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 Month of November 1999

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TUESDAY Nov 30, 1999

Audio Input for iBooks O'Grady's PowerPage

AirPort Base Station: Manual and CD come with incorrect instructions for forced reload of firmware MacFixIt

Setting up AirPort Base Station without an AirPort-Ready Mac MacFixIt

iBook keyboard key caps falling off?: a do-it-yourself fix? MacFixIt

Learn How To Backup Your iBook At Tonights iBookPlanet/About.com Chat iBook Planet

Swissonic Ready to Ship Audio Solution for USB Macs! MacRocks

Mac sales in Japan (Nov 8-14) - iBook top-selling computer in Japan iMac NewsPage

Stuck in an AirPort Time

Time has posted an article on AirPort Macintosh News Network

iMac2Day begins tracking AirPort problems Macintosh News Network

No recall of Mac OS 9 MacWEEK


MONDAY Nov 29, 1999

Lap candy: The iBook is a silicon-hearted scream for attention if ever there was one San Jose Mercury News

Reader Report - AirPort Problems iMac2Day

No recall of Mac OS 9 Maccentral

MacFixIt Reports updated; new items in Troubleshooting Mac OS 9 MacFixIt

iBook keyboard key caps falling off? MacFixIt

Airport Performance analysis MacInTouch

Mac OS 9 'recall' update MacOS Rumors

iBook Icons! NoBeige

Hot New Teen Trend? NoBeige

AirPort Base Station TILs O'Grady's PowerPage

Sawtooth, iMac DV, and iBook can now boot LinuxPPC O'Grady's PowerPage

iStrap Feedback and Alternatives O'Grady's PowerPage

Airport/WaveLAN Encryption Compatibility O'Grady's PowerPage

iBooks at the Apple Store O'Grady's PowerPage

Flash Different: Ibook Coyote Ram Applelinks

Giveaways: Mac OS 9 SemperMac

AirPort Review: Part II MacInTouch

Minuet (Mac OS 9.0.1) Surfaces Internally AppleInsider

AppleWorks 6.0 Uncovered and Exposed! AppleInsider

RE:Active's iStrap coming soon! iBook-User

Final iBook Planet iCoolPad Winners Announced iBook Planet

No USB Audio Yet? iBook Zone

Full iStrap Press Release iBook Zone

iBooks in Chile iBook Zone

OS 9 "recall" rumor seeped in confusion MacOS Rumors

Conflicting reports about Apple recalling Mac OS 9 MacInTouch

Week's Best PowerBook & iBook Deals PowerBook Central

Ask Dave: Epson Printer Driver Crashes, Mac OS 9 RAM, and Finder Delays Mac Observer

iMac vs. iBook: The Happy Dilemma Applelinks

AppleCare Tech Info Library :

NEW 58511 AirPort Base Station: Installing in a Multiple User Environment

NEW 58529 AirPort Base Station: Internet Application Timeout Error Discussion

NEW 58534 AirPort Base Station: Configuring for Tone or Pulse Dialing

MOD 60517 Mac OS 9: What's New - Drive Setup 1.8.1

MOD 58502 AirPort Base Station: How To Perform a Forced Reload

MOD 18237 DHCP: What Is It?

Airport Review O'Grady's PowerPage

Blueberry iBook outsells PC competitors, PC Data still clueless Daily iMac


WEDNESDAY Nov 24, 1999

Shoulder Strap for iBooks Coming O'Grady's PowerPage

Sears Sales Strategies for Buyers O'Grady's PowerPage

Win An iBook ! in the :CNET Holiday Wish Sweepstakes ! iBook-User

CNET Holiday Buying Guide - Features iBook for Editor's Choice CNET

Why I chose iMac over iBook iMac Channel

NEW 58532 AirPort: About Airport

NEW 58530 AirPort: Difference Between DSSS and FHSS


TUESDAY Nov 23, 1999

Apple's iBook tops notebook sales CNET News

iBook is #1! MacOS Rumors

TIL articles: FAXstf and OS 9; vertical tracking problem in mice; more MacFixIt

iBook is number one! MacFixIt

Move Over Dell & Toshiba, Here Comes The iBook! Apple Claims 11% Of Portable Market Mac Observer

iBook takes top slot in US retail sales The Register U.K.

