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 Month of May 2001

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Thursday, May 31, 2001

A Custom Painted New iBook Chris Neuman [attr:MacNN]

Mossberg: Apple's Revised iBook Laptop Has Great Blend of Features Wall Street Journal [attr: Macsurfer]

iBook painted to match PowerBook G4 MacNN

Extra Battery Holding Up Some New iBook Orders iBook Zone

ATI's RAGE MOBILITY(TM) 128 graphics processor powers Apple's new iBook portable computer PR Newswire

Reader Report: iBook 2001: Part 3 MacinTouch

PBZone Presents.....MiniTi PB Zone

DealZone - CD-RW & Combo Books Down, CD-ROM & DVD Books Up - This Week's Best iBook Deals MacReviewZone

Wednesday, May 30, 2001

iBook Reviewed MacDirectory

Apple's "QT Guy", Visor Trip, Super Passes and Adobe on The Mac Show! The Mac Show Live

The Mac Show's Feature Guest this Wednesday is Alan Graham of Visor Central, a web site d evoted to PDA's.The Special Guest will be Stan Flack, Editor in Chief of MacMinute.com. In the Tech Tips segment, Shawn welcomes Frank Casanova, Apple's Director of QuickTime Product Marketing. In the Newsmaker of the Week segment, Ben Discipio, Sales Manager for PWR Systems, will talk about their recent sale of 600 G4's to VerizonCommunications.

Colin Smith, Technical Resource Manager for Canada, Adobe Systems Inc. will talk about thecreation of PDF's for beginners in Mac Basics.

The swag bag is re-opening with a vengeance. Not only will they have copies of Tech Tool Por 3 to give away, not only will there be T-shirts from MacSupport.About.com to give away, not only will there be a copy of Myst III: Exile to be awarded and not only will there be a copy of Freehand 10 given out, The Mac Show, in cooperation with IDG Expo, is giving away *10* Expo Super Passes! These passes, valued at $1200.00, are available to be won *only* from The Mac Show!

You're not going to miss all this, are you? A Very Adventurous Soul Indeed! iBook Zone

Apple begins shipping iBooks with combo drives Go2Mac

storage: Plextor 16x/10x/40x CD-RW EIDE for $178 shipped dealmac

Tuesday, May 29, 2001

Hack Your iBook: Put Clarus The Dogcow In Your Apple Logo Mac Observer

Can new iBook be hacked to do video spanning? Mac SLash

Apple Updates Audio on New iBooks Applelinks

Apple iBook Audio Update 1.3.6 now available MacNN

Apple Denies Colored, Bigger Screen iBooks On Deck For MacWorld Expo, But.... Applelinks

Review: Apple iBook 500MHz PowerPC G3 128MB 10GB DVD-ROM ZDNet

Reviews: iBook DVD/CD-RW MacUser

iBook/Combo Beginning to Ship PowerBook Central

Reader's iBook Ethernet Port Problem Solved Accelerate Your Mac!

The Road Warrior Mailbag MacOpinion

storage: IBM Travelstar 20GB EIDE 2.5in for $109 dealmac

upgrades: 256MB PC100 SDRAM for $45 dealmac

Friday, May 25, 2001

Apple denies new iBook colours Macworld.UK

Apple denies report of new iBook MacCentral

New Summer iBook' Only a Discredited Rumor PowerBook Source

Week's Best PowerBook & iBook Deals PowerBook Central

Today's Lowest iBook Ram Prices as of:Friday, 25-May-2001 ramseeker


Thursday, May 24, 2001

A New New iBook Macinstein

New colored iBook on the way? MacCentral

Larger Screen iBook??? iBook Zone

Report: Rumored new iBooks due this summer Insanely-Great Mac!

Apple to add more colours, bigger screen to iBook The Register.UK

CNET First Take: Apple iBook (500MHz) C/Net

Contractor: Colorful iBook on the way C/Net

Reviews: iBook CD-ROM MacUser

Memory upgrade problem with new iBooks? MacFixIt

2001 iBook Owner Report on Ethernet Jack Problem Accelerate Your Mac!

