performance Applelinks

Which Is Faster, The New 466MHz "FireWire" iBook SE or the 400MHz PowerBook Pismo? And Which Is The Better Buy? Bare Feats

Napster 1.0b1 released for Mac MacCentral

Napster 1.0b1 for Mac posted Macintosh News Network

storage: Maxtor 80GB FireWire back for $350 dealmac

peripherals: UMAX Astra 1600U scanner down to $49 dealmac

ICQ 2.2a1 - Chat & messaging client Version Tracker

Napster 1.0b1 - Official Napster client for Mac Version Tracker

Netscape Communicator 4.7.6 Version Tracker

Apple GameSprockets 1.7.5 v1.1 Version Tracker


Monday Oct 23,2000

PowerBook & iBook Help Guide PowerBook Central

Reviews: iBook SE MacUser

Run X on OS X for free! OS X Talk

Teaching A New Dock Old Tricks OS X Talk

Lights, Camera, Mac: In Using iMovie To Make Home Movies, The Type Of Camera Makes All The Difference MacReviewZone

First Look: Microsoft Office:mac 2001Go2Mac

Griffin Releases iMic Go2Mac


Friday Oct 20,2000

Today's Lowest RAM Prices as of: Friday, 20-Oct-2000 RamSeeker

Week's Best PowerBook & iBook Deals PowerBook Central

storage: QPS Que! 4x/4x/8x CD-RW USB down to $201 after rebate dealmac

Review: SoundJam MP Plus 2.5.1 About This Particular Macintosh

Less Tangible: X Marks the Problem MacOpinion

storage: QPS Que! 4x/4x/8x CD-RW USB down to $210 after rebate dealmac

Thursday Oct 19,2000

The 'public' part of Mac OS X Public Beta, pt. 1 MacEdition

Just a Beta AppleLust

More QT 5 Preview Feedback Accelerate Your Mac!

More Modem Updater 2.0 Feedback Accelerate Your Mac!

software: Civilization II: Gold Edition for $15 dealmac

MarketSource has recently sent Hire Announcements for the Holiday Demo Days Macintosh News Network  

Wednesday Oct 18,2000

iBrotha, Dr Farallon, Blizzard and "What's My Product?" on The Mac Show!

Apple Posts Modem Updater 2.0 Go2Mac

Apple Modem Updater 2.0 improves stability, performance MacCentral

The Well-Healed Mac: Microsoft Office 2001 proves itself Mac-friendly Arizona Central

New Modem Updater; New iBook Spec.; From Apple Applelinks

A Legal Napster Substitute? Applelinks


Tuesday Oct 17,2000

iBrotha, Dr Farallon, Blizzard and "What's My Product?" on The Mac Show!

Apple Offers Larger HD on iBook TheMacMind

Education majors first to have wireless classroom BYU NewsNet

The Road Warrior Mailbag: Paris iBook speed MacOpinion

storage: Sony Spressa i.Link 10x/4x/32x CD-RW FireWire for $306  dealmac

peripherals: Lexpro three-piece flat panel speakers for $30  dealmac

software: Civilization II conquers for $6 dealmac


Monday Oct 16,2000

Latest Ibook Shines, Especially For Video Editing Jobs Chicago Tribune

storage: QPS Que! 12x/10x/32x CD-RW FireWire for $337 after rebate dealmac

peripherals: Monsoon iM700 speaker system for $100 after rebate dealmac

upgrades: 64MB PC66 SDRAM DIMM upgrades for $44 dealmac

The FireWire iBook and PowerPC 750CX Low End Mac

peripherals: UMAX Astra 3400 next-day for $100 dealmac

Outlook Email Archive 1.9.9  Version Tracker

Back to Claris Home Page 3.0: From Adobe GoLive 5.0: Sorry Adobe.. Behold the Rage

MacOS X: Aqua Critiqued osOpinion

Apple Posts Mac OS X Public Beta Survey Mac OS Planet

Apple Launches Huge Demo Day Event In Preparation For Holidays Mac OS Planet


Friday Oct 13,2000

Today's Lowest RAM Prices as of: Friday, 13-Oct-2000 RamSeeker

Week's Best PowerBook & iBook Deals PowerBook Central


Thursday Oct 12,2000

Mac OS X: part II -The Installation and first look iBook-User

CNET Labs tests the iBook 366 and iBook SE 466 CNET

 OS X galvanizes modern Macs Macweek


Wednesday Oct 11,2000

The Book Steve Jobs Doesn't want you to read ! iBook-User

Macworld Labs and 3Cube on The Mac Show! Mac Show Live

May I Have the Envelope, Please? Forbes (about iMovie) 

