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SATURDAY July 31, 1999

iBooks Bloom At Bloomingdale's Mactimes

OK, What's Next from Apple? (Column Review) By John H. Farr Bryan Chaffin, editor-in-chief of Mac Observer, has just written a column that asks a question we were already asking ourselves. Namely, now that the iBook has arrived, what's Apple to do for an encore? Applelinks

iBook iBalled iMac News page

iBook as Your First Mac The iBook Page


FRIDAY July 30, 1999

The iMac News Page has one of the Best articles I've read to date on the iBook's Airport wireless technology in an easy to understand format... check it out. The IEEE 802.11 Standard-in English

iBook Notes, Info, and Mail - Is John Dvorak Exposing The "Emperor's New Clothes," Or Just A PC Curmudgeon? iBook Developer Note Excerpts and more... Mac Opinion

TechWorks Announces iBook Product Line Mac Observer

ACK! The iBook Is Here, What Can I Look Forward To Now? Mac Observer The Back Page

The iBook of Your Dreams Want to see what an iBook looks like in black? A friend of The iBook Zone was kind enough to show off some of iBook colors he'd like to see. They've got the links check it out, then tell Apple what colors you'd like to Have !!! iBook Zone

Hey... Check out the Latest Prices on an iBook and Shop around ! iBookOnline

Simple Technology has memory modules in 32-MB (for $60), 64-MB for ($120) and 128 MB ($300) capacities for the iBook. The modules are 144-pin SDRAM DIMMs. (Let the price Wars Begin:).

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THURSDAY July 29, 1999

What's wrong with the iBook's looks? Macsoldiers

Apple Invests in Samsung With iBook in Mind- ZDNet Anchordesk

Add Sound-In to iBook with the iMic USB Audio Adapter! Mactrack

Peaches 'n' Cream Appeal: For the Love of a Tangerine iBook - Amy Hoy Daily iMac

For Those Wanting Microphones For Their iBooks, Say Hello To iMic Mac Observer

Girly' iBook Not Worthy of Men by Polly Sprenger Wired

Rallying Around the iBook Macdiscussion

RE:Active's iStrap - Carry iBook Over Your Shoulder Mactrack

Is The iBook A Bit Too "Feminine" For He-Man Road Warriors? By Charles W. Moore Applelinks (someday I hope I'm as Great a writer as Charles!!,but I doubt it.)

Staying Abreast of Fashion Mac Opinion

Another iBook Shortcoming Negated as Griffin Introduces Microphone Capability iBook Zone

Getting an iBook? Manufacturer Says Carry Different with iStrap Daily iMac

Epson Introduces Three USB Multi-Function Printer/Scanner Combos Daily iMac  

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WEDNESDAY July 28, 1999  

A Perfect Second Mac The iBook Page

Apple invests $100M in Samsung MacWEEK story

Cool Close-up Pics Of The iBook Mac Observer

iBook at Home in School MacWEEK

The Apple Store is now taking orders for the iBook, for delivery in apx. 70 days, Apple is not yet accepting orders for the AirPort wireless products (most likely due to pending FCC approval).

MacDesktops has more than a half dozen of some very cool New iBook and Airport desktop pictures with more to come, I'm sure ! Go download some for your Mac !

Press Releases:

VST Technologies has announced a number of new iBook peripherals, including a base station charger (for charging multiple iBooks simultaneously), an individual battery charger, LiIon battery, auto adapter, and universal AC adapter. VST also plans to ship 4 and 6 Gbyte USB hard drives and a USB floppy drive in iBook colors.

RE:Active's iStrap is "a convenient and comfortable way to carry the iBook over your shoulder Messenger Bag-Style," which is due when the iBook ships in September.

Griffin Technology has announced iMic, an inexpensive $25 USB audio adapter with "support for stereo input at up to 48 kHz. for the iBook which is great news.

MacInTouch has some info from readers in their iBook special report, about wireless networking and availability.

