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 Month of August 1999

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TUESDAY August 31, 1999

ABCNews Publishes "The Best Of Back To School" Items iBookOnLine

Florida Residents Get Special iBook Deal iBookOnLine

Apple's new iBook laptop ignites plenty of e-motion San Diego Union-Tribune

Apple Averages Three Thousand iBooks Per Day In Pre-orders! Mac Observer

Stellar iBook Order Numbers Released iBook Zone

Apple Unveils New PCs, Says iBook Orders Top 140,000 Reuters

Miscellaneous introductory info including iBook O'Grady's PowerPage

Apple Releases iBook Pre-Order Statistics iBookOnLine

Black iBook and Next PowerBook Design MacOS Commerce

Advance Orders for Apple iBook Top 140,000 PR Newswire

iBook Keyboard Secrets Revealed! O'Grady's PowerPage

iBook: Apple's Shipping Explanation? Mac Provider

Air iBook Concept and AirPort DP MacZen

Things I Learned From the iBook: It's OK to Decorate osOpinion

This Week's Poll is: Will The iBook Be Your First Computer? Okay I know, I know this week's poll should have been before last week's poll ...

Seybold Airport Showstopper O'Grady's PowerPage The new desktops will have Airport wireless connectivity built-in!

Morning Update on Poll: The Results of Last weeks poll ( Will The iBook Be Your First Laptop Computer? ) is in as of 12:00pm EST. Last Night and it remained at 75% vs. 25% of those who Voted are going to be a First time laptop owner with a shiny new iBook !

Today at Seybold in San Franscisco it is widely believed that Steve Jobs will make a number of announcements including iBook sales and shipping numbers with possible color demand /popularity , Airport as an BTO option for all Desktops, Apple financials, Airport for Lombard notebooks (less likely), G4 desktops and other announcements.
Catch it here at:
Job's Keynote Speech on Apple; requires QuickTime 4

Philips Semiconductors and Wi-LAN are demonstrating a wireless FireWire (IEEE 1394) system, using 2.4 GHz radio with a potential raw data rate of 46 Mbits/sec., according to the EETimes article. by MacInTouch



MONDAY August 30, 1999

The Results of Last weeks poll ( Will The iBook Be Your First Laptop Computer? ) is in as of 8:30pm EST. And it looks like 75% vs. 25% of those who Voted are going to be a First time laptop owner with a shiny new iBook ! Another similar poll is showing about the same thing. But Hey if you want to have MORE Fun you can always go over to iBookPlanet and vote on it again .In case you weren't sure the First time! :) Our Next poll will be posted tomorrow! So stop by!

This Weeks Poll Is: Will The iBook Be Your First Laptop? iBook Planet

The Tangerine and Blueberry Conspiracy O'Grady's PowerPage

iBook Keyboard Conspiracy O'Grady's PowerPage

Reader reports that Sears now has iBook listed in ordering system Farallon says SkyLINE wireless PC card now available, i-Book compatible MacInTouch

Oberlin College visit: iMacs, iBooks and more... The sales folk told me that they expect start delivering iBooks to students on September 20. They have already been taking orders, and the blueberry iBook is outselling the tangerine model by 3:1. Overall, sales have been brisk and most every one expects the iBook to be a success. MacFixIt

Seybold-iBook News? iBook Zone


THURSDAY August 26, 1999

What is Your Color? Mac Zen Mac Zen has Pic's of iBook's in all the iMac Colors check it out (courtesy Japan Apple Watch )

iBook Golden Master Date MacOSRumors is reporting that the golden master date for the iBook is coming on September 3rd and the hardware and software will have to be finalized by then.....Mac OS Rumors

iBook Ramp/Golden Master Date Confirmed, Production Soon iBook Zone

Sears to Sell NewerTech USB Products iBook Zone


WEDNESDAY August 25, 1999

 iBook: Location and Function of Reset Button Apple Info Tech Library

Book's Galore, Not Quite MacProvider

Wired Online Praises iBook iBook Planet

Make your Very Own iBook iBook Planet


TUESDAY August 24, 1999

The iMac's and now iBook's Color Scheme MacProvider

New iBook-User Poll - Will The iBook Be Your First Laptop Computer?

