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 Month of February 2000

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TUESDAY Feb 29, 2000

Apple's new AirPort, a flying saucer-like unit making wireless Internet access a reality, allows one to surf without getting entangled in wires The Straights Times

Open Transport 2.6 fixes cable modem problem (OS 9 related) Mac Night Owl

Getting ViaVoice to work on an iBook with a Telex microphone MacFixIt

Swimsuit models love those iBooks MacChat

Mac OS Tip of the Day: AppleWorks 5 Preferences Tip

Mac OS 9, Toast and disk images: Toast update will fix the problem MacFixIt


MONDAY Feb 28, 2000

iBook SE in Stores, What About Apple? Applelinks

Company promises 'AirPort' networking through USB Insanely-Great Mac!

iBook SE Hits Stores Go2Mac

Update: Irez CapSure/Kritter 2.5F6 Version Tracker

Disk Corruption iBook Zone


THURSDAY Feb 24, 2000

Tokyo Road - Pismo (Or Not) And The New iBooks Analyzed MacOS daily

Apple has enough iBook disk corruption reports MacFixIt

FreeVCD uses Apple's QuickTime To Play VCD Movies On Your Mac ( and iBook too! ) Applelinks

FAXstf 5.0.5: iBook startup problem; more general printing problem MacFixIt

iBook G3/366 SE plus 64MB RAM for $1,795 dealmac

11 Mbps Skyline Arrives Go2Mac

AirPort on a Closed Network Go2Mac

iBookBag $30 off iMac2Day

Macs play MP3, Evan iMac Channel

The Mistress of Mayhem Strikes Again Babes in Boyland- My Mac

AppleStore announces ship date for AppleWorks 6 MacNN

Upgrading an Airport Base Station Antenna MacInTouch


WEDNESDAY Feb 23, 2000

Innocent Little iBooks Being Corrupted! Daily iMac

Mac OS USB DDK 1.4.1 now online Macintosh Resource Page

Apple TILs re: setting up a multiple-AirPort network, configuring AirPort from non-AirPort-capable computer Macintosh Resource Page

Watch Movies on Your iBook Go2Mac

AirPort on a Closed Network Go2Mac

Commentary: iBook Hard Drive Troubles?



TUESDAY Feb 22, 2000

iBook Hard Drive Failure Problem Makes File Backups A Must

Apple looks into iBook disk corruption problems Insanely-Great Mac!

Apple Adds A New Chapter To The iBook MacSpeedZone

Graphite Glee Go2Mac

iBook Booking? Japan Apple Watch (About Orders for the new iBooks in japan)

Universalized, Serialized, and Bussed


MONDAY Feb 21, 2000

iBook Hard Drives May Fail Go2Mac

iBook disk corruption issue investigation ongoing MacNN

Apple continues to investigate iBook startup/disk damage reports; seeks help from iBook owners with this symptom MacFixIt

Odds & Ends: Running Mac OS X Preview on an iBook MacFixIt

AppleCare Tech Info Library :

NEW 58533 AirPort 1.1: Base Station Extras Folder Contents

NEW 58584 AirPort: Configuring a Base Station With a non-AirPort-Capable Computer

NEW 58596 AirPort Base Station: Configuring for Active Roaming


FRIDAY Feb 18, 2000

Attack of the Hello Kitties MacOpinion

Totally Non-Technical Reflections on New Apple Goodies

[Moore's Views & Reviews] Apple's Tokyo Hardware Rollouts - Enough Steak To Match The Sizzle?

AppleCare Tech Info Library :

NEW 59014 About Sound Manager 3.6.3

MOD 43050 Troubleshooting Handbook: Table of Contents

MOD 43037 Troubleshooting Handbook: Testing and Repairing Your Hard Disk


THURSDAY Feb 17, 2000

What's so special about the iBook Special Edition? MacChat

Original iBook G3/300 falls to $1,495 shipped dealmac

New PowerBook, iBook, by Dan Knight, iBook & PowerBook Page

New Our iBook Gear Store is up and running ! iBook-User

iBook Memory Clarified Go2Mac

Read This Before Ordering Your New iBook With Extra RAM Applelinks

Apple unveils high-end iBooks, G4s San Jose Mercury News

Lapstation: a stylish worksurface for PowerBook and iBook MacCentral

RAM Prices Dropping Again Accelerate Your Mac!

Big in Japan: New iBooks and PowerBooks Revealed" ZDNet AnchorDesk

Apple Computer unveils faster, mightier machines Associated Press

Macworld Tokyo updates Mac WEEK


WEDNESDAY Feb 16, 2000

The New Macs Mac News Today

Specs: iBook Special Edition Low End Mac

Pismo, iBook SE Pics From Tokyo Go2Mac

New iBooks! Get the Scoop on the Two New Configurations Daily iMac

Apple updates iBook line, adds graphite iBook SE Insanely-Great Mac!