Weekend iBook Buyer Notes Apple Email Offering Free OS X CD Accelerate Your Mac!

iBook demand set to exceed supply [in Malaysia] TheStar [Attr:Macsurfer]

Karen Lehner Offers Free iBook to Listeners Macinstein

DealZone - The 'Combo-Drive' iBook Goes Retail! This Week's Best iBook Deals MacReviewZone

peripherals: Monsoon im-700 flat-panel speakers for $121 dealmac

Wednesday, May 23, 2001

Featured Guests- Keith Hutchinson, Product Manager, Macromedia Freehand 10 ,John Welch, live from WWDC, Mac Media Pro with Ra McGuire, Lead Singer of Trooper & TechTips with Chris Breen, reviewing Apple's fastest G4's The Mac Show Live

Reader Report on iBook Hard Drive Upgrade Warns of Pitfalls Accelerate Your Mac!

Apple switches iBook retail strategy Macworld.UK

Petition : We want the Spring Loaded Folders back! OS X Zone

Tuesday, May 22, 2001

New iBook vs. Dell Inspiron 2100 Applelinks

Featured Review: Apple Unleashes Industry Notebook Standard Prosumer.tv

systems: iBook G3/500 DVD+CDRW plus 128MB RAM for

Multicolor iBooks slated for MWNY Mac OS Rumors

Hot News:RBowser Version 2.877 for MacosX is Here! Remote Browser

New OS X launcher OSX-Zone

New Apple Stores Repair Macs and Other Store Tidbits Macs Only!

Apple's Retail Stores Macinstein

The Road Warrior MailBag MacOpinion

iBook/Combo Availability PowerBook Central

Combo drive iBook goes retail, CD-RW goes BTO MacCentral

Monday, May 21, 2001

Apple Store Grand Opening Apple

peripherals: APC Back-UPS 300VA protects for $10 after rebate dealmac

storage: Formac cdrw 12x/10x/32x FireWire for $229 after rebate dealmac

iBook vs. NEC Versa TXi, Part Two: What will that extra $1000 buy? PowerBook Zone

New Macs now ship with Mac OS X and Mac OS 9 Insanely Great Mac

Thursday, May 17, 2001

REVIEW - iBook looks less different - This time, internal features distinguish Apple's notebook San Francisco Chronicle

Wednesday, May 16, 2001

Final Cut Pro, The New York Mayor's Race & Andy Gore on The Mac Show! The Mac Show Live

Moseying up to Apple's Genius Bar Cnet

Tuesday, May 15, 2001

New iBook TIL Articles

AppleCare Tech Info Library

MOD 95138 iBook (Dual USB): Removing and Replacing the Keyboard

MOD 95137 iBook (Dual USB): Removing and Replacing the AirPort Card

MOD 95136 iBook (Dual USB): Removing and Replacing the Memory

iBook. Annoy Different As the Apple Turns

Road Warrior: Comparing the new iBook to the PowerBook 5300, 1400, 2400, and Pismo MacOpinion

Gaming Benchmarks for the new iBook iBook Zone

25 Apple stores to sprout this year Cnet


Monday, May 14, 2001

iBook Diary, Part One: The iBook in the Garden Macworld

iCounty? Henrico County and the Apple Education Explosion TheMacMind

iBook Decree TheMacMind

Fractal Processing Speed of the new iceBook iBook Zone

Hits And Hype: iBook's new chapter rights the original version's wrongs ZDNet

Dvorak On The New Apple iBook & Other iTopics Mac OS Planet

Apple's new gamble: The new iBook is small and plain - but will it sell? Knight Ridder Tribune

Apple's new releases have effect on state Free Lance-Star [att:Macsurfer]

PowerBook G4, new iBook power adapters are compatible Insanely-Great Mac!

LimeWire 1.4b - Gnutella P2P file sharing client Version Tracker

peripherals: Epson Stylus Photo 870 down to $100 after rebate dealmac

Friday, May 11, 2001

New iBook the Right Price and Right Spec for Education? (Updated May 11) PowerBook Source

Dr. Mac: New iBook looks great, weighs in with all right features Houston Chronicle

Today's Lowest RAM Prices as of:Friday, 11-May-2001 Ramseeker

Week's Best PowerBook & iBook Deals PowerBook Central

software: TECSoft AppleScript Training CD tutors for $99 dealmac

peripherals: Microsoft Intellimouse USB for $9 dealmac

systems: iBook G3/500 plus 128MB RAM for $1,295 shipped dealmac

Thursday, May 10, 2001

5 New Email Discussion Lists for Mac OS X The Macintosh Guy

software: How to get Retrospect Desktop Backup 4.3 for $39 dealmac

Wenesday, May 09, 2001

Stan Flack & Dr Mark Edwards on The Mac Show! The Mac Show Live

New iBook TIL Articles

AppleCare Tech Info Library

MOD 88132 iBook (Dual USB): Keyboard Layout

MOD 88133 iBook (Dual USB): Using PowerBook G4 Adapter


Tuesday, May 08, 2001

Apple Banishes Production Demons of Past, Ships Many iBook Orders Ahead of Schedule Power Book Zone

iBook name challenge results: Here's what YOU want to call it! Right On Mac!