Tech Products Fit for a Vogue Cover:Any fashion-conscious gear head will tell you Apple's pioneering blueberry color is the new beige. Following in the iMac's trendsetting fashion footsteps, Silicon Valley's top designers are launching new fall lines C/Net

Watch Out iBook O'Grady's PowerPage

AirPort Wireless Communications: FAQ - Part 2 of 3

AirPort on course for iBook MacWEEK

iBook preview-review: I want one! Mac Junkie

C-NET Names iBook #1 On Hot Hardware List iBook Planet

Back to cool, The iBook may prove to be an even bigger hit for Apple than the iMac. Wired

This Weeks Poll Is: What Is Your Favorite iBook Accessory? iBookPlanet


MONDAY August 23, 1999

Apple Authorized Reseller Giving Away iBook & Huge Prize Pack iBook Planet

EveryMac.com Posts iBook FAQ iBookZone

With the iBook FAQ, from EveryMac.com, you can get answers to all of your iBook-related questions. If you are looking forward to purchasing or using an iBook, then this FAQ was made for you.


SUNDAY August 22, 1999

The Apple Tech Info Library has modified the MOD 60422 AirPort Wireless Communications: FAQ

Quick Report:Updated URL 8/23 2:00am EST

More Fun: Catch Last 2 weeks of iFruit in Foxtrot in Foxtrot Demo by UClick .Under Comics go to the Foxtrot link. Click on the dates - 8/9 to 8/14 and 8/16 to 8/21. ( Loads pretty quick too ). UClick is a service for publications to subscribe to syndicated comics .

Daily iMac has a poll: Should the iBook have video-out of some sort, even if the price suffers? Go Vote !


SATURDAY August 21, 1999

Analysis: Survey says...., Dan Knight, The iBook Page, 2 Recent surveys show Mac users love AirPort, are divided over iBook pricing, and wish it shipped with more memory.

Opinion: Will used PowerBook prices drop when iBook ships,Charles Moore, MacOpinion

Report: Get your iBook - icons, Kaleidoscope schemes and more...

Japan Apple Watch reports that a Japanese web page, iMac Fan has a collection of iMac & iBook desktop accessories...

FRIDAY August 20, 1999

FutureTech: Apple talks IP, by Cameron Crotty MacWEEK

More on CompUSA Preorders iBookZone

High School Student's Secret iBook Order, by John Farr Applelinks (Not so secret anymore;)

Report: CompUSA Source Reports Sept. 24th iBook Debut !

According to our CompUSA source who says CompUSA is preparing for a September 24th Launch Date for the iBook...

Apple taps Gap for iBook colour scheme The Register U.K.

The Phillips Files #5: The Bandwagon: iMac & iBook - and what iGot! MacMilitia  


THURSDAY August 19, 1999

Japan Apple Watch says that Apple's iBook will make its Japanese debut at World PC Expo 99, which runs Sept. 7-11 in Chiba, Japan.

Borne in the CompUSA : The Motley Fool says, "CompUSA is Apple's largest reseller, and sales of the new iBook consumer notebook, should be huge!"

iBook: Why blueberry and tangerine? MacSoldiers

iRez Announces USB Version of Kritter Camera iBook Zone

RFI Report: Chips and dip (Robert Morgan talks alittle bit about iBook and percieved Airport delays) MacWEEK

Sneak Peek at Revolutionary iBook "Kritter" Cams AppleInsider

Will iBook sink or swim? By Matthew Rothenberg ZDNet


TUESDAY August 17, 1999

For a Great Article on Airport read: AirPort, by Dan Knight The iBook Page

iBook and Gap To Create Benchmark of 'Coolness? O'Grady's PowerPage

iBook Not for the Boardroom? Applelinks

iBook, Kihei to Ship with 'Borg'-Based OS AppleInsider

Well Tuesday I made my pilgrimage to Border's to pick up all the Mac magazine's and a few others... And it looks like Mac Home is the first to put the iBook on it's cover.... REPORT HERE

HOW magazine is having a design contest if you create CD-ROM's, Kiosk's, a Self Promotional Web Site, A Consumer Web Site,or Student /Other Work.. see REPORT



MONDAY August 16, 1999

iBook Girth: note that... iBook is larger (and heavier) than the latest PowerBook G3 Series machines (Lombard). o'grady's powerpage (WOW iBook may be the biggest of them All!)

M'sGarage has already introduced an iBook papercraft at this page in iBook.pdf form Print out on a thick paper (suggested 0.17 mm) with a color printer, then cut out the outline, and built up with glue.

