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 Update News:

07/07/00 We've Just Reviewed Dan Parks Sydow's iBook book "The Ultimate iBook iBook" you can read the review here Review:The Ultimate iBook iBook.

06/30/00 Well wev'e added the Coming Soon section books that aren't out yet but in some cases may be ordered, we added the Repair section and we added the Applications and Programs section which is still in progress. Take a look around there's lots of Mac books for every need!

06/23/00 Press Release: O'Reillys Mac OS in a Nutshell added to iBook Book Store

 Mac OS in a Nutshell is a comprehensive, compact reference that systematically reveals what serious users of Mac OS will find interesting and useful. It includes the essential details of the operating system, utility programs, and configuration settings, all captured in a consistent reference format. Mac OS in a Nutshell is located in our Mac OS section.

06/16/00 Press Release: The iBook Book Store is Updated and Remodeled

We have Remodeled The iBook Book Store, now it is divided into 6 catagories (in the navigation bar above) such as, iBook Books, Mac OS, Top Ten List, Coming Soon, Repair & Maintenance and Programs, with the first two being for books about the iBook itself and the other for the Mac operating system. The other catagories will be coming soon !

04/28/00 The Top Ten Selling iBook Books What's New You say ? Well we added our list of Top Ten Best selling iBook Books based on sale's made by (You) the iBook enthusiast !

"Mac OS 9 The Complete Reference" added to the iBook Book Store

04/10/00 What's New You say ? Well Gene Steinberg has just come out with the "Mac OS 9 The Complete Reference" and recently the "Upgrading & Troubleshooting Your Mac" and we have addded them to the list of books that will help you use your the iBook.

Top Ten Selling iBook Books


The iBook for Dummies


Mac OS 9 for Dummies


Troubleshooting iMac, iBook and G3 Pocket Reference


The Little iBook Book


Sams Teach Yourself the iBook in 24 Hours


Mac OS 9: Visual QuickStart Guide


Mac OS 9 : The Complete Reference


The Ultimate iBook Book


How to Do Everything With Your IBook


Complete Idiot's Guide to iBook...

Amazon Price: $19.99

Your Price: $13.99

You Save: $6.00 (30%)

Availability: This title usually ships within 2-3 days.

Paperback : 366 pages Sale Date: January 2000

Sam's Teach yourself the iBook in 24 Hours,
by Gene Steinberg

 Read Our Interview w/Author Gene Steinberg.

Book Description

Sams Teach Yourself the iBook in 24 Hours is a hands-on, step-by-step guide that leads you through the most frequently asked real-world questions about the iBook. Learn to set up the machine, the basics of the operating system, how to use the iBook's wireless communications option, and how to get on the Internet. You'll also learn the basics about drives, directories and files, as well as the fundamentals of backups and other safety precautions. This book also instructs you on email and the Internet, faxing and fax broadcasting as well as many software basics.

*Learn the iBook, the latest addition to the red-hot iMac family

The author, Gene Steinberg , March 29, 2000

The iBook is just great

The first time I worked on an iBook, I was impressed. From the cool look to refined, speedy keyboard and great performance, I knew this was the laptop computer for "the rest of us."

But I wrote "Sams Teach Yourself the iBook in 24 Hours" not just for the iBook user. It also has full coverage of Macintosh basics, including Mac OS 9, and the Internet. Anyone who is new to the Mac platform or wishes to refine their computing techniques can benefit from this book.

Amazon Price: $18.99

Your Price: $15.19

You Save: $3.80 (20%)

Paperback: 231 pages

Sale Date: October 19, 1999

Availability: Now Shipping

The Little iBook Book ,

by John Tollett, Robin Williams

Read our Book Review of "The Little iBook Book"

"Williams and Tollett don't disappoint, delivering advice well-suited for those getting into personal computing by way of an iBook."

"The most interesting portion of this book deals with connecting to the Internet under Mac OS while traveling (the section has relevance to users of non-iBook Mac portables too). The authors explain how to safely hook your computer to phone ports in hotels and public facilities ..... They also give a fine overview of the accessories available for spiffing up your streamlined companion." --David Wall

Topics covered: Basic iBook anatomy, Mac OS 8.6 and standard software, AirPort technology (in summary), and Internet connectivity at home and on the road.

