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 Month of March 2000

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FRIDAY MAR 31, 2000

Casio QV-3000/Microdrive/iBook Comments Accelerate Your Mac!

Week's Best PowerBook & iBook Deals PowerBook Central

VPC Helper updated to version 2.1 Macintosh Resource Page

Internet Explorer 5: Blame the browser or the web site? MacFixIt



AirPort: Not Plane Friendly Go2Mac

MOD 58548 AirPort Card: Disable During Air Travel

Extensiãn vacuna de Apple para iBooks y PowerBooks Macuarium

Focus on Mac Hardware: How To Extend the Usable Battery Life of Your Powerbook or iBook Computer About.com



The Solution To All Your iBook Troubles MacMilitia

More on the USB Presenter iBook Zone

Margin Notes: Apple makes a change for the worse in its Tech Info Library MacFixIt


TUESDAY MAR 28, 2000

DiskWarrior Recovers iBooks Affected By Sleep Memory Bug Mac-Upgrade

Mac OS 9.0.4 updated components listed MacInTouch

IE 5 changes how Mac users see the Web Mac WEEK

Internet Explorer 5.0 (PPC) MacUpdate

Connectix Virtual PC 3.0 Version Tracker


MONDAY MAR 27, 2000

Rollie McFly's Guide to Solitaire Keeper of the iBook

iBook Tips & Techniques #6: An Internet Desktop MacCentral

Microsoft Releases IE 5 Go2Mac

Internet Explorer 5 For The Mac Finally Released & The Publishers First Impressions Mac OS Planet

Microsoft to post IE5 Monday Mac WEEK



FRIDAY MAR 24, 2000

Location, Location, Location, part 3 (of 3) The Keeper of the iBook

Pismo/iBook ColorSync Profiles Tip Accelerate Your Mac

Week's Best PowerBook & iBook Deals PowerBook Central



Apple's wireless networking fails to work out of the box The Washington Times

OS X Server on an iBook Go2Mac

Pismo/iBook ColorSync Profiles Here AccelerateYourMac

iBook vs PB Screen Comments AccelerateYourMac

AirPort Version 1.1: Software May Damage Some Lucent WaveLAN Cards



Offer Extended 'Til April 1! Get MacOS 9 Free With Cyberdog 2000 Xeosoft

Location, Location, Location, part 2 (of 3) The Keeper of the iBook

USB Strartup Bug Go2Mac

 Best Mac & Movie Deals This Week MovieMac


TUESDAY MAR 21, 2000

USB Presenters Arrive iBook Zone

Review: The GrabPac Carrying Case Set Mac OS Planet

Intellimouse Explorer rings in at $50 dealmac

Hack your iBook Keyboard Go2Mac


MONDAY MAR 20, 2000

The Doctor Is In ATPM

More PowerBook & iBook sites iBook & PowerBook Page

Location, Location, Location, Part 1 The Keeper of the iBook

Apple's Sleep Bug Fix Fixes Nothing! MacOSPlanet

Apple RAM promo for iBook/iMac & HP buyers dealmac

 Fourteen newly rated games! iBook Gamer

Looking for a deal on an iBook ? Check out the PowerBookCentral Classifieds 

Apple Posts Fix for Sleep Memory Bug Go2Mac


FRIDAY & SATURDAY MAR 17 & 18, 2000

Review: iBook inside mac games

Apple Software Updates: Sleep Memory Extension Fix for iBook Disk Corruption

Sleep Memory Extension "fixes" iBook/PowerBook wake-from-sleep bug (sort of) MacFixIt

Apple Sleep Memory Extension MacUpdate

Apple issues bug fix for iBook and PowerBook disk corruption MacCentral

IMG Reviews the iBook Go2Mac

How To: Hack Your iBook MacMilitia

AVerMedia Delivers iBook Zone

Week's Best PowerBook & iBook Deals PowerBook Central



iBook vs. PowerBook: Which Is For You? Applelinks.com

A dealmac exclusive! low-profile 128MB SO-DIMMs for ... iBooks... for $108 dealmac

CD Stomper Pro labeling system costs $19.95, $0 after rebate dealmac



PowerBook or iBook? Which Mac laptop is for you? MacWorld U.K.

iBooks and external keyboards MacFixIt

PowerBook or iBook: Which portable is right for you? MacCentral

Q: What's up with the iBook lately? Is it ever going to get a better graphics card? Is it ever going to get DVD? Is it going to get any smaller any time soon? Mac OS Rumors

AppleCare Tech Info Library :