Focus on Mac Hardware: The iBook: How to Use a USB Hub as a Docking Station About.com

Miniature USB based video cameras coming to iMac/iBook? Insanely-Great Mac!

iBook Takes Off With AirPort Networking Byte

The Upgrade Guy #19: Girly Books and Naughty QuickTime

Tokyo Time: iBooks and one-touch buttons MacWeek

10:00 am

AirPort To Take Off at Schools Report Here

iBook Auction Pulled: Apple may have intervened over stolen ibook's iBookzone

BusinessWeek Posts Article  iBookzone To read our story on this article posted last Monday see-BusinessWeek Report



SUNDAY August 15, 1999

The O'Grady Files: The iBook's social engineering

Thinking Outside the Beige Box by Michael Robb AllMacintosh.com Columnist : TUCOWS


FRIDAY August 13, 1999

BUSLink Releases Suite Of SuperSlim USB Hard Drives For iBook iBook Planet (This is Good news they are affordable!)

 Washington Pi First MUG To Get Apple iBook Demo iBook Planet


THURSDAY August 12, 1999

Another great article from The iMac NewsPage ! - AirPort Delays: More Revelations The iMac NewsPage

Apple Strives to Take Back Portable Market Mac Discussion

Apple proves sex sells Inter@ctive Week

AirPort Delays: More Revelations About This iMac

On August 28th, Apple will demonstrate its new iBook at the Washington Apple Pi Computer User Group's Monthly Meeting -Two links Below!

Apple to Demo its Newest "i"dea! MacTimes

Washington Apple Pi Hosting iBook Demo Mac Observer

MacReviewZone iBook Discussion Board MacReviewZone

The iBook Is Cool, But Apple Still Needs A "Slim" Notebook Charles Moore Applelinks

Oboy: Here Come the iBook Ads! by John Farr Applelinks

iBook Poll #2 What's the iBook's biggest flaw? The iBook Page

Give Your Desktop Mac The Style Of An iBook For Free iBook Planet

New iBook triggers computer lust The Sentinel (8/8/99)


WEDNESDAY August 11, 1999

In Addition to the Back Page ad on Business Week for Apple's Airport that we Reported on Monday, the iBook Zone has more more info on Apple's iBook multi page inserts in News Week below!

iBook Ads Hit Mainstream With NewsWeek Inserts iBook Zone

Say Hello to iBook! Mac Militia

iBook a prize in back-to-school contest Maccentral

iBook, GoodBook, OBook Maccentral Andy says "The iBook, clearly, was not to steal a single sale away from the PowerBook G3 line." ( Well see, I think it will! by alot.)

iBook Video-Out Solution USB Presenter Price and Availability Info Released iBook Zone

AirPort Delays: What's Not Causing It About This iMac

iBook Revisited MacOPINION

AirPort-Equipped PowerMac? Marketing Error? Think Secret

On The Flip Side: Looks Count, Dufus! Mac Observer

My Take on the iBook Mac Upgrade


TUESDAY August 10, 1999

iBook2day has introduced a new Mailbox section that contains interesting notes that readers have sent them. The section debuts with a note on the financial benefits of wireless networking versus traditional networking.

Win An iBook : EnergyGuide.com is hosting a contest to give away an iBook iBook Online (Hey who wouldn't want a Free iBook? Ibet even Bill Gates wants one! ,;) )

Will The iBook Take A Price Cut? iBook Planet

More Apple Commercials Posted iBook Online

FireWire Mention in the iBook Dev Note & iBook Pre-Orders Surpass the iMac : o'grady's powerpage

Apple Commercials Found iBook Online

Will the iBook outsell the iMac?, Paulo Rodrigues, The iBook Page

iBookPlanet Exclusive: DL The Last Two iBook Commercials In QT iBook Planet

Color Wars : Blueberry iBook Pre-Orders In The Lead iBookPlanet

iBook Has 'Hidden' FireWire 'Ports' Macs Only!

AirPort Waiting on FCC Approval to Ship iBook Zone

More on September 1st Ship Date & Potential iBook Ship Date Discovered iBook Zone


MONDAY August 9, 1999

Welcome to our Grand Re-Opening We have updated our name and moved to another server...Click Here for the whole story !

iBookPlanet Weekly Poll : Are You Going To Order The AirPort Kit?
Well are Ya ? Go Vote silly!

 QUICK REPORT: In the August 16,1999 edition of Business week...

More Punch in Apple Portables - Businessweek (subscribers only)

New Apple TIL: Securing Your iBook iBookPlanet

iBookPlanet Exclusive : Download All 5 iBook Commercials In QT iBookPlanet (Now that's really cool!)