Book Description

Who better to extol the virtues of mobile computing and familiarize users with the nifty, new features of the iBook than Robin Williams, best-selling author of The Little Mac Book, The Little iMac Book, The Non-Designer's Design Book, and many other titles? Williams and co-author John Tollett show readers how to navigate the ins and outs of computing at home and on the road.

Robin and John are on the go all the time themselves, they know what people need to know to get the most out of their iBooks. This slim volume is handy and portable, like the iBook itself, and is written for all levels of users, beginnerish to advanced, who have mastered the basics of navigating the desktop. For those readers completely new to computing, read The Little Mac Book first.

Amazon Price: $19.99

Your Price: $13.99

You Save: $6.00 (30%)

Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours.

Paperback: 380 pages

Sale Date: February 2000 - Now Shipping

The Complete IDIOT'S Guide to iBook ,
by Brad Miser

Book Description

The Complete Idiot's Guide to iBook is a comprehensive guide to everything there is to know about the highly anticipated and marketed laptop computer from Apple. You will learn about emailing, using Airport wireless networking, searching the Internet with Sherlock, using iBook Accessories, personalizing your iBook, and connecting to Online Services.

*Learn how to create documents, send email, surf the Web, play games and more

*Covers the highly anticipated Airport, a wireless local area network (LAN) technology that offers a simple, affordable way to bring the Internet to multiple iBooks without cables, additional phone lines, or complicated networking hardware


Amazon Price: $19.99
Your Price: $13.99
You Save: $6.00 (30%)
Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours.

Paperback: 304 pages w/CD-Rom

Sale Date: october 1999

Availibility: Now Shipping

iMac (and iBook) I Didn't Know You Could Do That..., w/CD-Rom
by Bob Levitus

Book Info

Reveals how to work smarter and have more fun with your Mac. Discusses how to make movies on your iMac, turn it into a recording studio, send photos and pictures via e-mail, converse with friends, family and business associates in real time, and keep your iMac running smoothly. Softcover. CD-ROM included.

Amazon Price: $19.99

Your Price: $13.99

You Save: $6.00 (30%)

Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours.

Paperback: 408 pages

Sale Date:December 1999

The iBook For Dummies,
by David Pogue

Read our Book Review of "The iBook For Dummies"

"The iBook for Dummies is like having a good friend over your shoulder, offering friendly advice while leading you to the promised land of simple computing. Author David Pogue's breezy humor and attention to detail make this an indispensable guide to Apple's candy-colored portables."

"Though his jokes can be a bit hokey at times (Top ten similarities between you and your iBook), his casual tone will lighten up your first iBook experience. And if, like many iBook customers, you're a first-time computer user, iBook for Dummies is required reading." --John Frederick Moore

The author, David Pogue , December 17, 1999

The Best iBook Book I've Ever Written!

From the author of the #1-selling "The iMac for Dummies"--that would be me--comes the inevitable sister book--one that lovingly and hilariously covers Apple's blockbuster, translucent laptop, the iBook. I'll guide you from turning the thing on, you all the way onto the Internet and beyond. Special chapters cover getting the most out of the iBook's battery, connecting to the Internet from the road, using USB add-ons, using the built-in programs like Quicken, Palm Desktop, and AppleWorks, and more.

This is the only iBook book, by the way, that was written AFTER Apple shipped the AirPort wireless-Internet card. So it's the only iBook book with a step-by-step tutorial in setting up the AirPort base station--and then surfing the Internet from your TV couch!

List Price: $19.99

Your Price: $13.99

You Save: $6.00 (30%)

Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours.

Paperback: 240 pages

Sale Date: November 30, 1999

See it Done, Do it Yourself, easy iBook ,

by Lisa Lee

Book Description

Easy iBook is a task-based tutorial that gives a new iBook buyer the full-color, step-by-step tasks they are most interested in. Topics include getting started, connecting to online services, searching the Internet with Sherlock 2, sending email, adding a USB device, using AirPort wireless networking, connecting your Palm device, using applications, working with disks, folders, and files, and working with iBook software to word process, crunch numbers, draw something, and more! The book also covers printing with iBook, personalizing your iBook, setting up applications, using iBook accessories (including Stickies, Scrapbook, Sherlock 2, Quicktime and more), and maintaining and troubleshooting your iBook.

