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Friday Dec 22,2000

Today's Lowest RAM Prices as of: Friday, 01-Dec-2000 RamSeeker

Week's Best PowerBook & iBook Deals PowerBook Central

Slam-Dunk Gifts Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Time selects iBook SE to head their list of 'Slam Dunk Gifts' MacNN


Wednesday Dec 20,2000

iBook Book Review: "AppleWorks 6: The Missing Manual" iBook-User

Macs scoop PC-mag gongs MacWorld.UK

Bingham, Breen and Christmas on The Mac Show! The Mac Show Live

The Road Warrior Mailbag:... repair 3400c or buy new iBook SE?... MacOPINION

systems: Free QuickCam VC with iMac or iBook at MegaMacs.com dealmac

Reviews: iBook SE MacAddict

Quake III Arena 1.27 - Version tracker


Tuesday Dec 19,2000

Send Seasonal iCards - Choose your theme &emdash; Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa or just plain Winter. You'll find an assortment of Happy Holidays iCards to help convey your greetings Apple

peripherals: Kensington Mouse-in-a-Box Optical Pro USB for $20 dealmac

peripherals: iCoolpads for $15 at Ink4Art dealmac

Monday Dec 18,2000

Stocking Stuffers: the iBookBag MacCentral

Ask OS X Talk: Can't Reboot Into OS 9 OS X Talk

peripherals: Yamaha YSTM101W speakers for $23 shipped dealmac

peripherals: Hewlett-Packard Deskjet 840C prints for $140 dealmac

MacSoft Rogue Spear 1.0 Version Tracker

Friday Dec 15,2000

Apple to use faster G3s than G4s after Mac OS X ships Mac OS Rumors

Today's Lowest RAM Prices as of: Friday, 15-Dec-2000 RamSeeker

Week's Best PowerBook & iBook Deals PowerBook Central

software: Diablo II Exclusive Gift Set for $40 at MacGamers.com dealmac

software: IBM ViaVoice Enhanced slips to $100 dealmac

software: Baldur's Gate down to $22 at MN MicroCenter dealmac

Kaleidoscope 2.3 Version Tracker

Apple Disk First Aid 8.6 Version Tracker

Wednesday Dec 13,2000

IDG Expo, MacSpeech and more on The Mac Show! The Mac Show Live

The Road Warrior Mailbag MacOpinion

AppleCare Tech Info Library :

NEW 106087 AppleWorks 6: AOL Users Must First Connect to Internet to Use Web Clippings

MOD 25219 Mac OS 9: Delay in Audio Play-Through

software: Virtual PC 4.0 Upgrade for $40 after rebate dealmac

Tuesday Dec 12,2000

MRAM to Allow Laptops to Sleep for "Years" Go2Mac

MYOB: Don't worry about QuickBooks MacCentral

Apple becomes part of streaming media alliance MacCentral

Powerbook/iBook Plus Cell Phone Equals Internet? About

storage: Plextor PlexWriter 12x/10x/32x CD-RW EIDE ships for $230 dealmac

peripherals: APC Back-UPS Pro 500 USB ships for $110 dealmac

MacMAME 0.37b10 Version Tracker

Monday Dec 11,2000

Apple's recordable CD options MacWeek

AppleWorks Enhancement Pack v1.2 Accelerate Your Mac!

Charles Moore: iListen Review Applelinks

peripherals: Canon Powershot S10 2.11M for $400 dealmac

site news: 128MB RAM giveaway! at dealmac

Thursday Dec 07,2000

Road to Mac OS X: Compromise, anyone? MacCentral

Stocking Stuffers: USB/FireWire drives MacCentral

ZDNet: OS X to be released in February MacCentral

software: Deus Ex for $30 dealmac

software: Adaptec Toast 4 Deluxe for $76 shipped dealmac

software: Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force for $43 shipped dealmac


Wednesday Dec 06,2000

Apple Scurries to Complete 'iMusic' Software Appleinsider

David Pogue, User Groups and "What's My Product?" on The Mac Show! The Mac Show Live

Apple's CD-RW strategy AppleInsider

Virtual PC 4.0 Up to 2x Faster, Upgrades Available Accelerate Your Mac!

Groundbreaking Virtual PC 4 just released MacWindows

SoundApp Drop Decoder 1.0 Version Tracker


Tuesday Dec 05,2000

AppleCare Tech Info Library:

MOD 11887 iBook (FireWire) Battery Update

A Grave For The Sleeping iBook MacMilitia

peripherals: Hewlett-Packard DeskJet 935C printer for $139 after rebate dealmac

peripherals: Altec Lansing ATP3 three-piece speaker system for $75 dealmac

Hess Macworld Events and Party List Moves MacDirectory

Monday Dec 04,2000

The Road Warrior Mailbag MacOpinion

December's About This Particular Macintosh Available MacObserver

Gift Guide The Apple Store

List Pad 1.3.3 - Version Tracker

Planetary Conquest 1.6 Version Tracker

FinderPop 1.9.2 Version Tracker

peripherals: Creative NOMAD Jukebox 6GB MP3 Player for $417 dealmac

storage: Imation CD-R 100pk for $30, OfficeDepot 50pk for $15 (updated) dealmac

Friday Dec 01,2000

Today's Lowest RAM Prices as of: Friday, 01-Dec-2000 RamSeeker

Week's Best PowerBook & iBook Deals PowerBook Central

peripherals: Lexmark printer plus UMAX scanner for $150 after rebates dealmac


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