Tales of an iBook User iBook Zone

The Incredible Shrinking iBook TidBITS

Mac OS Poll: On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate the new iBook? About.com

Monday, May 07, 2001

iBook reader report updated MacInTouch

All the Questions (and Answers) You Could Ever Ask About the New iBook: Part Two Power Book Zone

Grack!: Compulsory Atomic Ibooks? Applelinks

Are Apple's New Hardware Designs Too Conservative? Mac Night Owl

A Student's Laptop TheMacMind

Readers: new iBooks begin shipping MacNN

Practical Mac: Apple rolls out new iBook Seattle Times

iBook: what's in a name? Right On Mac!

Apple's updated iBook has appealing size, price Pioneer Planet

Five Pounds of Genius Low End Mac

iBook 2001: first appearance [photos] MacProf


Wednesday, May 02, 2001

First Look: Apple's New Titanium iBook Mac OS Planet

Apple ups iBook's appeal Macworld.UK

iBook Price & Bundle Tracker PowerBook Central

New iBook Report: Where to get the best deals! The-iBook

Mac OS X 101: The How To Files About.com

First Look: The New iBook: Elfin iBook Will Break Hearts but Not Backs or Pocketbooks Macworld

Andy Ihnatko & Chris Breen on the next Mac Show! The Mac Show Live

New iBook's price, profile are thinner - Apple sees sales in new iBook's slim price, profile San Francisco Chronicle

Tuesday, May 01, 2001

New iBook TIL Articles

AppleCare Tech Info Library

NEW 88121 iBook (Dual USB): Removing and Replacing the Battery

NEW 88120 iBook (Dual USB): Technical Specifications

NEW 88119 iBook (Dual USB): External Ports and Connectors

MOD 58463: iBook and iBook (FireWire): Sound Capabilities

NEW 88123: iBook (Dual USB): Mac OS X May Not Recognize External Monitor

NEW 88122: iBook (Dual USB): Eject Key Does Not Work With Mac OS X 10.0.1

New iBook First Thoughts Applelinks

systems: Apple launches new iBooks dealmac

Apple Unveils All New iBook Apple

Apple to Supply 23,000 iBooks to Henrico County Public Schools Apple

Apple posts iBook QuickTime video MacCentral

Apple Announces iBook 2001 Go2Mac

Pictures of Steve Jobs and new iBook MacCentral

New iBook Impressions Applelinks

First Look: Apple unveils new iBooks MacCentral

New iBook Model Details! Accelerate Your Mac!

Apple announcements: new iBooks with combo drive; iBook redesigned MacFixIt

Apple Unveils New iBook Laptop Associated Press

All-New iBook Unveiled! Applelinks

Apple introduces new iBook laptop Upside

Apple targets schools with new notebook computer Reuters

Apple Retools IBook for School Wired News

Apple unwraps thinner, cheaper iBooks CNET

Apple Sells 23,000 New iBooks to School District; Half of ALL Book Sales Last Quarter in One Day PowerBook Zone

New iBook annouced with ice-white enclosure Cube-Zone

Apple Unveils New iBooks Terminal34 [attr:Macsurfer]

Apple rolls out new laptop: Apple Computer announced Tuesday a new iBook model with a starting price of $1,299 CBS MarketWatch

The new iBook has arrived, picture Right On Mac!

Apple Unveils Lighter and More Durable IBook Laptop Dow Jones Online News

New iBook With Combo Drive! PowerBook Central

Apple Delivers Mini-Titanium iBook PowerBook Zone

It's a mini-TI after all! iBook Zone

Apple rolls out new iBook eWEEK [attr:Macsurfer]

Apple Releases New iBook P29 Model PowerBook Source


The Mac Show and The MUG Center announce The User Group Report! The Mac Show Live !

iBook- Looking Ahead And Back MacOpinion

Virex Definitions May - Virus definition DAT file for versions 5.9.x & 6.x Version Tracker

Outlook Email Archive 2.2 - Archives OE 5 emails & attachments Version Tracker

Epson premium waterproof photoglossy paper 100-pack at $39.99 dealmac


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