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 Month of July 2000

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Monday July 31, 2000

ibook or 2400c with G3 upgrade dealmac

Catch iBook-User editor Tom Trial on this past wednesday's (07/26) show of the Mac Show Live where he talked about the iBook and MacWorld Expo. The Mac Show Live is live every wednesday pm from 9-11pm Est.

The Application Switcher Keeper of the iBook

The New Fall Line-Up As The Apple Turns

Symantec NAV virus defs August Version Tracker

Virex Definitions August Version Tracker

Deus Ex 1.0.1 Version Tracker

MacMAME 0.37b5a Version Tracker

Apple Airport base stations can be upgraded to 128-bit RC4 Mad Science Research Labs (Att Go2Mac)

Mac OS 9.5 Go2Mac


Friday July 28, 2000

Catch iBook-User editor Tom Trial on this past wednesday's (07/26) show of the Mac Show Live where he talked about the iBook and more.

Jam Launches A New iBook Case iBook-User

Week's Best iBook Ram Prices RamSeeker

Week's Best PowerBook & iBook Deals PowerBook Central

iMovie Grows Up: Comparing iMovie with iMovie 2 Macworld

Steve Wozniak Interview MacDirectory

systems: Refurbished iMac DV Special Edition for $1,169 dealmac

systems: CompUSA sale on old iMac DV, DV SE dealmac


Thursday July 27, 2000

Macworld Reviews: Apple Pro Mouse: Apple's new optical mouse is a work of art carved in Lucite Macworld

LiveSlideShow 1.0 Version Tracker


Wednesday July 26, 2000

software: The Sims for $41 shipped dealmac

networking: Farallon 12-port 10Base-T Etherner Hub for $49 dealmac

storage: Hypermedia CD-R 50pk for $15 next-day dealmac


Tuesday July 25, 2000

Editors Note: Well our DSL line is back up after our account was "accidently" removed while we were away at MacWorld Expo !

Mac Musings: Missing From Macworld LEM

The Road Warrior Mailbag MacOPINION

A Look at the Apple Pro Mouse Think Secret

Apple Pro Mouse an improvement, but not gamer's ideal MacCentral

Rapster bumped to beta 11 Macintosh Reasource Page


Monday July 24, 2000

Yes, Steve, you fixed it. Congrats! Now what's Act Two? Business Week

All the great hardware and software for Movie Editing From MacWorld NYC 2000 Moviemac

Apple Pro Mouse an improvement, but not gamer's ideal MacGaming

Mac Musings: More Macworld Reflections Low End Mac  

 Apple Pro Keyboard: We've made advances across the board Apple

Apple Pro Mouse: Straight from the lab: a new breed of mouse Apple

software: Conflict Catcher 8 for $40, SoundJam MP Plus for $30 dealmac

software: Norton Utilities 5.0 for $60, AntiVirus 6.0 for $40 next-day dealmac


Tuesday July 18, 2000

Yes it's True, a Year ago Today I started iBook-User and went "Live" Online !!

Happy Birthday! iBook-User Turns 1 Year old ! iBook-User

Apple Expands National Retail Effort With Circuit City Apple's iMac, iBook and AirPort Will be Offered in More Than 570 Circuit City Stores Nationwide CBS MarketWatch

Road Warrior: The iBook's First Year In Retrospect MacOpinion

Get a free 76 page copy of MacJournal's fantastic Mac OS 9 issue! FatBrain

IBM introduces enhanced ViaVoice MacWEEK

(ViaVioce for Mac Enhanced Edition)

Mactella - 0.7 VersionTracker

TechTool Pro - 3.0 VersionTracker

What at Macworld Expo? Low End Mac: RumorLog

Macworld Expo NY Coverage Mac Launch

MacLotto.com Mega-Ink Mondays! Mac Launch

Farallon SkyLINE Wireless Update Go2Mac


Monday July 17, 2000

Need a Bunch of iBooks? Go2Mac

storage: 8x CD-R 50pk for $25, 100pk for $50 dealmac

Deus Ex Demo Date Inside Mac Games

Mac Baldur's Gate Ships Inside Mac Games

RUNE Ready for Macworld Expo Inside Mac Games

You Get What You Pay For Keeper of the iBook

Create an iDisk Emazing

MacSpeech Inc. to distribute10,000 copies of the preview version of iListen speech recognition software at Macworld Expo MacNN

iRez posted Kritter USB 1.0.2b4 driver for the USB video camera MacNN

MacWorld Expo News:

Macworld Expo 2000 keynote speech link Apple

RumorLog: Mac Rumors: Sense and Nonsense Low End Mac

My MacWorld Expo New York 2000 Wish list About

MacWorld Pre-Show Rumors About

Gleaming The Cube As The Apple Turns

Predictions for MacWorld Expo New York The MacJunkie

MWNY 2000 Rumors Roundup PowerBook Zone

Apple Consumer Cube? I Don't Think So MacRelations


Friday July 14, 2000

MacWorld Cometh: New iMacs/iBooks Imminent? Something Else? Daily iMac

Week's Best iBook Ram Prices RamSeeker

Week's Best PowerBook & iBook Deals PowerBook Central

AppleCare Tech Info Library:

MOD 86060 iBook: External Ports and Connectors

MOD 58438 iBook: Description of Charging Contacts on Underside

MOD 88007 iBook Firmware Update 2.4: Read Me

Update: Rapster 1.0b10 PPC

storage: Plextor PlexWriter 8x/4x/32x CD-RW EIDE hits $185 dealmac

systems: Open-box iBook G3/300 reaches $1,250 dealmac

storage: Pengo 8x CD-R 100pk burns for $35 dealmac


Thursday July 13, 2000

Alternative Video Editing Programs Moviemac

Cheat on Almost Every Mac Game Ever Made Go2Mac

Mac OS Tip of the Day: AppleWorks 5 Button Bar Selection Tip About

Reader report on Apple's USB Printer Sharing in conjunction with AirPort MacInTouch

Apple Beefs Up Warehouse Security Around New Macs AppleInsider

peripherals: Epson Stylus Photo 875DC for $300 dealmac

storage: Iomega Zip 100 disk 10pk for $58 dealmac

software: Civilization: Call To Power back for $25 dealmac

upgrades: TechWorks 64MB PC100 hits $59 dealmac

peripherals: Microtech 32MB SmartMedia Card for $70 next-day dealmac

software: Reader Rabbit's Preschool down to $4 dealmac

Macworld update Mac OS Rumors


Wednesday July 12, 2000

Cozo Releases the iBook Sleeve iBook-User

The (Un)Official Hess Macworld Events Site is waiting for you - Attendees invited to enter drawing for party tickets Maclaunch

storage: QPS Que! 4x/4x/8x CD-RW USB for $210 after rebate (updated) dealmac

peripherals: Airport Base Station discounted to $269 dealmac 

 software: Deus Ex preorders for $41 dealmac


Tuesday July 11, 2000

It's About Time Keeper of the iBook

Dr. Bott LLC Ships iBook Road Warrior Bundle for $119.49. Dr. Bott

Dr. Bott LLC Ships iBook Road Warrior Bundle MacLaunch

State of the Mac Summit Meeting! MacLaunch

ViaVoice for Macintosh update to be introduced at Macworld Expo MacNN

Road Trip Reflections iBook & PowerBook Page

Multiple Base Station AirPort Networks About

Setting Up Freewwweb On A Mac Plus or Up! Jag's House



FRIDAY July 7, 2000

Review: "The Ultimate iBook iBook" iBook-User

New high capacity 30 GB & 20 GB drives for Apple Powerbooks & ibooks MacLaunch

Week's Best iBook Ram Prices RamSeeker

Week's Best PowerBook & iBook Deals PowerBook Central


THURSDAY July 6, 2000

Using a USB Microphone on your iBook Blackcatsystems

USB Microphone On An iBook Tutorial Applelinks

PowerBooks and iBooks: quality issues and overall impressions MacFixIt

TranIntl Drive Sales/30GB IBM Notebook Drives: Accelerate Your Mac!

storage: Hypermedia 8x CD-R 50pk down to $17 next-day dealmac

Matrix Screensaver 1.7.1 Applelinks

Matrix Screensaver 1.7.1 MacGameFiles


WEDNESDAY July 5, 2000

Peripherals: Graphite iBookBag totes for $40 dealmac

Hands-On: Keyspan USB Parallel Printer Adapter Macs Only!

Mac OS 9 Memory, and iMovie Reports updated MacInTouch

Byte of the Apple: AOL 5.0 for the Mac Business Week

Mac OS Tip of the Day: Internet Explorer 5 Newbies Home Page Tip About


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