The purpose of iDesign? OS Opinion

The Barbie fixation - What do eBay's Meg Whitman and Apple's iBook have in common? Could it be sexist journalism? Salon Magazine

AppleTalk: The iBook - A 'Girlie' Machine? Dvorak Comes Out Of The Closet MacSpeedZone

iBook Ram-Size matters MacWEEK

VST Technologies, Inc. Announces Twelve New Peripherals Designed for Apple's New iBook Portable Computer Business Wire

Peripheral And NewerRAM Ship iBook Memory Upgrades Mactimes

Why Does iBook Use Smaller, More Expensive RAM than PowerBooks? The Daily iMac

Cool Close-up Pics Of The iBook The Mac Observer

First iBook(s)Arriving in Singapore The iMac News Page

iBook: Not For Bozos! Applelinks

Apple To Invest $100M In Samsung's Display Biz Techweb

Apple Extends iMac Design into Notebook Arena -- iBooks Launched Computermags.com

The iBook - Young at Heart Mac Opinion



TUESDAY July 27, 1999

Mac Cafe has an iBook Petition! Do you think that the iBook should ship with 64 MB of RAM instead of 32 MB ? If you think so, head over to Mac Cafe's iBook petition. On Aug 15 they will reveal the results of the poll !! Vote Now !!

The iBook's missing page's MacWEEK

Apple's iBook: A Mac to Go Newsweek

MacWorld: iBook Clarifications The iMac

By the iBook ABC News

The iBook Disaster PC Magazine

iBook Break-Out: New Sleep & Conservation Modes Official The Daily imac

The Myth Of PowerBook Battery Time; iBook May Be Same The Daily iMac

First critic of the iBook Personal Mac Opinions

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MONDAY July 26, 1999

Bugdom which will be included with the iBook has been Updated-by Pangeasoft,
you can download the
Bugdom 1.0.1 updater, which fixes a few bugs. :)

Everybody's Free-To Buy iBook iBook News Page

Vendors prep iBook add-ons Macweek

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SATURDAY July 24, 1999

AirPort Fallacies iBook News Page


FRIDAY July 23, 1999

iBook and iMac: Sibling Rivalry? iBook News Page

Say Yawn to the iBook MacOpinon


THURSDAY July 22, 1999

iBook Gets Raves From Mac Fans Techweb

Macworld Expo show-goers say they are ready to buy the new portable
Apple computer, announced Wednesday.

Jobs Delivers Again Opinion column Mac@Ya

Apple Takes The Wraps Off iBook Techweb

 Apple introduces iBook laptop MSNBC


WEDNESDAY July 21, 1999

There will be no updates on Wednesday as I will be at Macworld Expo 99 !!!!


TUESDAY July 20, 1999


Well, I talked to a number of mail order resellers and none are taking pre-order's for the soon-to-be-released consumer portable from Apple computer, yet. One said "There's no SKU no# in our system yet" another said "We don't expect them till around Christmas!" I then asked if anyone had their catalogs ready with the P1 in it and all said No or wouldn't confirm. Looking for any other clues, I inquired if any of the catalog sellers would be selling P1 specific Hardware and two said yes, one said he had no info and another said if available yes! So we'll have to see what P1 specific hardware will be coming out of the pipeline !!!


Reuters - Steve Jobs, the interim chief executive of Apple Computer Inc., is expected to unveil a eye-catching portable computer for consumers when he takes the stage at the giant Mac World Expo in New York Wednesday -- and he may have a few other surprises as well...

Mr. Pierce,Responds:

Thank you for mentioning us in your feature regarding Dartmouth and the P-1 laptop. It's important to note that Dartmouth has not tried to place orders for 1,200 P-1 laptops...



CBS Marketwatch New Apple Laptop Has Fans in Frenzy -

Judging from the anticipation in the Mac community, Apple's latest surprise
promises to be another sales splash - extending the company's comeback and
shaking up portable design just as its iMac personal computer prompted the
industry to rethink the clunky beige desktop...

From MacDisscussion -

an interesting turn of events but not really surprising, a Macintosh stronghold--
Dartmouth College, has requested 1200, of the yet to be released consumer
portable. Dartmouth hopes to be first on the list of orders for the machine so that
it can have them ready for incoming freshman....


SUNDAY JULY 18, 1999 6:00AM

Welcome to our Grand Opening of

P1 User the First web site dedicated

to Apple's new consumer portable!


When we find out what the P1's name really is we will adjust our name and web
address accordingly and keep you updated.

It's just a few days away from unveiling and rumors abound so we've collected
links to all the speculations surrounding the P1, iBook, webmate, iPowerbook or
fill in the blank with your own guess!

Mac OS Rumors P1 Spec page

Macobserver's P1 spec's page

Macweek P1 Portable info

San Jose Mercury In-depth story on P1

Appleinsider story - consumer-portable


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