Apple's iBook Outsells Rivals at Retail - PC Data Reuters

iBook is the BEST selling laptop, and there's more The iMac.com

iBook In-depth: Airport and Software TheiMac.com

Airport Wireless Networking report debuts MacInTouch

iMacs, iBooks Tops in Consumer's Mind NoBeige.com

Apple TIL: Mouse Loses Tracking In One Axis NoBeige.com

iBook Number One in US O'Grady's PowerPage

Airport Cards Laid Out Like Solitaire O'Grady's PowerPage

AirPort Wireless Networking Review: Part I" MacInTouch

AppleCare Tech Info Library :

MOD 25067 FAXstf: Restoring And Using It With Mac OS 9

MOD 31123 QuickTime 4: Troubleshooting Browser Plug-Ins

NEW 58524 iBook: No Networking Services When Booted From CD


MONDAY Nov 22, 1999

iBook is Number One Selling Consumer Portable in U.S. PR Newswire

Apple's iBook tops notebook sales CNET News.com

iBook is Number One Selling Consumer Portable in U.S. Apple

iBook #1 U.S. Consumer Portable Accelerate Your Mac!

USB VideoCams with Mic: Feedback iBook Zone

Jonathan Ive's Mysterious iBook Design Comment iBook Zone

Sears' Upcoming Deals iBook Zone

Blueberry iBook #1 in October, says PC Data Macintosh News Network

iBook 'em, Danno! O'Grady's PowerPage

More About AirPort Encryption O'Grady's PowerPage

iBook TIL: CD-ROM Boot No Network O'Grady's PowerPage

Popular Science Touts iBook as Best Tech Achievement in '99 O'Grady's PowerPage


FRIDAY Nov 19, 1999

Webb School to buy over 100 iBooks MacCentral

iBook in the Workplace iBook Zone

Videoconferencing Questions iBook Zone

Nasty iBook Trick iBook Zone

OpenGL 1.1.2/iBook Performance AccelerateYour Mac!

AirPort Encryption Not Universal O'Grady's PowerPage

More Airport TILs O'Grady's PowerPage

Last Chance To Win An iCoolpad iBook Planet

Still No iBooks At CDW iBook Planet

Where Oh Where Are The iStrap & iMic? iBook Planet

AppleCare Tech Info Library :

NEW 25058 Mac OS 8.6: Crash With Password Security and Japanese Language Kit

NEW 25057 Mac OS 9: Incorrect Version for CD Update 2.0

MOD 60536 Mac OS 9: Unsupported Mac OS Technologies

NEW 25060 AppleWorks: 'MacLink Import Translators' File Appears On Hard Drive

NEW 25059 AppleWorks 5: 'The file "QuickHelp" couldn't be found' Error


THURSDAY Nov 18, 1999

Reader AirPort Experience iBook Zone

Mac OS 9 and Multiple Users: multiple problems MacFixIt

Apple TIL articles: Office 4.2 and Mac OS 9 MacFixIt

Password Security on an iBook MacFixIt

MacInTouch has a note about creating a software based base station with an iBook and an iMac DV SE, without an Airport card.

iRez Kritter USB camera to ship late November MacNN

Chips Ahoy! iBook Sweepstakes O'Grady's PowerPage



WEDNESDAY Nov 17, 1999

AirPort Networking MacNN

Mac OS Tip of the Day: Slow Screen Redraw Fix Tip About.com

AirPort Setup Poll - Did You Have Any Trouble Setting Up Your AirPort Network? iBook Planet

Good iBook Deal from MacZone PowerBook Central

Reader report on AirPort base station use with Farallon Skyline card Macintosh News Network

Apple TIL re: AirPort troubleshooting MacInTouch

iBook and PowerBook Shipping Status O'Grady's PowerPage

Wireless Internet Slowly Rolling Out O'Grady's PowerPage

Bugdom 1.0.4 Updater Version Tracker

MicroCenter Aftermath Continued O'Grady's PowerPage

Inside the AirPort Base Station O'Grady's PowerPage

The AirPort and iBook Report updated again MacFixIt

New Poll: Have You or Will You be Installing OS 9 on Your iBook ? iBook-User

Results of our last poll: What Factor Caused You to Not Get an iBook ? iBook-User

Two AirPort-related Tech Info Library articles have been posted Macintosh News Network

AirPort Cards and Base Stations Seen Briefly at MicroCenter O'Grady's PowerPage


TUESDAY Nov 16, 1999

AirPort Base Station Revealed iBook Zone

StuffIt 5.5 Mac OS 9 compatible, but not free Maccentral

A new Apple TIL article describes confusing AirPort configuration glitches MacInTouch