Book Info

Covers all the new iBook features. Find out how to use the latest features in Sherlock 2, how to use your iBook and enjoy the latest Macintosh OS 9 features. Detailed illustrations demonstrating how to use the iBook hardware and software are included. Softcover.

List Price: $24.99

Your Price: $17.49

You Save: $7.50 (30%)

Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours.

Paperback: 636 pages

Sale Date:December 23, 1999

How to Do Everything with Your iBook ,
by Todd Stauffer

"Rather than reading this book straight through, you'll probably find yourself looking up the passages you want in the table of contents or the index." --David Wall

Topics covered: The basics of the iBook portable computer and Mac OS 9. Readers learn how to use the Finder, manipulate Mac OS windows and menus, and use AppleWorks and the other software that ships with the iBook. Multimedia and networking receive special attention.

Book Description

Unique coverage--offers a friendly, solutions-oriented approach to working with the iBook. The text is enjoyable while giving solid working examples of learning the basics of the Mac OS and real-world uses for the software bundled with the iBook. Exciting features of the book include: cover will incorporate popular iBook photograph; new Mac OS 9 coverage including updates to QuickTime, Sherlock II, networking features, and troubleshooting, upgrading, and maintaining; using AirPort wireless networking card for wireless Internet connection, multiple iBook networking, and adding iBooks to existing networks; exclusive coverage of bundled software such as Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, AOL, and Netscape Navigator, MP3, games, PlainTalk 2.0, and Voice Authorization.

From the Back Cover

Get up and running smoothly on your iBook using this detailed, reader-friendly guide. Create great-looking reports and documents, manager your finances, communicate via e-mail, track your schedule, and even run a small business - using just the tools bundled with the iBook. Expert author Todd Stauffer explains how to install and run applications, access the Internet via the AirPort wireless networking card, and troubleshoot common problems. This is the perfect companion for every iBook user!

Inside, learn to:
Master Mac OS 8.6 and Mac OS9; Connect to the Internet with the AirPort wireless networking card; Integrate your iBook into an existing network and network multiple iBooks together; Send and receive e-mail and browse the World Wide Web; Perform targeted searches with Sherlock 2; Manage your finances with Quicken; Manage your schedule and contacts with Palm Desktop; Play games and configure your game controllers; Troubleshoot and maintain a virus-free iBook.

List Price: $24.95

Your Price: $19.95

You Save: $5.00

Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours.

Paperback: 408 pages

Sale Date: January 2, 2000

The Ultimate iBook Book ,
by Dan Parks Sydow

Read our Book
Review of "The Ultimate iBook Book"

Book Description

Appropriate for both computing novices and more experienced notebook users, this book covers both the iBook computer and the Macintosh operating system. It describes how the iBook and the Internet can be used to send E-mail, visit business and game Web sites, download software, and backup work. Intermediate users will find valuable information on AirPort wireless local area network (LAN) technology, networking an iBook to other iBooks and other Macintosh computers, traveling with an iBook, connecting USB and non-USB peripherals, and creating a personal Web page.

From the Publisher

The "i" in "iBook" stands for "Internet," but it could just as well stand for "innovation." The iBook is *the* consumer portable computer to get. But once you have one, what do you *do* with it? Let Dan Parks Sydow show you how to gain a complete understanding of the iBook computer -- as he did for the iMac computer in "The Ultimate iMac Book". In "The Ultimate iBook Book" you'll find plenty of information about getting started with, and getting the most from, the Macintosh operating system (including both Mac OS 8.6 and Mac OS 9), where and how to get inexpensive or free Mac software, how to maintain and upgrade your iBook, how to transfer files from the iBook to other Macs or to the Internet, and how to use your iBook to take full advantage of the power of the Internet and the World Wide Web.

From the Author

When the iMac came out, I wanted to write a book that would help beginner and intermediate Mac users alike get the most out of their new, innovative machine -- so I wrote "The Ultimate iMac Book." Now, for iBook users, I've written the follow-up title "The Ultimate iBook Book." For all those people who e-mail me questions about connecting to the Internet, connecting your iBook to other Macs, transferring files without a floppy drive, and more -- this book is for you!