The $200 Dollar can of spray paint: The iBook gets a revision, but not much of one Macville

Academic discounts on Apple's new iBooks dealmac

Details on Job's Keynote Macintosh News Network

iBook Gamer web site unveiled MacGamer's Ledge

iBook Gets New Flavor, Speed Bump Go2Mac

New PowerBooks & iBooks In Demand: Store, Product Links - Updated PowerBook Source

iBook startup and disk corruption problems: Finder Shuffle revives drive MacFixIt

MacFixIt Forum is opened for Apple's new portable Macs MacFixIt

Apple SEs iBook MacAddict

Apple hardware introductions at Macworld Expo Tokyo Macintosh Resource Page

MW Tokyo Photo Gallery Accelerate Your Mac!

Macworld Tokyo keynote special report :Apple hardware announcements noted MacInTouch

Macworld Expo Tokyo: Apple enhances iBook Macworld U.K.

The iBook pumps up MacWEEK

Graphite iBookBag Go2Mac

Macworld Tokyo - iBooks To Come With More RAM & A 366 MHz Graphite Model Hits The Street MacObserver

Apple upgrades iBook, PowerBook Laptops C/Net News

ARM to Power New Generation of IEEE 802.11 High-Speed Wireless Products Supporting Wireless Connections Up to 60 Mbps Business Wire

Apple Releases New iBook SE MacMilitia

Apple's New Releases (The Bare Facts) MacProvider

Apple Enhances iBook Line - New iBook Special Edition in Stunning Graphite Apple

Apple Unveils New iBook, PowerBook and Power Mac G4 Lines At MacWorld Expo

MACWORLD Expo/Tokyo 2000 iBook SpecialEdition Japan Apple Watch

iBook Black Tie Optional Apple

Apple's iBook and AirPort will be the wireless solution of choice in Tennesse public schools MacResource

Pismo, iBook SE Pics From Tokyo O'Grady's Powerpage

iBook Gets New Flavor, Speed Bump Go2Mac


TUESDAY Feb 15, 2000

3 new colors in the iBook world! Mac Wire

A Quiet Revolution MacMilitia

Apple lauches new iBook, PowerBook and Power Mac G4 MacCentral

Apple releases iBook Special Edition MacCentral

Getcher New iBooks Here!

New iBooks!!! iBook Zone

Graphite iBook Hits Apple Store Go2Mac

New Hardware Announced Go2Mac

Wall Street Not Afraid To Make MACWORLD Predictions: PowerBooks, PowerMacs & iBooks, Oh My! Mac Observer

No Graphite iBook (Yet), But You Can Get Your iBook Bag In Graphite (With Pics) Mac Observer

Two Radically Opposing Views On "Pismo's" Debut (Or Not) At MacWorld Tokyo - And Some "Rumors" Observations

West Ridge iBookBag in Graphite from Dr. Bott

Rumor or Speculation? Mac Musings

MacWorld Tokyo: A Complete Rumors Roundup PowerBook Zone

Pismo, iBook, other products Expected At Tokyo AppleInsider

iBook Rev B Update What are the odds ? iBook-User

MacWorld Tokyo to Bring New iBook? iBook Zone

Dr. Bott Adds to iBook Bag Line: Graphite! iBook Zone


MONDAY Feb 14, 2000

Reports of iBook startup and disk corruption problems on Apple's Tech Exchange MacFixIt

UPDATE: Tokyo to see numerous new Apple products released Mac OS Rumors

Macworld Japan may be the big event we've been waiting for Mac OS Rumors


SATURDAY Feb 12, 2000

Don't Forget Today and Sunday is Apple Demo Day featuring iBook and Airport ! see :
iBook Airport Demo Days this Weekend & Next ! iBook-User

Followup: iBook in Toy Story Followup, w/ picts MacMilitia (*Trust me it's just a pillow ! ; )

