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 Month of Jan 2000

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MONDAY Jan 31, 2000

AirPort 1.1 due in February Go2Mac

iBook nominated for the 2000 Mobility Awards MacNN

iBook, PowerBook, Visor nominated for Mobility Awards MacCentral

iBook G3/300 for $1,494.98 DealMac

iBook vs. PowerBook DealChat

Is OS9 worth the upgrade? DealChat

AppleCare Tech Info Library

MOD 31166 Setup Assistants: Which Assistant Do I Need to Register With Apple?

MOD 31170 Mac OS 9: Printing From Mac Help to Epson Printer Issue

MOD 60388 QuickTime 4: Web Install Issues

MOD 60310 QuickTime 4: Known Issues

MOD 18758 UUencode & UUdecode: Explained

MOD 36507 QuickTime 4: How to obtain the stand-alone installer

MOD 31167 Mac OS 9: Audio Update 1.2 Issue

MOD 31168 Mac OS 9: Automatic Software Update Install

MOD 24965 Mac OS: Matching Mac OS ROM File To Mac OS Version

MOD 43080 Tech Info Library Archive: Contents

MOD 58509 AirPort Base Station: Factory Default Settings

MOD 58518 AirPort Utility 1.0: What To Do If It Cannot Locate a Base Station

MOD 60680 Mac OS 9 Audio Update 1.2: Read Me

MOD 7201 Portable Macintosh Computers: No Damage From Airport Security Scanners

NEW 58572 AirPort Base Station: Mounting Orientation Does Not Affect Performance

MOD 58546 AirPort Base Station: X2 Modem Compatibility

MOD 31165 Location Manager: Editing Remote Access And Modem Configurations


THURSDAY Jan 27, 2000

"The Ultimate iBook Book" Added to iBook Book Store iBook-User

Rev. B iBook may ship with little fanfare MacOS Rumors

Mac Audio Update Recall Raises Questions Mac Night Owl

iBook Tops in Portable Sales; Apple No. 4 in Christmas MacNN

Apple renames AirPort for Japan MacWEEK

iBook sales lead all Macintosh News Network

AirPort-compatible 11 Mbps wireless cards for PCs and Macs MacWindows

AirPort 1.1 Due Soon iBook Zone


WEDNESDAY Jan 26, 2000

iBook Book Review : The Little iBook Book iBook-User

Apple Japan renaming of AirPort to AirMac iMac2Day

iBook Due for an Upgrade: What's Next? iBook Zone

AVer USB Presenter FINALLY Shipping iBook Zone

Apple iBook Number One Portable in U.S. Applelinks

We're Saved! iBookSaver Saves Your iBook! Applelinks

Apple Stock Watch - Snow, Volatility And iBooks Rule On Wall Street Mac Observer

Speaking of Apple, their latest press release notes that the iBook is the #1 selling portable in the USA according to PC Data Accelerate Your Mac!

3Com to offer Mac wireless products MacWEEK

ALERT! Mac OS 9 Audio Update 1.2 has been pulled! MacFixIt


TUESDAY Jan 25, 2000

Turn any Bag into a iBookSaver ! iBook-User

iBook ranks #1 for Q4 of 1999 Insanely-Great Mac!

iBook Number One! Again! iBook Zone

PC Data Ranks iBook Number One Portable in U.S." PR Newswire

iBook takes #1 spot for portable sales Macintosh News Network

3Com now shipping AirConnect Macintosh News Network

Girly Portable Finds A Lot Of Fans: iBook #1 Portable In Q4 Mac Observer

QuickTime 4.1 goes live MacWEEK

"Ms Izzy" on the MacDebate forums is our winner of the iPak from Spire iBook Zone

MONDAY Jan 24, 2000

Nanosaur 1.2 Updater (PPC) MacUpdate

Troubleshooting QuickTime 4.1: a new MacFixIt Report has been posted MacFixIt

iBook to iMac Road Trip! Applelinks

Pangea releases Bugdom 1.1 beta 7 MacGamer's Ledge

Small Dog Electronics Announces iBook Winner and New Contest ! iBook-User


FRIDAY Jan 21, 2000

iBook-User "Community eMail Bag" has been updated

The Steinway Lombard Go2Mac

iBook Contributes to Apple's Bottom Line Go2Mac

Go2Mac Announces Contest Winners! Go2Mac (One Lucky Guy won an iBook !)

The Future of iBook Planet Begins Now iBookPlanet 

THURSDAY Jan 20, 2000

Quarterly iBook Sales Top 253,000 units ! iBook-User

Two New iBook Reviews iBook2Day


WEDNESDAY Jan 18, 2000

Tripp Lite has released iGuard, the company's 3-outlet phone/modem surge protector for the iBook. Macintosh News Network

iMac2Day looks at Second Wave SCUSBee USB-to-SCSI adapter, iFord Macintosh News Network

Apple Japan to change name of AirPort? Macintosh News Network

iREZ posts version 1.0 of drivers for USB Kritter Macintosh News Network

Mac OS 9.0.1 reaches final candidate status ... Macintosh News Network

Details on Rocket Arena for Unreal Tournament MacGamer's Ledge (We added this , only because wev'e been spending all our free time playing UT !)

Unreal Tournament hits $35 shipped dealmac (Wooh Hooo!)

Special Report on QPS Que CD-RW drives MacInTouch

SoftWindows 95 upped to version 5.0.9 MacInTouch

Forums today: StyleWriter and Mac OS 9 fix; TechTool Pro freeze; iMac DV hard drive noise redux MacFixIt

Keyspan serial port adapter: what's new in the newer model MacFixIt


THURSDAY Jan 13, 2000

The Top Ten Cool Things To Do With Your iBook Mac-Upgrade

Pangea releases Bugdom 1.1b6 MacGamer's Ledge

VPC Helper 2.0 debuts Macintosh Resource Page

Bugdom 1.1b6 Updater MacUpdate

From the Apple Software Library :

Open Transport Update Version: 2.6 (For iBook)

Download: Open Transport 2.6 Update.smi

MacBinary - 1087 K

Binhex - 1478 K

Open Transport 2.6 addresses DHCP issues in Mac OS 9.0 and prevents Macintosh computers from being used in certain types of Denial of Service (DoS) issues.

Open Transport is the networking software in the Mac OS. This software installer updates Open Transport to version 2.6. This updater is for use only on computers using Mac OS 9.0, and iBook computers running Mac OS 8.6.


TUESDAY Jan 11, 2000

The Deally on Griffin Technology NoBeige.com

Cozo Working on iBook Cover iBook2Day

iBook Drops Out Of Top Laptop Sales Slot Applelinks

AirPort Software update expected this month and other AirPort info MacFixIt

Mac OS 9 has problems mounting certain types of CDs? MacFixIt

Acrobat 4.x problems in Mac OS 9? MacFixIt

Netscape Communicator: miscellaneous issues MacFixIt

Internet Explorer and Outlook Express: miscellaneous matters MacFixIt

AppleCare Tech Info Library

NEW 72002 iReview, iCards, and iTools: FAQ

NEW 60592 Mac OS 9: Setting Up Internet or AOL When Palm Desktop 2.5 Is Installed


FRIDAY Jan 7, 2000

AppleCare Tech Info Library

iBook, iMac (Slot Loading), G4 (AGP): Auto-Negotiation Issues With LinkSys 5-Port Switch

Macintosh Manager 1.2: Read Me

Our Weekly Friday Reader eMail column iBook-User "Community eMail Bag" has been updated

GrabPac Taking Orders iBook2Day


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