AppleCare Tech Info Library :

New 58520 AirPort Utility: Verifying Base Station is Set for PPP

New 58518 AirPort Utility 1.0: Tips for Use

TIL articles on AirPort describe default settings and how to reset firmware MacFixIt

Airport Picture Gallery iBook Zone

MONDAY Nov 15, 1999

More from the AppleCare Tech Info Library :

New 58510 AirPort: Base Station Extras Folder Contents

New 58509 AirPort Base Station: Factory Default Settings and How to Reset

New 58517 PowerBook: Keyboard Does Not Recognize Multiple Keys Held Down

New 58516 iBook: Wireless Antenna Placement When Not Used

MOD 58502 AirPort Base Station: Performing a Hardware Reset (Forced Reload)

MOD 58403 Mac OS 8.6: USB Printer Compatibility

MOD 25038 Mac OS 8.6: Cannot Save AppleShare Login Password

MOD 58504 AirPort Base Station: Setup Assistant 1.0 tips

MOD 58450 iBook: What To Do When It Won't Run on Battery

Troubleshooting Mac OS 9 MacFixIt Report updated with new reports MacFixIt

iBook and AirPort MacFixIt Report updated with new items on Airport MacFixIt

Bugdom crash with virtual memory on reported by Pangea MacFixIt

iBook, iMac/350 availability still constrained MacInTouch

Iomega announces USB CD-RW drive MacInTouch

Tekserve Airport Demo Day O'Grady's PowerPage

Outpost Shipping More? iBook Zone

Reader iBook First Impressions iBook Zone

My iBook got hurt bad... but I still love it! MacMilitia

iBook Availability O'Grady's PowerPage

Microcenter Aftermath (20% off iBook's) O'Grady's PowerPage


FRIDAY Nov 12, 1999

This Week's - AppleCare Tech Info Library updates :

iBook Software :

MOD 24292 FAXstf: "Set To Answer" Conflict With America Online

MOD 24480 FAXstf: Not Picking Up Fax Phone Calls

MOD 24647 FAXstf: 5.0.4 Updater Read Me

MOD 24784 iMac and iBook: World Book Encyclopedia Serial Number

NEW 25047 AppleWorks 5: Creating and Printing Labels

MOD 60284 AppleWorks 5: Cannot Open a Microsoft Word Document

Mac OS 8.6.1 & OS 9 :

MOD 58403 Mac OS 8.6: USB Printer Compatibility

MOD 60489 Mac OS 9: About Mac OS 9.0

MOD 60492 Mac OS 9: Installing the Mac OS

MOD 60556 Mac OS 9: Late-Breaking Tips

NEW 60665 Mac OS 9: Includes Battery Updater Functionality

MOD 6055 Mac OS 9: Multiple Users - Owner Name Or Password Change

NEW 60660 Mac OS 9: Remote Access Dials Automatically When Opening Network Browser

NEW 60657 Mac OS 9: Location Manager and Multiple Users

MOD 6816 Mac OS: Preferences Folder

MOD 60653 Mac OS 9: Multiple Users - Startup Items Folder Is Not Configurable By Restricted Users

Other :

NEW 25049 Mac OS: DHCP Issues With Open Transport 2.5.1 and 2.5.2

NEW 60670 Mac OS: Finder Preferences for Mac OS 8 and Later OS Releases

MOD 60649 At Ease 5.0.x: Is Not Qualified With iMac, iBook, Power Mac G4 Models

MOD 31116 USB Cable: Maximum Cable Length

Airport :

MOD 58501 AirPort: Supported Internet Service Providers

MOD 60440 AirPort Base Station: Description

NEW 58504 AirPort Base Station: Setup Assistant 1.0 tips

NEW 58508 AirPort Base Station: LED Behavior

NEW 58506 AirPort Base Station: How to Manually Hang Up Modem

NEW 58500 AirPort Card Not For Use in Standard PC Card Slot

NEW 58507 AirPort: What is DHCP and Why Do I Need to Know?