 NEW 58621 iBook: Does Not Support Power-on From External Keyboard

MOD 60577 Mac OS 9: Compatibility With Dr. Solomon's Virex

MOD 16168 PowerBook and iBook: AC Adapter, Battery, and Recharger Identification

MOD 60429 iBook: Description of Preserve Memory Contents on Sleep

MOD 25134 Mac OS 9: Temporary Items Not Deleted at Startup

TechWorks Ships USB & FireWire Drives Go2Mac


 TUESDAY MAR 14, 2000

Apple predicts Mac-cell phone links MacWEEK.com

In a giving mood? iBook Zone

DP3 Success iBook Zone

AppleCare Tech Info Library :

NEW 58621 iBook: Does Not Support Power-on From External Keyboard

PowerBook or iBook? Which Mac laptop is for you? MacWorld U.K.


MONDAY MAR 13, 2000

The PowerBook & iBook Sites The iBook & PowerBook Page

666MHz iBook Go2Mac

DVD and the iBook iBook Zone

The Keeper of the iBook: On our own terms Newhouse



iBook Tips and Techniques #4: Keyboard Control Panel MacCentral

AppleCare Tech Info Library :

NEW 60716 Mac OS 9: "Add to Keychain" Checkbox Is Dimmed (Gray)

NEW 25131 iBook (Japan): Internet Setup Assistant Issue

NEW 25132 Mac OS 9: Some Options Dimmed in General Controls Panel

NEW 75059 Alsoft: Support and Upgrades

NEW 25133 Mac OS 9: Taking A Snapshot Picture Of The Screen



FRIDAY MAR 10, 2000

iBook-User "Community eMail Bag" has been updated iBook-User

Reminder from yesterday: Apple replies on iBook data corruption bug! MacFixIt

Forward Migration: Georgia school big on iBooks, AirPort MacCentral

Mac OS 9.0.4 to fix 'Save RAM Contents on Sleep' bug? MacOS Rumors

Apple TIL re: iBook, FireWire PowerBook disk-corruption issue Macintosh Resource Page

iBooks Help Coaches Win Basketball Game (Maybe!) Applelinks

Apple Acknowledges iBook And Pismo Software Problems Applelinks

Moore's Views & Reviews: Yes You Can Watch Movies On Your Non-DVD Mac Applelinks

Pay Attention: iBook/Pismo Owners Alert! Applelinks

Apple TIL re: iBook, FireWire PowerBook disk-corruption issue MacInTouch

Apple TIL addresses iBook (and FireWire PowerBook) disk-corruption issue MacNN

Apple nails down iBook/PowerBook data loss problem Insanely-Great Mac!

Updated: Original iBooks - New Low Price! At the Apple Store ! iBook-User

Week's Best PowerBook & iBook Deals PowerBook Central

Sharing AirPort's Connection Go2Mac



FLASH! iBook startup/data corruption: Apple replies! Update is coming soon to fix it MacFixIt

Very Important:For All iBook -Users !!Read this !!

AppleCare Tech Info Library :

NEW 25130 iBook, PowerBook (FireWire): Issue With Preserve Memory Contents On Sleep

AppleCare Tech Info Library :

NEW 25130 iBook, PowerBook (FireWire): Issue With Preserve Memory Contents On Sleep

MacDeals! has been updated Refurbished iBooks for under $1200 Mac Deals

Apple addresses iBook disk corruption bug MacInTouch

Refurb. iBook G3/300 down to $1,199 for MUG member dealmac

Apple Tech Info Library talks about a potential data loss issue that can occur with iBook's MacNN

OS X (on iBook) iBook Zone

Mobile Insights Announces Winners of Mobility Awards at Sixth Annual Mobile Insights Conference Business Wire

Apple Japan takes 20.1% market share in week ended MacChat

iBook #1 Again Go2Mac

AirPort Works ! Low End Mac

First Impressions---Mac OS X Preview 3 On A Rev. A iBook iBook Planet



Systems: iBook bundles at ComputerTown dealmac

iBook sales boom pushes portable to No1 Fairfax I.T.

iBook gives Apple number one notebook spot in Australia MacChat

Older PowerBook, iBook prices crowd $1,000-1,500 range Miscellaneous Ramblings

GrabPac ( Bag for iBook )Go2Mac

GrabPac Inc. Releases New Carrying Case For iBook iBook Planet

iBook Hard Disk Corruption: Part II MacInTouch


TUESDAY MAR 07, 2000

Macsense XRouter Now availible from Dr. Bott ! iBook-User

Mac OS X DP3 on iBooks X Appeal.org


MONDAY MAR 06, 2000

iBook Gamer begins accepting reader ratings submissions, and adds another game demo to the ratings iBook Gamer

Site Update: Wev'e added iBook Gamer to the list of iBook sites,added links to iBook commercials and an iBook Price checker and iBook RAM price checker to the left nav. panel.