Potential iBook Ship Date Discovered iBookZone

iBooks In Different Colors? iBook Online

There goes Apple -- let's follow them!, Mac Junkie

iBook Could Benefit from Intel's Fumbling Portables MacDiscussion

More iBook Pre-Order Stats, Color Breakdown AppleInsider

Dumb iBook Remarks About This iMac

iBook reality check iBook2Day



FRIDAY August 6, 1999

Huge iBook Preorders Rumored Applelinks

Mobile Pentium III delayed; *Book sales set to skyrocket Mac OS Rumors

The Recreation of an Identity Macdiscussion

What Steve didn't tell you about the iBook MacMilitia

A New Apple TIL article 60452 notes that although iBooks don't have a security
slot, you can run the security cable through the iBook's handle.( No mention of strength of Handle.)

Dissecting the Barbie debate - Why did my criticism of John Dvorak's iBook
critique incite a media firestorm?

More On The 'Feminine-Friendly' iBook Road Warrior

iBook Market Hot: TechWorks Recieves First Order For 128MB iBook

iBookPlanet Exclusive : iBook Attract Commercial Download iBook Planet

Apple, iBooks and Advertising MacDiscussion

iBookPlanet iGear Product Guide Debuts iBook Planet

The problems with beige Macnerds

iBook Retail Pre-Orders to Exceed iMac Numbers AppleInsider

Digital Concepts -iBook Palm Underground



THURSDAY August 5, 1999

Funky new products coming for iBook, iMac Maccentral by Dennis Sellers

iMac a person - iBook not? The Mac Junkie

The Tiny iMac The iMac channel

More than an iMac To Go The iBook Page

ibook: Configuration and Date Change MacProvider.com

iBook FAQ (PDF) Apple

Clunk you: Big isn't always bad MacNerds

The "Girly" iBook Controversy Continues Mactimes

Will a standard iBook be crippled under OS 9.0 and X? Mac OS Rumors
(I Hope Not!)

Why September? The iBook Page

iBook FAQ: Recent questions that have come up The iMac.com

Add A Touchscreen To Your iBook iBook Planet


WEDNESDAY August 4, 1999

AuctionMac.com Giving Away An iBook! MacObserver (Now that's Cool!)

iBook arrives and the Pundits are BACK! the iMac.com

Clunk you: Big isn't always bad Bill Hennan Macnerds

Will a Barbie computer make math easy? Salon

Clock Chipping The iBook ? iBook Planet

The Barbiebook The iBook Page

iBook: the machine you can handle osOpinion

Easier Computing The iMac Channel

In Defense of iBook osOpinion

  Apple's 'game' plan still falling short. Apple continues to be at the back of
the gaming pack. And it seems to be getting worse.

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TUESDAY August 3, 1999

Stop Whining About The Lack Of RAM In The iBook: 2 Retailers Have The Solution ibookplanet

The iBook and the Graphics Industry By Scott McCarty
I did not expect to get excited about Apple's new consumer portable. As far as
the Graphics Industry is concerned, it is irrelevant. Right? Just like the iMac. Not
intended for graphics. I could not have been further off the mark... GraphicPower
(Editor's Note : It's ironic that he doesn't talk about doing graphics on an iBook!
Note: this was posted on 7/22)

Internal iMac CD-RW drive released iMacOnLine

iBookPlanet Weekly Poll : What Feature Did You Most Want To See On
The iBook
iBookPlanet (Hey Go Vote Now! It can't Hurt!)

Hey there's a New iBook web site it's a very cool site!:
iBookPlanet.com: The Ultimate iBook Resource iBookPlanet

A humorous look at the iBook and AirPort iTeen

Dvorak is wrong - iBook likely to be Babe Magnet MacSoldiers

iBook Review: The Machine You Can Handle PowerBook Source

iBook: In review Macnerds

iBook and Bloomingdales: Back to Cool Mactrack

Today's New Products - VST loves iBook MacLand

Bloomingdale's back to school ibook showcase iBookonline



MONDAY August 2, 1999

iBook will popularize wireless networking By Herb Bethoney, ZD Net News
(I think this is a very good article !! and so true.)

The truth about iBooks and Dvorak By Don Crabb, ZDNet News

Mac users want 64 MB in iBook UGeek

Hey Apple? Can You Make My iBook Charcoal Gray?by T.S. Roach Mac Observer

See what readers at MacInTouch are saying about the iBook! iBook Reader Reports

Wow I just discovered this... the Guys over at My Mac all posted their comments
on the iBook after MacWorld Expo and it makes for a very insightful read!
My Mac -
iBook Talk

iBook Pricing: Here We Go Again MacBC  


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