NEW 58503 AirPort Base Station: Character Limit for User Name and Password

MOD 58505 AirPort Base Station: Enter DNS Information During Setup

wireless cards work with AirPort?, PowerBook Zone


THURSDAY Nov 11, 1999

Happy AirPort Customer iBook Zone

Fixing Slow iBook Startup iBook Zone

Mac OS 9 Fixes Some USB Problems? iBook Zone

Cheaper AirPort...Here's How iBook Zone

Review: The Little iBook Book MacTIPS


WEDNESDAY Nov 10, 1999

Editors Note: It's been a busy week We just got our iBook from Sears and finished moving our web site to another Host and server.

AirPort Base Station Incompatible with AOL iBook Zone

Japan iBook Report iBook Zone

Reader AirPort Overview iBook Zone

Potential iBook keyboard problems, battery manager problems, a quality/support issue and the At Ease conflict iMacInTouch


TUESDAY Nov 9, 1999

Full AirPort System Now Shipping iBook Zone

AirPort Cards Ship, Base Station Tested

Full AirPort System Now Shipping iBook Zone

Another Positive Experience iBook Zone

iBook steals attention of Singaporeans Mac Singapore

Reader Request: iBook Wireless Modem Scripts Accelerate Your Mac!


MONDAY Nov 8, 1999

Focus on Mac Hardware: Adding RAM to the iBook About.com

iBook/OpenGL 1.1.2/ATI driver Update Comments Accelerate Your Mac!

iBook Keyboard Bounce Fix Accelerate Your Mac!

Possible Solution to iBook's Single Speaker O'Grady's PowerPage

Mac OS Planet/iBookPlanet Short Site Outage iBook Planet

Special iBook Chat Tonight At 8PM CST.iBook Planet

iBook: Apple would like you to judge the iBook by its cover, but PC Labs finds its slick design can't hide performance shortcomings PC Magazine


FRIDAY Nov 5, 1999

Steve Jobs Confirms iBooks Are Shipping O'Grady's PowerPage

iMovie works on iBook iBook Help

Outpost's Outlook: Negative iBook Zone

Wacom's Colorful Tablets Debut iBook Zone

Books in Sweden iBook Zone

Special Reports: Apple's commision's at Sears MacInTouch


THURSDAY Nov 4, 1999

Road Warrior: $1,599 iBook vs. $1,599 WallStreet - Which Is The Best Value? MacOpinion

Focus on Mac Hardware: The Power of the Startup Manager on the iBook About.com

AirPort in Channels By Week's End O'Grady's PowerPage

Waiting in Customs, the Tangerine iBook Story O'Grady's PowerPage

In iBook of the beholder Boston Globe

Tangerines Shipping? iBook Zone

Positive iBook Experience iBook Zone

VST Cancels USB HD Production? iBook Zone


WEDNESDAY Nov 3, 1999

PC Magazine is right about iBook Mac Junkie

Check out MacFixIt's - Troubleshooting Mac OS 9 MacFixIt Report

Troubleshooting Mac OS 9 MacFixIt Forum

The iBook and Airport Reports MacFixIt Reports

Shipping Reports...They Still Vary iBook Zone

Reader's U.K. iBook Experiences iBook Zone


TUESDAY Nov 2, 1999

Book & CompUSA: Not A Pretty Picture iBook Planet

iMac, iBook and USB News iMacInTouch (Info on leaving devices plugged into the iBook)

MacInTouch has some battery info about Apple's BatteryReset 2.0 that may affect iBook computers. MacInTouch

Reader's U.K. iBook Experiences iBook Zone

OS 9/Hard Drive/Boot Issue Followup iBook Zone

AppleCare Tech Info Library :

MOD 60649 At Ease 5.0.2: Is Not Qualified With iMac, iBook, Power Mac G4 Models

MOD 43026 iMac and iBook: How to Utilize External SCSI Peripherals

MONDAY Nov 1, 1999

Aaron Swartz's iBook Costume

iHallowe'en O'Grady's PowerPage

Why iBooks with Mac OS 8.6? (plus RAM price prediction) O'Grady's PowerPage

IntelliMouse may cause increased battery drain on PowerBook/iBook . MacInTouch

Mac OS 9 and USB PC Cards O'Grady's PowerPage

iBook Halloween Costume Is Way Too Cool Mac Observer

Apples in Eden The Singapore iBook Launch iMac NewsPage

Sears iBook Deal Macs Only

Special Sears Promotion Makes iBook Even More Appealing iBook Planet

Outpost.com To Make Huge Shipment Of iBooks This Week iBook Planet

OS9/iBook Issues? iBook Zone

Sears Price Discount Soon iBook Zone 

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