Is AirPort running out of steam? MacUser U.K.

Enhancing the movie experience on your Mac: Part 2 - Beyond The Box MovieMac

AppleCare Tech Info Library :

PowerBook, iBook: Compatibility With Norton DiskLight

 Does This Sound Like You? And What's iBook Got to Do With It? Applelinks

FWB's Hard Disk Toolkit and Mac OS 9 MacFixIt

Troubleshooting AppleWorks 6.0: a new MacFixIt Report MacFixIt

AppleWorks 6 discussion ongoing MacInTouch 

FRIDAY MAR 03, 2000

Original iBooks - New Low Price! At the Apple Store ! iBook-User

Week's Best PowerBook & iBook Deals PowerBook Central

Airport Networking MacNN

GrabPac Inc. Releases New Carrying Case For iBook iBook Planet

iBook vs. Gateway Solo MacMilitia

Reviews: iBook MacUser U.K.

Is AirPort Ready for Prime Time? Mac Night Owl

VCD Fix Go2Mac

The iPalm  Go2Mac

Winning Them Over Go2Mac



Original iBooks - New Low Price! At the Apple Store !

Lookin' Good iBook Zone

iBook, Wintel laptops compared iBook & PowerBook Page

iBook Tips and Techniques #2: Adding Memory to Your iBook MacCentral



The iBook Bag Reviewed Mac OS Planet

Don Crabb gets thanked in a Apple Tech Info Article: NEW 75050 D.C.: Thanks Don

Apple iBook SE TV ad in QuickTime: "Formal Wear" iBook Theatre

Apple's New iBook SE TV Ad Hits the Web Applelinks

Mac OS Planet.com/ iBookPlanet.com Re-Launches iBookPlanet

"On second thought . . . . . make mine a PowerBook!" MacRocks

AirPort update launched Macworld U.K.

AppleCare Tech Info Library :

MOD 60434 iBook: Bundled Software Description

MOD 58348 Mac OS: Alternating Flashing ? and Icon Inside Folder at Startup

MOD 60657 Mac OS 9: Location Manager and Multiple Users

New 31190 Software Updates Control Panel: Just Beeps, No Updates

New 58613 AirPort Version 1.1: Base Station Forced Reload

MOD 58520 AirPort Utility 1.0: Verifying Base Station is Set for PPP

MOD 58531 Mac OS 9: Keychain Not Applicable to AirPort 1.0

MOD 58544 AirPort: America Online Compatibility

MOD 58548 AirPort Card: Disable During Air Travel

MOD 58550 AirPort Base Station: Channel Selection and Overlap

MOD 58415 AirPort Wireless Communications: FAQ - Part 2 of 3

MOD 58534 AirPort Base Station: Configuring for Tone or Pulse Dialing

MOD 58549 AirPort: Locating the MAC Address

MOD 58546 AirPort Base Station: X2 Modem Compatibility

MOD 58579 AirPort Setup Assistant: Steps to Complete Before Base Station Setup

MOD 58568 AirPort: Avoid Running Different Versions of Software

MOD 58542 AirPort Card: "Required AirPort Software Not Found" Error

MOD 58575 AirPort Admin Utility 1.1: Accessing the Configure Base Station Window

MOD 58574 AirPort 1.1: Third Party Wireless Software and Network Password

MOD 58596 AirPort Base Station: Configuring for Active Roaming

MOD 58569 AirPort: Using Computer to Computer Mode

MOD 58571 AirPort 1.1: Turning On Access Control

MOD 58503 AirPort Base Station: Character Limit for User Name and Password

MOD 58502 AirPort Version 1.0: Base Station Forced Reload

MOD 58510 AirPort 1.0: Base Station Extras Folder Contents

MOD 58518 AirPort Utility 1.0: What To Do If It Cannot Locate a Base Station

MOD 58538 AirPort Base Station: Troubleshooting a Dial-up Connection

MOD 58509 AirPort Base Station: Factory Default Settings

NEW 58604 AirPort Base Station: DHCP Client ID Support

NEW 58521 AirPort: Compatibility With Older Macintosh Products


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