Week's Best PowerBook & iBook Deals PowerBook Central  

iBook Secrets Revealed Go2Mac


FRIDAY Feb 11, 2000

Tangerine iBook Appeared in 1995 Movie MacMilitia

AirPort VAR recall Go2Mac

 Greetings, Senator Go2Mac

AppleCare Tech Info Library

NEW 58597 AirPort Base Station: Configuring As A Bridge

NEW 60712 AppleWorks 5: Picture Elements Disappear When Importing PICT Files

MOD 60283 Mac OS 8.6: About Mac OS 8.6 Update

MOD 60220 Mac OS 8.6: Error Installing With Norton Crashguard Enabled


THURSDAY Feb 10, 2000

Wacom resolves iBook, OS 9 issues with driver update MacCentral

Apple Recalls All Dealer AirPort Stock to Replace Software iBook Zone

Visions of the Pismo PowerBook, iBook DV, and the New iMac... MacOS Commerce


WEDNESDAY Feb 9, 2000

Software Base Station and Ethernet network access: a follow-upMacFixIt

AirPort card revision? MacFixIt

MacFixIt Forums domain name

Code Blueberry in the ER Go2Mac

Plantronics Unveils Digitally Enhanced USB Headset Technology

AppleWorks 6 Gallery Mac OS Rumors


TUESDAY Feb 8, 2000

MacReviewZone's iBook Giveaway ! iBook-User

Pismo or Graphite iBook? iBook & PowerBook Page

AirPort Software 1.1: Software Base Station and Ethernet network access; Modem init string modifications MacFixIt

CSM City v2.1.0 (A Control strip module... G3 CSM reports core processor temperatures. Jeremy says it's iBook ready.) Go2Mac

 AppleCare Tech Info Library

MOD 43050 Troubleshooting Handbook: Available Online for Viewing or Download

 MOD 60698 Mac OS Runtime for Java 2.2: Read Me

MOD 31167 Mac OS 9: Audio Update 1.2 Issue

MOD 25105 Apple Remote Access: Supported Versions and Configurations

Lot's of Airport articles from the past week:

MOD 58568 AirPort: Avoid Running Different Versions of Software

MOD 58571 AirPort 1.1: Turning On Access Control

MOD 58578 AirPort 1.1: Updating Base Station Firmware

MOD 58569 AirPort: Using Computer to Computer Mode

MOD 58521 AirPort: Compatibility With Older Macintosh Products

NEW 58574 AirPort 1.1: Third Party Wireless Software and Network Password

NEW 58579 AirPort Setup Assistant: Steps to Complete Before Base Station Setup

NEW 58575 AirPort Admin Utility 1.1: Accessing the Configure Base Station Window


SATURDAY Feb 5, 2000

iBook-User "Community eMail Bag" has been updated

 Apple Demo Days are here again Insanely-Great Mac!

Week's Best PowerBook & iBook Deals PowerBook Central


FRIDAY Feb 4, 2000

iBook Airport Demo Days this Weekend & Next ! iBook-User

iBook Demo Days Near You Apple

AirPort Software 1.1: OpenTpt Remote Access file is needed (at least on an iBook) MaxFixIt

AirPort Software 1.1: the good times keep rolling MaxFixIt

Portables - Part II: Is this pic Pismo (or iBook), & will Pismo be a G4? Macville ( They have a very COOL doctored up pic of a Graphite colored iBook)

AirPort 1.1 Report John Richey (Very Good article w/lots o'screen shots)

Where Are the New Macs? Mac Musings

Apple iBook Demo Days-U.S. Store's List

iBook/Airport Demo Weekends Macinstein


THURSDAY Feb 3, 2000

Product Update:  Madsonline is US. Source for iBook Saver ! iBook-User

AirPort 1.1 Notes iBook Zone

Is an iBook upgrade coming soon? MacChat

Airport 1.1 takes off from Apple's terminal Insanely Great Mac

Airport 1.1 Maybe it'll work THIS time The

Apple MRJ 2.2 (PPC) MacUpdate

AirPort Software 1.1: What's New MacFixIt

iBook: the outdated machine? Macville

AirPort 1.1.1 released Macintosh Resource Page


WEDNESDAY Feb 2, 2000

Apple Software Updates Web site: AirPort Update 1.1

AppleCare Tech Info Library

New 26202 About AirPort 1.1

Down Load: Airport 1.1 Update

AirPort software updated to version 1.1 Macintosh News Network

Apple trademarks 'AirSurf' Mac OS Rumors

Apple AirPort 1.1 Version Tracker

AirPort Software 1.1 is out MacFixIt


TUESDAY Feb 1, 2000

iMac, IBook, and PowerBook G3 Series Processor Upgrades Coming? Applelinks

Solving a 'dead' iBook problem MacfixIt

FAXstf 5.1 is out MacfixIt

New & Noteworthy: Nanosaur and Bugdom MacfixIt

Reader notes AirPort/cable network access issue MacInTouch

Pangea releases Nanosaur Extreme! MacGamer's Ledge

Nanosaur Extreme! 1.3.1 MacUpdate

Norton Anti-Virus 5 & 6 February Definitions MacUpdate

Nanosaur Extreme! MacLaunch


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