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 Month of December 1999

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FRIDAY Dec 31, 1999

The iBook For Dummies, by David Pogue MacWire (Press Release)

dealmac Systems: iBook with 64MB RAM installed for $1,594 dealmac

New iBook book now available MacCentral

iBookBag Review iBook2Day


MONDAY Dec 27, 1999

The Dreaded Flashing "?" folder/Mac OS "Happy" Face Crash Editor's Report:
Over the Holiday's I experienced the dreaded Flashing "?"Folder/ Mac OS "Happy" face crash, Just as we were about to go to press with our "45 Days with the iBook "report and install 128 mb of ram that we had just ordered.
I had put the iBook to sleep only to find it shut off a day later. This type of crash had not happened to us for say about 40 days. Before when it did, we just initialized the hard drive and started over, reinstalling all our App's and resetting the preferences ect... and the few doc's we had.

I thought my problems were over, after all they disappeared as mysteriously as they showed up.

I was wrong. This time it woudn't be so easy, I tried the iBook Software Restore CD, my only option I got was to initialize the disk. (The hard drive was completely unreadable.)

I don't want to, I can't , I know what you may be thinking, Didn't he back up his doc's ? his system folder ?

The answer is no. I do have another Mac, a Performa 6200CD. The Performa has a floppy drive, no floppy drive for the iBook, the iBook has a 10/100 base Ethernet, none on my Performa. I have a Zip drive with a scuzzy connection, no scuzzy on my iBook , do you see a recurring theme here ? and I don't own a $300 CD-R/RW, USB or scuzzy version.

I do have Norton Utilities, but wait it's version 3.5, it works on my Performa with 8.6, but not with my 8.6 loaded iBook. Doh ! I also doesn't help that I don't own Tech Tool Pro, or Disk Warrior or anything else close.

Well it looks like it's time to put off a few more bills, (after x-mas no less!) so I can get my iBook back up and running.

My options :

1. Contact Apple. See what happens

2. I initialize Hard drive, forget about all those document's. Not what's happening

3. Purchase each of the utilities (one by one) and see what works (and if it will). Most likely (one every 2 weeks)

4. Go back to using my Performa till my budget allows. Screen Redraws between app's are Faster on Performa !

5. Send out iBook to data recovery company Note to self : Get another part time job!

For the Future :

1. Get a USB CD-RW $300, A month or so away

2. 10 base Ethernet for comm slot for Performa $ 60-$70

3. Get a scuzzy to USB connector $ 60-$70 ?

Stay tuned as we attempt CPR on our iBook !
In the meantime updates to iBook-User will be intermittent.

BTW I'm open to any suggestions, send them to Editor.

iBookBag Review MacNN


TUESDAY Dec 21, 1999

NEW 25085 USB: Second Communication Device Appears in Apple System Profiler

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MOD 12312 CD-ROM Booting: Questions and Answers

MOD 58535 iBook: Installing AirPort Card

MOD 1011 Mac OS: Multiple NotePads


MONDAY Dec 20, 1999

Looking for that last minute Gift for that special iBook-User ? Check out our New iBook Book Store it's got every book about the iBook and it's operating system that's shipping or will be shipping.

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SATURDAY Dec 18, 1999

This weekend the iBook Staff is off Shopping and wrapping See you Monday with more iBook News !

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THURSDAY Dec 16, 1999

iBook revision coming ... Dave's WebWorld

Get Your iBook Bags Here! AppleLinks.com

iMouse from Logitech O'Grady's PowerPage

Cabletron with AirPort O'Grady's PowerPage

At Last. A Computer Bag That Complements your iBook! Dr. Bott

iBook Carry Bags Available Outside Japan! Macs Only!

More AirPort news Macintosh Resource Page

* Editor's Note: During this slow down in iBook News we are working on site maintenance and research

iBookBag Ships iBook2Day


WEDNESDAY Dec 15, 1999

The Next iBook The iBook Page

I Want My iBook DVD Creative Mac

iCoolPad Tooled up to 250 Degrees O'Grady's PowerPage

AppleCare Tech Info Library

NEW 58546 AirPort Base Station: X2 Modem Compatibility

MOD 58548 AirPort Card: Disable During Air Travel

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TUESDAY Dec 14, 1999

iBook and USB CDROM Recorders Accelerate Your Mac!

Apple TIL re: AirPort card and aircraft avionics MacInTouch

MCE Announces Fat iBook Drives O'Grady's PowerPage

Win a Spire iPak! iBook Zone

AlphaTop.com iBook Zone

MONDAY Dec 13, 1999

The iBook: For Everyone iBook-User

AirPort Base Station and AirPort Card Macworld

Kritter USB Shipping! iBook Zone


FRIDAY Dec 10, 1999

Our iBook-User "Community eMail Bag" Friday Column has been Updated

* iBook's Mac OS ROM at 3.1.1 !

* Do You Know iBook ?

* Fashionable Bag for Your iBook !

* My Favorite Feature on iBook!

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THURSDAY Dec 9, 1999

Mail Bag: WaveLAN card O'Grady's PowerPage

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What Works With WaveLan O'Grady's PowerPage

Is an iBook revision approaching? The iMac.com

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iBook tops US' October sales charts The Register U.K.


WEDNESDAY Dec 8, 1999

A Gaggle of AirPort TILs iBook Zone

Outpost.com-->Sears iBook Zone

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TUESDAY Dec 7, 1999

Interview : with Gene Steinberg Author, of "Sams Teach Yourself the iBook in 24 Hours" iBook-user

Mac OS9 and Ratoc Firewire Compatibility Issues O'Grady's PowerPage

Hands-on With AirPort, Part Two! Applelinks.com

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MONDAY Dec 6, 1999

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FRIDAY Dec 3, 1999

iBook-Flavored Holiday Shopping O'Grady's PowerPage

Base Station Feedback Needed iBook Zone

iMic Delayed iBook Zone

Yet Another iBook Bag, Available in U.S. This Time iBook Zone

Follow-up: iMic Delayed, iStrap On Its Way iBook Planet

Reader tip re: iBook "save RAM contents" feature Macintosh News Network

Welcome to our New Column the "iBook-User eMail Bag" iBook-User

Tax free iBooks at Heathrow Airport ! iBook-User


THURSDAY Dec 2, 1999

AirPort: Reader Reports - Updated MacInTouch

Macintosh Resource Page Airport discussion

Apple's Airport lets iMac, iBook take off: Surf the Net or check e-mail without being anchored to a desk San Francisco Examiner

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WEDNESDAY Dec 1, 1999

iBook Freedom: ComputerUser Tests AirPort ComputerUser

iBook/iMac Sales Drive Apple Stock to New High O'Grady's PowerPage

Small Dog iBooks O'Grady's PowerPage

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