Apple iBook SE (Graphite) CNET

QuickTime 5's Aquafied Interface The MacJunkie

Out now! Aqua QuickTime 5 for OS 9 Macworld UK

Road Warrior: Paris iBook Value Equation Revisited MacOpinion

Are The G3e (750cx) Chips In The Paris iBooks Really Slower? Applelinks

Connectix Virtual Game Station 1.4.1 VersionTracker

Apple QuickTime 5.0a5 VersionTracker

ACTION Menus 1.01 VersionTracker


Tuesday Oct 10,2000

New IBooks Slower? Not So Fast Wired

I Love My iBook, but I Miss My SE My First Mac Low End Mac

peripherals: The Blaster 12-oz. Pressurized Canned Air sprays for $2 dealmac

Endless Optical Options Go2Mac

QuickTime Live! Keynote: Tues, Oct 10, 10:30 AM PT: Phil Shiller Apple

All Mac Considered: October Surprise Applelust

Apple dishes up public preview of QuickTime 5 CNET

Getting Most of the Classic Finder Back Grandpanjandrum

Increase Unreal Tournament framerate on your iBook iBook Gamer (listed under 8/30/00)


Monday Oct 09,2000

Hands on the FireWire iBook Low End Mac

Office 2001 for the Mac on the street! The iMac.com

Baldur's Gate 1.0.2 MacGameFiles

QuickTime Live! October 9-12, 2000 Apple

QuickTime Live! opens in LA Macworld.UK

The Truth About the New G3 Low End Mac


Friday Oct 06,2000

iBook: Portable Stereo MacMonkey

Week's Best iBook Ram Prices RamSeeker

Week's Best PowerBook & iBook Deals PowerBook Central

The Next Generation of the Mac: X The Washington Post

New Alsoft DiskWarrior boots MP G4s, iBooks MacCentral

Wash Post: OS X potential outweighs flaws MacCentral

The readers speak: OS X directories MacWeek

MacMAME 0.37b8 Macgamefiles

Quake 3 for Mac OS X 1.1.7 Macgamefiles

Virtual Game Station Demo Macgamefiles


Thursday Oct 05,2000

A Fork In The River - Upgrade The WallStreet Or Buy A New iBook? MacOpinion

systems: Refurbished iBook G3/300 down to $1,199 dealmac

storage: Maxtor 30GB FireWire for $245 dealmac

Virtual iBook Tutorials from Apple Go2Mac

Symantec Norton Utilities 6.0b45 Version Tracker

FWB CD-ROM Toolkit 4.0.1b Version Tracker

OS Xing: AirPort for Mac OS X Public Beta MacWeek


Wednesday Oct 04,2000

iBook Book Review: "Mac OS 9: The Missing Manual" iBook-User

Chris Breen, Bob Levitus, Van Ling & User Group Focus on The Mac Show! Mac Show Live

The readers speak: Using OS X MacWeek


Tuesday Oct 03,2000

AppleCare Tech Info Library

106025 Mac OS X Public Beta: Reinstalling Mac OS 9

Exclusive Reviews & Previews: Microsoft Office 2001 for Mac MacWorld.uk

Is the Mac OS X Public Beta Damaging Hard Drives? Mac Night Owl

My Turn: Improving OS X Low End Mac

Use AirPort in MacOS X MacSlash

AirPort Works In Mac OS X Public Beta! Mac OS Planet

Macs in Action: Making Science Sizzle with iMovie Apple

peripherals: Logitech Mouseman Wheel Optical for $41 shipped dealmac

Mac VCD 1.6 offers new features Macintosh Resource Page


Monday Oct 02,2000

Apple announces Web seminars MacWorld.uk

How to Take Screenshots MacInstruct

peripherals: Diamond Rio 600 32MB down to $154  dealmac

storage: Hypermedia 8x CD-R media 50pk next-day for $12 dealmac

software: Microsoft Office 20001 Upgrade ships for $255 dealmac


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